Extreme Weather Is 'New Normal’ Thanks To Decades Of Climate Inaction 1

Extreme Weather Is ‘New Normal’ Thanks To Decades Of Climate Inaction


“Extreme temperatures and extreme weather events like this are the new normal—a new normal that has been brought to us by decades of climate inaction,” says Chris Hayes. 

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  1. We’ve maxed out Mother Natures credit card and we can’t pay the bill…Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (humanities epitaph.)

    1. Capitalism can’t fix the climate crisis because capitalism can’t fix the problems that it creates. The climate crisis will be the final crisis of capitalism. System change, not climate change. Socialism or barbarism.

  2. China had a years worth of rain in 3 days. Forest fires enveloping the world. We live in scary times.

    1. @Jim Mccoy he did block solar panels coming in from other countries and hates windmills cuz he supports corporations.

    2. @L98FIERO you don’t think the impacts will be exponential, fair enough. Though to be fair the fires out west are now generating their own weather with firenados and lightning. If you still don’t think something like that can create exponential effects, ok that’s what you think, but typically when ecosystems fail for example eventually the balance gets so off that it turns into a mudslide taking other breeds of species with it, both prey and predator. I swear the first time I heard about firenado I thought it was the sequel to sharknado lol. Plus we have the moon wobble coming in about 10 years or so, if the trend of….well everything mentioned continues, I’d say by 2032 we’ll be in pretty bad shape, particularly in California, Oregon, and Florida, and we’re not just about to sit here and pretend like those three states becoming uninhabitable, everyone there migrating inward, and particularly losing the agriculture and resources of those states will have no serious impact. We already most likely have some degree of food shortage coming due to the fires, to be fair it won’t be so bad this year, but I don’t feel ecstatic of how bad that will be not 40 years from now, but 6 or 7, remember when everyone panic bought all the toilet paper? Well consider that but an actual shortage of it as well. And at that point it’ll mostly be every nation out for themselves, it’s not like we are going to be giving ours away when we won’t have enough for us.

    3. @Aidan Waite Thats where you are wrong. I’m not to blame and you are likely not to blame. Big oil and gasoline companies and the government they lobby is to blame.

  3. Yeah…back in the early 90s we coordinated Earth Day events in California and Governor Gray Davis called us dirt worshippers and mocked our efforts. Just saying…politicians are not going to do anything but mock us.

    1. “…politicians are not going to do anything but mock us” Only if you give them power to do that (elections).

    2. shame that today even the so called green side of politics treats soil like dirt. If we worshipped the planets soils & cared for them, this would be over in less than a decade! No reason we can’t put enough carbon into the soil to fully reverse CO2 levels to pre-industrial in under a decade!

    3. Ya’ see, Cap’n, it cannot be up to me, or you, or the guy over there. The problem is too systemic to respond meaningfully to the actions of individuals. Solutions require political and corporate will from the top, down. That said, if Congress was solidly progressive, i.e., no education-demonizing dimwits, we might have a shot at it. I vote blue, so I’m doing what I can. Think about it. Like, actually think, study, breathe.

    1. I have already experienced some abnormally violent storms/tornadoes in my area. I also live in the middle of the US. No one is safe

  4. Eventually, the ‘future’ always becomes the ‘present’. That’s what’s known as an Inconvenient Truth.

    1. There is nothing inconvenient about it unless it upsets your commerce whoring schemes. Seems like we are stuck in the past NOW because you reap what you sew.

    2. @thom wessels A doctorate in health oh ok Thom so because is an advanced degree in a field of science you think that you have the right credentials to start spewing your opinions all over the internet or here in this forum. Yes Thom by your logic that means that I should start seeking nutritional advice from a paleontologist because you know is a science related field they must know about nutrition as much as a nutritionist does. Thom is a nutshell if I need to listen to anyone about climate change I’ll listen to the climatologist and if I need advice on health perhaps you’re the source for that. Stay humble my friend and objective this is our only planet and somethings are more important than the incessant burning of fossil fuels for the enrichment of the 1 percent.

    3. @attovishnu *sow


      plant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth.
      “sow a thin layer of seeds on top”
      put in the ground
      plant the seeds of (a plant or crop).
      “the corn had just been sown”
      plant (a piece of land) with seed.
      “the field used to be sown with oats”

    1. @Mary Rose Kent i’m aware that the idea of terraforming a planet to sustain our ecosystem is just science fiction, and any form of colony outside of this planet is also just science fiction without self-sufficiency…but since the space force is a joke might as well joke about it too

    2. Harness and terraform asteroids. It’s quicker and easier. Once you’ve mined the asteroid, it’s ready for terraform.

    3. The DoD should be used to mitigate climate impacts. This is a international problem, but we have not learned to be international, yet. Because “Nationalism”.

    1. No they won’t they would leave the planet before it was to late. However were in a cycle and were in the down turn of it now so i do not believe in my life time i will see the total well i should say i hope to not see the total destruction of our planet but i suppose we will see

    2. Under these circumstances the only differences between the 1-percenters and the rest, is that it will take the 1-percenters a little longer to die.

    3. @Rumford Chimpenstein you misses the point Rumsfeld….. if you fools want the 1% not use their private jets for trips to ibiza etc you better clean up your act as well. No air travel public transport. No use of lithium batteries etc until stfu

    4. @sean d’epagnier I am not calling on the blaming Richie rich for the environmental problems, so you may, but the position of hypocrite does not fit upon me unlike you would call me on it by supporting the harmful process of lithium mining

    5. @Razian Amira may be in part part But the largest thing I would argue is pop growth and this has been since the 18th century

    1. @Brad Hudson they called it that because it seemed that way, now they know better it was called climate change.. thats what science does… move with the times.

    2. @Brad Hudson :
      “😂 sixty years ago “scientists” warned the greatest threat to our future was global cooling.”
      😂 It was created by the media, what we call today “media hype”.
      Scientists have always been warning about the warming but it was ignored.

      Of course you didn’t know.
      Today, people are even dumber.

    3. @thom wessels :
      “True statement. Liberals don’t want to
      read any books about something called ‘history’ though.:
      Let’s talk about the history then.
      Are you ready?

      Climate once was cooling until the effect of Industrial Revolution had kicked in then started warming.
      What year was it?

    1. Yep, as we know, every major previous civilization has died or vanished eventually, It´s only matter of time when that happens to us.

    2. humans are not only destroying themselves. They take 80% of ALL life with them. What do you think, drought and wildfires and floods are doing to the surrounding wildlife, plants and lifestock?

      Ecosystem collaps is imminent!

    3. @sanhestar Show me a study about that. And even so, new species are born and others are dying all the time. We humans do not even know how many or what kind of life forms here is.

    1. @Polymorphic Doombooger only a fool says it does not need to happen . most people need a wake up call and this will be a wake up or death . most people are bad people . greedy and uncaring.

  5. The battle against climate change will take sacrifice. Unfortunately this current version of America doesn’t do sacrifice very well.

    1. We wouldn’t have had to sacrifice much of anything if we had taken this seriously when the first credible reports of it started trickling in *over two hundred years ago!*

    1. And all this time the planet was told that smoking is okay. The corporations pumped billions into lobbying for the politicians to reduce regulations. The fossil fuel commercials are still on TV.

    2. I think the analogy is that the Earth has a virus, humans, and it is using a fever to shed itself of the virus.

  6. And trump made a bad situation even worse with all his DEREGULATIONS..4 years wasted so he could try to get reelected..keep voting for Republicans and we will have a fire scorched earth..will be building mud and straw homes again..

    1. Straw and mud homes. Good. Let’s live so we don’t NEED regulations. Let’s live with Nature, not against Her. Let’s live a life where OUR actions don’t necessitate laws to protect the planet. We could do it. If we aren’t motivated to change at this point, we probably won’t.

    2. Trump was a horrible president doing horrible things, but climate change was going to arrive with or without him. It’s been a long time in the making. The science denial and celebration of ignorance put trump in power, but existed long before trump. trump _is_ like poring gasoline on a forest fire, though.

    3. Lol honey if the earth is fire scorched we will all be dead, charred and burned out husks cannot build houses, this is THE END, we have hurt our beautiful mother earth, she is going to purge us like the sickness we are, this isn’t fallout, no one has bunkers with enough supplies to sustain life for as long as it would take for the climate to balance….. THIS IS THE END….

  7. This is how we die. We should have lived a simpler life, enjoying our families. Greed is a disease.

    1. Weak. Greed is good. It has made empires thrive
      throughout history. Too bad you missed that boat.
      Not me.

    2. @thom wessels greed has led to our planet being on a path to becoming uninhabitable. Your children and their children will hate you because you sat by retired and “draining social security” while the party you supported blocked any change from happening which led to the famines they will endure. I know God’s top law was greed above all else wasn’t it? Jesus was famously a rich guy wasn’t he? He definitely wouldn’t have cared about the planet his father created right? I’m sure you will definitely have a place in heaven right? God wouldn’t hold it against you that you were fine with his world being destroyed and the billions of lives that were lost because of people like you. Satan is sharpening his pitch fork for you, I hope retirement was nice 🙂 the world would be a better place if Christianity never existed or even if Christians acted christ like.

    3. @thom wessels
      You mean Ambition is good. Greed is fueled by human selfishness and arrogance. There is a difference.

    4. Greed and only greed. It’s not about having too many people on Earth, but it’s more of how we live our lives.

  8. This is what happens when you don’t listen to the people who know what they’re talking about…

    1. MAGATS only believe what they want to hear. They are wet dreams to Televangelists and Reichwingnut conspiracy theory peddlers.

    2. Like tRumpy said that time “I don’t think the scientists know what they’re talking about”. What a dangerous man and political party the repugnicans are.

    3. @Teo’s Mum-mum Weo So many slanderous ways to refer to Republicans and Trump lol but they deserve it!

      I’ll be honest, my man – Republicans don’t care about the future of Humanity. They only care about themselves, their power and their money. We all know that by now, they know it too. It’s obvious. And now, Republicans are becoming more and more extreme and they want this to happen. It’s not a matter of “If” they watch their party die anymore, it’s a matter of “When” they watch their party die. Our generation wants equality, unity, liberty, humanity, science, reason and love to lead the future. The Republicans only want their hate and themselves to lead. That should be blatantly obvious at this point. That is a very, very dumb losing strategy.

    4. @Teo’s Mum-mum Weo Nothing in human history has ever screamed “Political Suicide” louder than the Republican Party in 2021. “Let’s embrace the crazy people and hate groups and continue to do absolutely nothing to help the country! That’ll surely win us 2022!”

    1. 1896, to be exact, was the first time a scientist raised the issue of heavy industry’s impact on the climate. And yet we still have people ignoring it.

    2. Capitalism can’t fix the climate crisis because capitalism can’t fix the problems that it creates. The climate crisis will be the final crisis of capitalism. System change, not climate change. Socialism or barbarism.

    3. We didn’t do anything many decades ago….because the future was way off……. Yet a few decades ago climate change was showing….but who wants to sacrifice?
      Now it is too late to avoid the next decade….but we can try to make changes….. (please, no “Snowpiercer!”)

    1. That is a really good stand up bit actually he says the planet is going to shake us off like a common cold I believe.

  9. It is time for the Republican ostriches to pull their heads out of the sand, or is it their rear ends.

    1. The boulder is rolling off the slope and nothing can stop it. Might as well keep their heads where they are.

  10. It’s incredibly sad, we really are killing this planet. Even sadder is that innocent creatures both land and sea are paying the price with their lives.

    1. Planet will heal itself once the humans are gone. 75 years and it will be as if we were never here. Except the layer of plastic in the geology. Species will regenerate and new ones begin to adapt themselves for every niche in the environment. Maybe instead of endangered pumas there will be pumas with important differences like skull and body shapes just for the new world. Who knows!

    2. @Meridien If we stopped all greenhouse emissions right now, there would still be elevated levels 1000yrs from now. The effects are actually longer lived than nuclear waste.

    3. @Meridien :
      “Planet will heal itself once the humans are gone. 75 years and it will be as if we were never here…..”
      Make it 10,000 years.
      CO2, once in the air won’t be dispersed so quickly.
      Rather a painfully long time process.

      You didn’t know this did you?

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