‘Extremely alarming’: Ex-DHS official responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments


  1. Sadly, I can understand how the rest of the world views us as a sick and deranged society that they don’t want to follow or emulate.

    1. @Papa Wheelie Marjorie wants the US to enforce it’s border laws. It’s not racist it helps the immigrants secure better jobs and protects them from being victims of a crime.

    2. @gacj2010 I am neither Democrat nor Republican, nor even American. Merely commenting on the behaviours that I and the world have clearly heard and observed. You are entitled to your interpretation of what you hear and observe.

    1. Now that the admin you voted for (and drove us into this dumpster fire) is under universal scrutiny, you want to look at other problem areas that your voting record helped create. FML, I hope I never live anywhere near you.

    2. @granola funk The country isn’t a city, almost by definition, one might say. And if you think the “problems” are in the cities, all you have done is proven you don’t know anything about the data on virtually any problem you might point to. But given the only problem being pointed to is political, again, the large cities probably are not aiming for the handmaid’s tale in terms of vote profiles and policies.

    3. @Chrispy Chicken You mean that people who would give you the shirt off their own back and general care about the well-being of others is a bad thing? I’ve lived in rural, urban, and suburbs. Nothing is worse than a city full of smug assholes that are superficial, materialistic, and condescending in every way. And right now, I’m glad I don’t live near you.

    4. We love Marjorie she is bringing America back! She is an icon for women everywhere. A working mom with a heart of gold and thick skin.

  2. “he hasn’t been indicted… in this country you’re innocent until proven guilty.” does this so-called lawmaker think that americans can’t get reprimanded or fired for blatantly lying on our resumes unless we are convicted of a ~crime~?

    1. It’s an effective message because a large number of people don’t stop and consider that norms which relate to the operation of the law do not apply more broadly. The same people who think the first amendment applies to private companies suspending their accounts.

      Because phrases have a lot of power in that sense, people imbue them with generalising assumptions as to their extent and nature as norms.

    2. In what way is obtaining public office by means of lies and fraud NOT a crime? He completely misrepresented his past, his qualifications and his resume… That is fraud. Some reporters suggest it’s difficult to determine who he really is. If this is, accepted, this country is TRULY done for.

  3. That’s everything to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and oddly enough— she was so into guns and high power rifles, that she should have stayed in…Georgia. She could have loved running a gun pawn shop or something related to firearms, since she’s not military age for enlisting. Yikes. 🌠🛎….Makes your blood … boil over… though… to think about US Congressional
    committee assignments for the newly re-elected Rep Taylor Greens of Georgia. 🎈🎏Thanks CNN’s ..Don Lenin for the best news analysis. From southern Colorado in the snowy sunny skies. 😇…⭐️…🙏…😃

  4. The only way to change the narrative and I challenge you and respect the fact that you have, within maybe your restrictions organizationally, to do this; and I respect you as journalists. But everyday, whoever is working on the Senate floor, question them everyday, question the corruption, the lies, this is the narrative or else people will understandably move on to just getting through week to week, but when they do check in, there is a need to re-mind that this is where corruption lies. And I would say this, if it was a democrat party, doing the same. Do not let these fundamental issues on truth, integrity drift away. Stay everyday focussed, even if it feels boring. It is not, it is your duty as journalists. I do not say that disrespectfully. Your platform, is an orientation for folks. We are living in a time where democracy, is being challenged. I appreciate your journalism and voice.

  5. One person doesn’t make up an entire committee, among Republicans I doubt Greene has much governing influence. The real danger is her having access to very sensitive information.

    1. Like Adam Schiff that lied and held up an envelope claiming he had irrefutable proof that Trump was a Russian agent. Then never provided said proof because he was just lying.

  6. Yes, it is scary but the House represents the will of the people, and how many people believe as she does? The ripples of effects keep going out from the Big Lie. The good news is that there are potential recall petitions when the power shifts to the people and the Senate addresses the rights of the people.

  7. Full in depth psych evaluations & background checks need to be made mandatory by independent agencies for these high level positions on all sides. This is terrifying.

    1. How about this, if anyone who wants to run for Congress has to take the same test that immigrants take for citizenship?

    2. @Papa Wheelie Have you forgotten his name, or have internet memes so thoroughly infiltrated your personality that you’ve forgotten how to tell reality from repetition?

    3. The problem in most cases is the voter, not attempting to place an artificial restriction after the fact. In Santos’s case there are a lot of issues. Certainly the lack of opposition research, the lack of candidate screening by his own party, but also the failure to hold him to account for his past behaviour, some of which is clearly quite capable of leading to criminal liability if proven.

      But he’s an outlier. For the MTG types, in the end, there is no solution other than for voters to not vote for people like that.

      And they clearly do in some cases.

      As to committees, well, other than security clearance, which certainly is not automatically given out, it’s hard to say how you could restrict duly elected members from being given those positions. Ultimately there are internal processes for that.

      The problem is who people vote for.

  8. This woman has two qualifications: great at Cross-Fit, Big Mouth. I doubt she has learned anything in the past two years except more about how to manipulate the fools in charge of this House.

  9. I can’t understand how individuals who would be clearly unqualified in any non governmental position are allowed to represent the American people. I don’t care which side of the aisle that individuals are on. Are we thought that little of? Do our representatives really understand & respect the solemn oath they have taken to represent us? This behavior will only end when endless Americans & our Democracy are compromised & harmed as a result of incompetency…..

    1. @Wesley Pepple Actually they’re wrong, as are you. You’ve made incorrect assumptions about what deeply polysemic words mean, and thus arrived at a conflict which has no actual relevance or validity in context. I’d talk about the many different historic meanings of those terms, or how construction of meaning in the mind affects how words are understood, but I suspect you’d just tune out.

      Which by your definition would make you a democrat. I shudder to think.

      Here’s the upshot though: You have mistaken tribalism for erudition, and have opted to blindly accept a phrase because in your mind it signifies tribal identification. That is, you have substituted shibboleth for soundness.

    2. @renideo p sorry no I would never be a Democrat nor would I ever I’m a constitutionalist so you rambled on about nothing

  10. The lady protests too much. Sometimes, an accusation is a confession. Out of the mouth, the heart speaks.

  11. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

    How many more lies before these Insane Attention Seekers completely destroy our country … Where is the “Justice” in allowing them to be in positions of power?! 💙

    1. @DNA Test He was not a Republican

      The official answer is neither. King talked very infrequently about his personal politics and was not formally affiliated with either political party. Nor did he explicitly endorse any candidate. In fact, he stated, “I don’t think the Republican Party is a party full of the almighty God, nor is the Democratic Party. They both have weaknesses. And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.” What’s more, the parties of King’s time were different from the parties we know today; policies and platforms have changed drastically over time. According to King biographer David J. Garrow, King was fond of some Republican politicians, such as Richard Nixon, although it is almost certain that King voted for Democrats John F. Kennedy in 1960 and Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Among the few times he ventured into open partisanship was to denounce Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, who, as a senator, had voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. King said in an interview, “I had no alternative but to urge every Negro and white person of goodwill to vote against Mr. Goldwater and to withdraw support from any Republican candidate that did not publicly disassociate himself from Senator Goldwater and his philosophy.”


    2. @Morgan Crist Uh, did he actually shut down all the coal mines? I haven’t heard that in the news. Are you from a coal mining family?

    3. Well, I used to quote this, until I heard the news that your King partied with rapists in college and watched them raping women without saying anything, during and after! What a Hypocrite!

  12. Santos/DeVolder/Zabrosky was assigned to committees where his sudden subsequent absence will not be impactful or missed. His days are numbered, and even he *KNOWS* it..

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