1. @UOS BOIII Trumps highest approval rating was 49%, ever. Biden took a hit b/c of Afg. but has had a far higher average approval rating.

    2. @Gabe Dudley you’re actually more intelligent and reasonable than the typical trombones. You should continue to use solid arguments and not employ the

  1. True “Justice ” will never stand along side wrong or illegality! Trump supporters can scream Justice…….but this ain’t Justice…… It’s anti-American !

    1. @SIDEWINDER , Nope, No one is blaming Trump for this. Everyone knows this is a Biden deal and his dropping poll numbers and approval reflect it. Problem is: Biden never had a REAL base so his numbers will never come back up.

    2. @maria schultz You see when you only get information from fox news is why you would think like that. Fact is trump made an agreement with the Taliban in Feb. 2019. You know that terrorist group that stated many times it hated America? The agreement without Afghanistan’s input was American troops could leave the country without harm, equipment as well as long as 5000 prisoners were released by the Afghan gov. trump pressured the release of prisoners but did nothing about recalling the troops. 11500 were supposed to be reduced to 4500 by the time of the 2020 election. Had trump done that he mite still be in office. Instead he made the May 2021 deadline for troop withdrawal from 11250 to zero. Since trump blocked Biden from getting any briefings before officially taking office it was too late and had to deal with another trump screw up. Don’t elect a reality TV show host and this will not happen.

    3. I find it incredible that democrats Commanded 570 + violent burn loot and murder riots + commands to physically push back on other Americans who support America First and that democrats Instead of facts They name call, make up hideous stories, an example what demonstrates democrats are nazi = they’d rather burn the American Flag then say the pledge of allegiance, they don’t like questions , mostly will not take questions and if they do They are scripted and Biden for example has a list of who he is allowed to call on, they can not will not listen to anything anyone points out as fact with out calling it a conspiracy for example the witness’ that came forward with the fraud they saw bravely facing mobs and job loss Which both happened , bravely saying they did not retract And some of those people had so little interest in politics They just felt they had to tell what they saw, they shut down communications of that that they are not pushing. Why would they do that? So happy for the hate filled bunch to get jan 6 2021 Who needed that to happen, Really. Why do you do what you do? I would like answers to the questions in this post rather than name calling.

    4. @John F. like I said earlier, don’t change the narrative because it makes u look desperate to prove a point nobody on this thread is asking in the first place!

    5. @James cox did they shoot the rioters of antifa and blm? get out of here commie, freedom of speech and freedom to assemble ( and i am not just talking of the elite like obama and his b-day party, or gavin meeting at that restaurant ).

    1. Joe Talibiden just humiliated the USA infront of the entire world. Destroy any faith our allies had in us. Weaponized our enemies, left Americans behind. Seems Joe Talibiden is the one in cahoots with our real enemies. Stop being dumb.

    1. @phil meyers—–what a ludicrous azzbackwards comment. Compared to MILLIONS of illegal junkmail-in ballots and unlimited scans of them too, u really got a firm grip on voting, don’t u.

    2. @pale_blue_dot I don’t know who said “trump would die from covid,” as you say; however, you do need to realize that trump, and a majority of all the other repub leaders have had their shots, have plenty of $$$ for the best medical care, and their family members have also had the shots. Their kids go to the most elite schools, where I am sure they take all kinds of protective measures to avoid spreading the virus.

      But then, trump holds his huge rallies, and all of his supporters stand shoulder to shoulder, yelling out their their praises on every word he speaks, without masks/safe distancing-while he speaks out of one side of his mouth, “they are taking away your freedoms,” by asking you to wear a mask, while you all are the ones becoming infected and dying in record numbers-and infecting others. And, the other side of his mouth he praises himself, for getting the Warp-Speed shots produced, but what good are they when his supporters refuse to get them?!

      So, don’t you see anything wrong with that picture-who is being used and manipulated and why? Let me help-trump and the other repubs need your votes, your body-mouths to continue their lies, and they want you his supporters to fight for them, because they are to weak, afraid to do it themselves-period.

      Example: trump said, as well as other repubs that day at his Jan 6th rally working his supporters up to the extreme, that he would be walking to the Capitol with them, but where did he go?-to the safety of the WH to watch on TV all those supporters he had worked up to a frenzy, feeling quite proud of himself, that all of his past 4 years of rallies, lies, and manipulating this one large group of people to do his bidding worked!

      The same man, who had multiple deferments from serving in the Vietnam War! Do you really think that is how a true patriot serves his country?

      He wants to be called a patriot. He talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. And, by definition: Patriot-a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors-“a true patriot.”

      trump does not support America’s-Democracy! That is as clear as the nose on your face. trump wants desperately to be an Autocratic/Dictator leader with his loyal repubs-for the power and wealth it will bring them-not you!

      And where will you, his supporters be after he gets what he wants? Dining with him and his repub loyals in the WH, or at his resorts, hotels?Has he ever before held his rallies with all you can eat at any of those-nope.

      This may be painful to hear, but I am going to honestly say this for your own welfare, you are not in his class of people that he loves to surround himself with; he uses the poor, uneducated, and those in hate groups, he pretends to empathize with them, while all he needs is the muscle-so that he and his political repubs can achieve his and their aspirations for-power and wealth.

      And, if you don’t get it-what I am saying, then ask yourselves are you truly for America, Democracy our Constitution-your freedoms? Because if you say yes, that is not how it will work with trump and his loyals.

      Because if they do get their way, he will be an Authoritarian leader, who will re-write the Constitution, Bill of Rights-Freedoms, taxes, and laws to suit his needs-not yours! Whatever it takes in order for him and his loyals to secure their power and wealth will be what is written-the laws!
      And by the way, he will make numerous juicy-tempting promises, like he did to get elected the first time, that went no-where.

      He will have the ultimate power-to do and say whatever he wants, and not just for 4 years-it will be for as long as he wants.-a lifetime. And, any who oppose him will be fired, in jail or worse. Think of Putin, Kim Jong-un, Castro/now, Communist Party in Cuba Diaz-Canel, and all the others countries with such leaders-do you really want to live like those people?

      Is that what a true American patriot is-Most certainly not! A real patriotic leader, will stand right in the middle of the American people and will not ask you to do what they themselves are not willing to do! You would be included in the good times and bad times. And the power and wealth that is America’s to give will go to all people, not just a select few, because America is and has been made up of a large variety of people for hundreds of years!

      They all, millions of them, have put their blood, sweat, tears and given their lives for our America-They are the ones who have made America great-not the politicians!

      And, religion does not belong in the same book, or page as politics. Ones faith in God, a supreme being, is a personal choice and each has their own established rules as to how a person should behave live their lives-that is an individuals choice-freedom to do so. Whereas, politics is a set of established rules, with the Constitution, Bill of rights etc: as to how our country and the American people should be managed-period. And historically, merging politics and religion has never been successful, in fact has caused more harm than good.

      So, with all that said, the options are either having an Authoritarian/Dictator leadership, what the current Republican party stands for, or what the Democrat party stands for.

      The only other option is to establish a new political party- one devoid of politicians making money while serving the American people, with the exception of what their stipulated Federal salary is set at. And, doing away with receiving money from big businesses etc: back to the job of what an American President is supposed to be all about-working for all of the American people, our Country and moving us forward into the future-healthy, educated, and safe-we either rise our country up now, and heal our people, or everything will collapse to where one of those over ambitious (Authoritarian/Dictator type) leaders in a foreign country will just walk in and take over-and, we are very close to that happening, if attitudes do not change soon, as to what really are the priorities- what America and Democracy truly means, doesn’t change soon.

  2. Something tells me Biden will not give them the same gentle welcome as they got from Former President Failure.

    1. @evan doe 1. Yes, I do (because I still haven’t seen one single fraudulent ballot produced) and he’s doing better than Former President Failure, which is all anyone wanted. I’m definitely brighter than you.

    2. @Frthonor Frithers Yeah, lol, you are most definitely brighter than Evan. Even makes pennies a day for commenting online under a few different fake profiles. Check out it’s discussion section…..

    1. One of my uncles is a cop in D.C. and assures me they’re ALL on the alert, not just the Capital police. And the National Guard is ready for these violent lunatics this this time. Because there is a law in this country that people have the right to PEACEFULLY protest, these MAGA morons will be allowed to have their little show, much like the KKK is allowed to have their little shows. But if these fools act up, they will get arrested fast.

    2. @Mike I hope so, It’s embarrassing to be a part of this type of history in our own country. They’re kind of freedom isn’t freedom it’s anarchy and rebellion in the worst way. I hope the .ilitary is there by the masses and they all go to prison. I hope your uncle is safe!

    3. You do realize the vast majority of our military is Conservative right? When it finally sparks off, the Liberals will be wiped off the map. No one can protect you.

  3. They had their moment in January and FAILED. Any further attempts to do the same will be meet with proper force and deadly resistance to these domestic terrorists.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply So why do you feel bad for Ashley Babbitt then? isnt she antiqueefa too… Brainwash cultist who knows it and doesnt care.

  4. There have been insurrections in America’s history before, from Shay’s Rebellion in the 18th century to the Civil War in the 19th century , but never has the U.S. Capitol been invaded like we saw on January 6, 2021.

    “And there has always been a peaceful transition of power in American political history. That is what is most disturbing about what we saw on Jan. 6, 2021 . What we witnessed on that day was anything but a peaceful transition of power.”

    1. Common folk with no weapons at all who were let in by capital police. Compared to antifa and blm burning down entire blocks in major cities. Tell me the definition of insurrection again?

  5. It’s what happens when you don’t charge the so-called insurrectionists with treason, and strip them of their rights as citizens of this country.

    1. What is wrong with weirdos like you?

      Why are you treating people you disagree with politically as second class citizens? As if they are peasants or something. Actually you are treating them worse than that….

      You do know the FBI said that whole “insurrection” thing was hyperbole don’t you? There was no one charged with “insurrection”

      You should really be concerned with yourself and how willing you are to throw people into the Gulag without any actual evidence of wrong doing. You’re just as bad as any third world dictator. You just don’t have the power fortunately enough.

    2. @Chaos According to the democrats, males can now breastfeed babies and children should take hormone blockers

    3. @Chaos WTF is that supposed to mean? A question with the word fact after it. Really? Hey how many times have you failed your IQ test? Fact!

    4. @AndrewJnsn Maybe if they stopped acting like ignorant and dangerous individuals and didn’t try crap like storming the capitol, maybe we’d be more accepting to them. Also, you want evidence? Watch the news from Jan 6.

    1. I don’t think DC is happening. They’re going to be local events in some states, which will be harder to control.

    1. David The Troll. Reminds me of that old cartoon David The Gnome…only the gnome wasn’t a troll like this David.

    1. @Biden will get us all killed Are you going on the 18th or whenever? Or are you just staying home and making out with your cousin again?

    2. @Rocky Mountain Way My cousins busy but yes I’ll be there you should come to support your country that you obviously hate

    3. @Biden will get us all killed We hate our country? We didn’t storm the capitol because we were upset our boy didn’t win. The term American Taliban is appropriate for people like you. You call yourself patriots, yet you hate America’s ideals. You want a fight, we’ll give you one.

  6. If they get an actual permit for this event, they shouldn’t. Any group that does what they did should be barred from holding public events, especially in DC.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply Who will be the “PARTICIPANTS”? There aren’t enough law enforcement personnel to dress up in disguise to populate a multi-thousand throng? No govt entity thinks a FF would give ANY product. What purpose would be served?

  7. Only fools use freedom to shout that they have none, or demand that justice is releasing people who were caught breaking the law.

    1. Only fools use freedom to shout that they have none….? What does that even mean?

      Are you saying that people who shout freedom are too moronic to understand that they have the freedom to shout for freedom? That’s really the only logical conclusion I can come to.

      But um…. there are people who shout for freedom who get punished for it in the world. Usually that’s how freedom becomes a thing in the first place.

      Soooooo only people who actually want freedom would shout for freedom. And you kind of actually have to use freedom in a physical sense to get freedom as a whole. Otherwise you get Stockholm Syndrome.

      Kind of like how MLK shouted for equal rights or basically the equivalent of freedom. Was MLK a fool to shout for his freedom? Certainly he was using his freedom to speak…

      BTW I heard the FBI basically said the whole “insurrection” thing was hyperbole

      And what laws exactly were broken? Did someone other than an evil Trumper woMAN get hurt? I guess there was some property damage…. and our law makers had to take a 2 hour break…. OH THE HORRORS

      Good thing we don’t have to worry about the Taliban have almost 100 billion dollars in US military equipment and an open border down south BTW. We should be focusing 100% on the people who threaten Democrats politically instead of the people who chop off heads on video.

  8. They have the right to peacefully assemble and voice their grievances. Everyone has the right. The difference is a member of Congress calling for bloodshed is not peacefully assembling. In fact, just saying this is grounds for his arrest and expulsion from Congress for not abiding by his oath of office. Of course most republicans can’t seen to remember they made that oath or simply feel it doesn’t pertain to them. Time to lock them all up!

    1. And we are still waiting for all the repubs in our government to be expelled for their participation in the insurrection. The republicans really must have destroyed our DOJ for our country to have to have anti-American seditionists still making laws in a country they hate. We need to speed up the justice system and arrest all those who participated and our taxes are their paychecks. Wrong. Very Wrong.

    2. @Penelope Simpson Adams how can you go on thinking, wait you’re not, you just repeat what MSNBC tells you so you follow

    1. @Chaos no ….I’m not saying that …..but there are differrent elements that involved in every protest that are responsible for a lot of things that are blamed on others ….just like the criminal element at the capitol riots …..it’s important to know who you’re dealing with…..just like those who are propagating another capitol riot with much more violence ……this time around those who aren’t interested in violence shouldn’t even show up ……at the risk of being misidentified …..after all …..there’s nothing left to protest …….most people now realize the claim of election fraud was a strategy of trump that he tried to utilize using the doj according to their own testimony ……it’s time for Republicans to move on …..and focus on the next election ….they should know trump won’t be reappointed…..irregardless of what they may believe.

    2. @Charles L Jones I don’t think Trump will be re-appointed and I don’t think he won the election, or if he did I don’t think it’s been proved. I doubt there are many true fans who support what happened on January 6th, or want more of these far right idiots causing trouble. Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with people rioting for things they support though, like BLM, even in the middle of a pandemic lockdown. They also never accepted Trump’s victory over Hillary and proceeded to waste ridiculous amounts of money and resources of their phoney investigations and impeachments, and what they did with Kavanaugh was truly shameful and psychopathic. Fact!

    3. @Chaos oh here we go again with the redundant fact crap……according to every fact checking venue 90.percent of protests were peaceful ……and police I’m many instances elevated the process ….bit many who did engage in violence were extremists…..on both sides …..who weren’t part of peaceful protesters…..it was important to know who were and who weren’t involved in violence……and those who were should be held accountable ……but no one should be arrested because of assumptions.

    4. @Chaos but of course they do …..have you been paying attention ….most trump supporters still day he won and are encouraging another riot …..this time with even more violence …….even republican congressmen are encouraging and propagating violence …..in the last thirty years right wing extremists have been the biggest perpetrators of domestic terrorism ……and that hasn’t changed .

    1. ATTENTION DOJ: Names on the list (esp. gov’t officials that are co-conspirators ) are getting longer. Pls start the PERP WALK PARADE ASAP!! Or else these people will continue with the BIG LIE inciting more violence and undermining democracy.

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