'Eye of fire' under control after underwater gas leak 1

‘Eye of fire’ under control after underwater gas leak


Mexico's state-owned oil company said the fire was caused by a gas leak from an underwater pipeline and that the blaze has been brought under control.

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    1. Fire…dosen’t go all the way to the ocean floor….and unlike humans..animals don’t investigate fire.

  1. How interesting, they use water to put fire under water. I have never seen anything like this. It looks simply unrealistic to be honest but true nevertheless.

    1. the jet of water are “pushing the fuel into a circle so it does spread out further… oil and water dont mix 🙂 try filling a glas
      s of water put 1 drop of oil then spin your finger

  2. “The blaze did not generate a spill”

    So what’s fueling the blaze enough to compete with the ocean? Asking for a friend

    1. Just like using gas and lighting it up. They’re will be no spill or gas to be found as it burns 10× faster then anything.

    1. Yet here you are using a desktop/laptop/smartphone….. made by oil…..and shipped to destination by oil…….

    2. @John Phiilips that doesn’t change the fact the oil industry is corrupt and hides facts for as long as possible, then plays stupid when they can no longer claim it to be false… also doesn’t change the fact that we should be accelerating our switch to sustainable energy.

    3. @jhay440 “That doesn’t change”

      How dense are you? Serious question. You bish about oil but are using oil based products. You have zero credibility when you moan and groan on a topic like this but continue to buy oil base products. I laugh at dummies like you. Solar is only 22% efficient per panel at BEST case, Wind cost’s more to maintain in the long run then it cost to erect it. I can go on and on and on you know why? I work in the field so dont talk about corrupt when the solar industry is just AS corrupt if not MORE corrupt!

    1. @Dylan Backlund I’ll take a leaky solar panel over a pipeline any day. To those who think because it’s burnt, it’s gone. SHOWS a failing education system. Pipelines can be safe but, there seems to be no accountability, so why would you?

  3. C’mon, don’t put that off. It could have been like that underground fire in Russia that has been burning for half a century.

  4. It’s still leaking right? Yet again the incomitance is astounding. News and spills.

  5. MATT: Which is the thirstiest ocean on the planet?
    EVAN: Which one?
    MATT: The Gulp of Mexico

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