‘Eye-popping’: CNN panel analyzes the June inflation surge

The Consumer Price Index for June showed prices jumped 9.1% year-over-year. CNN Business correspondent Rahel Solomon and financial analyst Dylan Ratigan break down what’s driving the surge, and how President Biden and the Federal Reserve is reacting to the new data. #CNN #News


    1. Maybe muricans should have learnt to buy cars based on the climate and expenses rather than how big their engines are. xD

    2. @Ivares Kesner Perhaps they dont travel etc instead and prefer to spend their money on more tasty foods? Perhaps that is their one thing they spend a bit extra. Stop judging people because whats in their basket like a friggin bellend.

    3. @Andreas karlsson I’m not judging anyone, my agitated friend. I shared my opinion about another person’s comment and from that point onward was replying to people who *engaged with me.* Not the other way around. I know it’s fashionable to shout people down and silence opinions on CNN but nobody is forcing you to read them. You just did the equivalent of calling a missing person’s poster number to tell them that you haven’t seen them and to stop bothering you. If you’re not interested in what I have to say, keep walking, mate. Others may be interested. I have outlined plenty of good shopping tips people may very well have ended up incorporating into their shopping routine. I’m perfectly willing to put that up against the fact that reality makes you salty 🧂

  1. I sure hope that they’re not saying that they’re “surprised” because they’re just discovering what the average American already knew over a year ago.

    1. @#SuperOldGameSaturday
      This is my new comment of Fox news about ‘Climate activist…”
      Climate change: If you don’t yell rat farts 🐀💨 during a thunderstorm, you won’t get hit by lightning. – Caddyshack movie

    2. @#SuperOldGameSaturday
      Biden set to visit Saudi Arabia
      My comment on ABC News:

      “Journalists, what we gonna do? / Chop ’em up like the Saudis do” – Sacha Baron Cohen

    1. @Michael Murphy
      Little hard to haul equipment and cattle with a Tesla. Lol. And I doubt they do very well in the snow

    1. @Channel 420 You don’t understand why we’re in this inflation mess. Educate yourself before you vote again.

  2. It’s pretty damn sad when no one puts any accountability on joe biden, as he’s a big cause to this and if Donald Trump were in his place everyone would blame him. Sad

    1. @#SuperOldGameSaturday Yup, for 50 years and counting. Damn near ruined the Supreme Court nominating process all by himself…and Teddy (Chappaquiddick) of course.

  3. Yeah, thanks a lot CNN. The guy you’re propping up like weekend at Bernie’s is hurting a lot of people.

    1. Yeah all they do is constantly talk about Trump instead of all the problems that need fixed right now

  4. Those numbers aren’t correct. The inflation is MUCH higher in all 3 categories. Driven mainly by gasoline prices…as oil companies also reported record profits.

    1. When demand goes up, price goes up. And oil companies are restricted to where they can drill and production would be kinda low.

  5. This is exactly why CNN needs to stop playing the partisan games when it comes to our economy.

  6. When you realize the WH didn’t have time to go over inflation data because they were too busy with Jan 6th…

  7. When you are rich enough to be not impacted by inflations and have groceries delivered to your house, of course it is news to them LOL

  8. *Fighting 9.1% inflation (more like 35%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds*

    1. This is the kind of information that we don’t get from most YouTubers I will get in touch with him right now.

    2. @Benjamin Nyman Ah yes, I remember when bitcoins where new and advocats kept going “it’s impossible for the bitcoin to crash” blablabla… Well what would you expect? It werent impossible at all. Didnt even take that long lol.

    3. @Sola Roberts So why are you still working if you make 20 grand per week? Smells like balony to me. xD

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