1. First question im sure the police tried to stop them why dem never stop? Second what are they doing on the road after curfew hours? Third why police a chase dem an accident gwaan n police nuh stop?? Hard ears cause dem ting yah…

    1. So that gives them the right to killed them what if it was your brother are sister that’s why sometimes when some of them get gun shot know one must sorry for them because some of them are up to no good

    2. I agree with you.
      Tolerate and make excuses for kids’ bad behavior when they are teenagers and they are the ones who end up terrorizing us a few years later.
      None of this would have happened if the parents had instilled in these young ones respect for the law.
      Even without a government curfew, children should be home in bed by a certain hour (seemed these ones were up all night), and when they violate the law and the police order them to stop, they should obey.
      The man said that two of the three bikers pulled over, and the other biker sped away from the police. How did two end up dead in the gully when the police was only chasing one?

    1. ​@M X if you watch the video it was explained by someone who was there that, that is exactly what happened. Some a unnuh damn stupid fi no reason.

    2. @Tahmas Kenchers the last part of your comment seems as if you are talking to the person in your mirror. I saw many videos on youtube where people say that they are witnesses and when the truth is revealed it proves that they were lying.

    3. @M X i am then going to turn your question on you were you there to see if they werent there? Damn fool fi no reason

  2. We need the police to talk they side something not adding up y u all on the rd after curfew hours tan a unu yard

  3. The enemy is with in the government, politicians and law enforcement… Facts.. These officers committed a crime failure to render assistant and using their vehicles as a deadly weapon.. If this store is true serous investigation is needed.. Fire stations need ambulance for emergency medical assistance on spot.. People dieing because of lack of ambulance… Education is freedom and life.. Freedom of speech and respect peoples opinions..

    1. I Am Literally TIRED Of Telling My People This Know Your Real Enemies It’s Not Your Brother Or SistaπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸŽ―

  4. There’s 3 sides to every story the witness side the police side and the truth so I’m just going to hold my corner and see the outcome

  5. Listen πŸ‘‚ Jamaicans these youths aren’t innocent, why are they out after curfew hours and even if they out and coming from or going about there business the police signal a stop, two of the bikes stop but the third one ride off?? Why did he ride off if he has nothing to hide hmm answer that, these duty corner boy dem.

    1. Seriousley ? So becsuse it was After curfew hours and they were still on the road makes it ok for them to be chased down and hit off the bike ? Wow πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ hope when the shoe is on your foot you will still applause smile and wave.😐

    Maybe the bike don’t straight mek dem never stop cz I obviously dem never a carry gun.

  7. Jamaica…wah gwan.done know the race is not for the swift neighter for the strong .it’s for the man who can adjust to endurance to the end…Jamaica is such a lovely place for vacation.humankind clever up Jah Jah will take back his place

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