1. The cursed land has been suffering by religious , tribal divisions for decades and the explosion may have been caused by radical groups or accident Beirut equal Kabul.

    1. There were no telltale signs of a nuclear detonation. No blinding flashes, no sustained light brighter than the sun, no fireball, no nuclear induced lightning, no particles striking the camera (they show up as dots), no nuclear thermal damage, no radioactive damage. Furthermore there are sensors and satellites that specifically look for nuclear detonations. North Korea’s underground tests of sub-kiloton devices still yielded positive detection with these systems.

    2. If it was a nuclear bomb we wouldn’t have any footage near ground zero which we have.
      Not a nuclear bomb.

    3. commonnier dirty bomb or something with radioactive material that happen to be in the explosion

    4. @EstimatingONE DiscoveringTHREE while a dirty bomb would be possible I am sure that by this time someone in the entire city has checked. I doubt this was anything but chemical

  2. Did he just sat that a fire started at a fireworks store and a fire also started at a chemical plant nextdoor at the same time
    Things that make you go hmmmm

    1. Looks like it ,maybe , but no fire ball,no radiation burns . If it was a “nuke” you burn before u get hit by the blast

  3. He is a coward
    It is a fare possibility that israel maybe play its role in back just like they are doing in othere arab countries

    1. What the hell is wrong with you, they already know the chemicals had been there for years. If Israel was to pull another stunt like they did in Iran why would they store then chemicals for years.

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