‘F*** off’: Brian Cox reveals origin of ‘Succession’ character’s catchphrase

"Succession" star Brian Cox joins CNN's Chris Wallace to discuss how his character's catchphrase became a fan favorite. Watch Chris Wallace's interview with Brian Cox on the CNN TV app and on HBO Max.
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  1. Brian Cox was an excellent Dr.Lecter in the original 1986 Manhunter Directed by Michael Mann & with William Peterson playing Will Graham. The Tooth fairy , an awesome villain played by Tom Noonan. Underrated film.

  2. Shakespeare was considered amazing in the past. This is considered amazing now.
    A sign of a deteriorating society and culture and overall intelligence.

  3. 7:40 yes it is important to go on in life is not to look at what happend to you is injustice. It is ok to feel sad but not mad.

    1. Meh!

      Brian’s a bit of an amateur in using invective.

      Why not visit UK and get properly insulted by experts?

      If you’re an American then you’ll find that getting verbally insulted is second nature to certain strata of the UK population. (And possibly others… )

      The rest will just think it.

  4. Just wanted to add it’s what you eat that makes you a good character or a bad one. Eat rotten stuff for a week or two and you’ll think about death or killing something or some one. And there it was… Mc’Donalds. There you have it.

  5. Love Brian Cox! Very talented actor. Logan Roy on Succession must have been quite the joy for him to bring to life. I really do forget that he isnโ€™t really Logan Roy.

  6. f* o* is much more common among the Brits as a very casual remark, and hardly even vulgar, than in the US.
    I think Cox is wondering what the big deal is. The big deal on this side of the Atlantic is that I once got punched in the nose for saying it in HS to someone (and I didn’t really mean it too seriously either) . The teacher must have wondered why I was walking out the door (to the washroom), with a nosebleed.

    1. I think you’re right. I’m an old lady and wouldn’t bat an eyelid if l heard it and have said it more than a few times. I have been told Kiwi (me), Aussies and Brits swear much more than other countries though.

  7. I’m watching this on a Sunday evening and suddenly for just a few seconds I can hear Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes.

  8. Shout out to the 2 NHL players who refused to wear gay pride jerseys!
    Shout down to the LGBTwhatever community for being militant about your beliefs trying to shove it down people’s throats. You’d be pretty upset if you were FORCED to wear Jesus Jerseys

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