Face Mask Skin Care | TVJ News - June 2 2021 1

Face Mask Skin Care | TVJ News – June 2 2021


Dermatologist Dr. Llorenia Muir-Green says since the covid 19 pandemic she has seen a number of skin conditions due to the wearing of facial masks. Dr. Muir-Green says each week she sees at least five cases in her private practice but in the public setting ten.

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  1. The country hot and some of these people nasty. They got the one dirty mask and them don’t try to get another one. Over the counter product?? The people them can’t even find money to buy chicken back and flour and you a tell them to buy ointment??? A what this in Jamaica??

  2. In the UK, you can get a free badge saying “exempt from face mask” if you think a mask is a threat or you feel like it will trouble your breathing. I have one. Never worn a mask ever.

    1. Lots of people don’t wear a mask in the UK so I’m not sure why they are forcing you to wear one in Jamaica.

  3. Interesting! My facial skin is so sensitive I hardly use products on my face, and not experiencing any problems. Wonder what would cause me to escape this so far. (knock on wood)

  4. I saw. My face breaking out and had no idea it was because of the mask. I was really wondering what could have cause it..

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