Face to Face Classes | New Covid Strain | Gordon 'Butch' Stewart Death | Beenie Man in Legal Trouble 1

Face to Face Classes | New Covid Strain | Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart Death | Beenie Man in Legal Trouble


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  1. People a complain say why the country naah lock down and some a complain say it fi open but any way we tek it a the prime minister a the head one and whatever him say goes but jamaica nuh that desperate fi tek in flights from uk

    1. Because they’re fraid of FLU.
      With their backward superstitious “Jesus is coming…..he’s just stuck in traffic” buffoonery.

      Jamaica will be first world in …..hmmm…… when Jesus turns up.

  2. ome learning or online lessons absolutely ain’t working in Jamaica I’m in Jamaica can tell u that the children are suffering regarding there learning children are loitering on the streets of Jamaica

  3. Why should it be the Teachers that should go out in the community to find these Children ,it is the Teachers duty to teach student,they are not been paid for anything else,minister of education you want them to make blood out of stone,even tools to work with most have to use their salary to buy themself ,no wonder you are loosing your teachers to foreign or other jobs ,it not fair to the teacher or their health ,they are over worked,do better education minister

  4. You guys can’t even find jobs for graduates in Jamaica and still fighting to open schools what difference will it make at this point

    1. @Deh Deh with or without School there are and will be less jobs !and how u are going to work when u are dead fr Covid,right now saving lives is mor important than to open school,let the children continue on line for now or fine some other means until this thing calm down,

    2. Dem nah no sense this is a plan thing set up fi the poor get poor and ppl really fool before them act n burn them out listening to lies u soon here that teacher a give student covid

    3. @Deh Deh if the man them lock down jobs n bills a psil gpe uno can hardly findw money how school gonna help ?

  5. Hospital is fulling up, to open schools now! Is very risky, all they need to do is to repeat, classes, why risk your lifes to go mingle with bus drivers, and other people, stay at home save life, read and you yard, less worries

    1. A dem a bring in ppl n a seh dem have coovid open ur eyes the bible is fulfilling itself …their just lieing to us have u ever seen anyone with covid-19

    1. Joe wake up ur in the dark. They trying to scare the public to vaccine the nation its all about vaccine the people. lies evil lies lies government working with satan

  6. Education starts in the home… Education can take place anywhere and doesn’t have to be in the physical school. We’re probably gonna have more cases if more schools resume. We have to be prudent in our decision-making.

  7. Allowing kids back to school is a really dangerous ting. Have they not seen what’s going on here in the UK? The kids spread it quicker than adults. Bad, bad move.

  8. New strain and school opening? What is your agenda? Dunce never kill nobody. You’ll should focus your energy on giving out the tablets and internet to the students…. you’ll keeping it as a ransom for NIDS….


  10. I allegedly believe that we better live every day the best we can as their we’ll never be a normal life any time soon so love God and live

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