Face to Face Classes to Continue - February 8 2021 1

Face to Face Classes to Continue – February 8 2021


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  1. Nooooo nth like our children will died off plus and some of them can’t control them self nth countuies with no online class

  2. Miss fayval what about the children that suffer with underling sickness I don’t hear you say anything thing about that ??????

  3. Not sending my children out sorry they can call for face to face classes but its up to parents if they want to send their child/children out

    1. Imagine going to school and excelling greatly just fi dead couple months or less. What’s the point ????

  4. Lady just shut up because right now you’re confusing people. Protocols in school is not the point. What about the transportation children have to take mixing up with all sort of people especially with the cases going up? Answer that cause you’re only focusing on one aspect of the situation. My son not going!!!!

  5. This is a setup my friends dont fall for it they will have the right to quarantine your children for suspected symptoms and also do contact tracing for their parents and friends…if they close school for less that 5 and so much now why on earth do you think they are reopening up now

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