Face to Face School Resumes | Weekend Shooting Spree | TVJ Midday News – Mar 7 2022

Face to Face School Resumes | Weekend Shooting Spree | TVJ Midday News - Mar 7 2022 1


  1. With school out so long the government should use that time to ventilate the classrooms rooms all over the island.

    1. Audrey Patterson 5 years this government in power you want everything done PNP was in power 18 years what did PNP fix man go fine work do

    1. Does anything the government do make any sense yet are is inproviding the economy are helping anyone

  2. Some of these teachers get too complacent at home so they don’t want school to open but guess what covid ain’t going anywhere and we have to move on, this man bout ceiling fan and standing fan is not since covid there’s no fan, all of a sudden they are seeing all these problems in school. Life have to go on uhnuh want sit at home and collect government money and do nothing online thank you Jesus for my children schools, full resumption mi seh the Lord will cover them all.

    1. I agree!! Years after years schools have fan problem so thats absolutely no excuse right now. These kids need an education. Most of these kids grasp nothing while online. We gotta move forward. Its 2 years of great setback.

  3. Dam if you do dam if you don’t, cannot please some Jamaican. Every country school is now back in section, but Jamaica must keep the kids home.

  4. Mr Smith go sit down the kids the kids them needs to go back to school nuff of them fall back in there school work way back i have nuff of them were i am liveing cant read them class 2 reading book and they are in class 3.now.some of the them dont unterstand the online thing.

  5. I agree with schools being open. Many kids fall way behind. Boi, every country moving forward. Jamaica & Jamaicans gotta move forward. Keep positive.

  6. Father God protected these children on there way 2 school and bring them back safe in Jesus name

  7. Is now you know that they’re no vent in the building of the school sir you really lock of vision

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