Facebook Apologizes For Restricting Posts About Al Agsa Mosque Raid 1

Facebook Apologizes For Restricting Posts About Al Agsa Mosque Raid


Facebook and Instagram have apologized for restricting posts about the Al Aqsa Mosque raid. Raf Sanchez reports.

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  1. Deleting those posts were not an accident, it’s called suppression.
    Whenever there are posts criticizing China, Israel, or other European nations that support the inhumane treatment of others, those posts and topics are deleted.

    1. Msnbc actively removed pro-Israel comments yesterday when they first uploaded videos covering this story.

    2. Yup. It keeps the subject matter from going viral which keeps it off of the mainstream news headlines for at least a few news cycles.

    3. @Tex AJP I don’t know if that was sarcasm but China has been committing human rights violations against their own Uyghur community and they have been committing human rights atrocities against the people of Africa as well.

  2. That is not an apt comparison. I get where you were trying to go, but that simile was clumsy, and some may find it offensive.

  3. Rut roh 120 x military brass are Questioning popcorn kid’s favorite feeble old fool mentality and voting fraud

  4. George Orwell predicted this the next is saying something didn’t happen

  5. I have never used Facebook, but people have been complaining about it for years, if you haven’t stopped using it by now, you’re hooked.

    1. Facebook is just as corrupt as faux Fox News… I tried both of them in the mccain-palin run for presidency and found out then just how much they lie… I lasted 1 and 1/2 weeks on Facebook and about two nights of Fox FAUX news and I’ll never go back

    2. I only use Facebook for the “Groups” (non-political), as Forums have dried up, and am forced to go there for sharing hobby/educational related stuff….I miss Yahoo Groups, and such.

      I do not take part in posting info of self, and stalk-book type activities.

  6. Their breakup and eventual bankruptcy (think Myspace…) will be apology enough for *EVERYTHING* ….

  7. Protect Your Privacy 1. Opt out of personalized ads 2. Turn off location tracking 3. Disable microphone 4.Use a VPN 5. Fight Facebook.

  8. Facebook also Censored Resign Modi
    Tag for the Poor Handling of the
    Pandemic by Indian Prime Minister.

  9. r u kidding me? that just confirms that our posts about pipeline protests (several years ago) were being censored. this is enraging!

  10. How do you accidentally block a hashtag during the period when it is most relevant? Someone should press fakebook on how that whole process works. If it is a legit mistake as they claim, and not intentional suppression, then they should have no problem elaborating on the details of the specific computer error. I mean how often does their main server block random strings of characters in any given language?

  11. If it happens once or twice, OK. If it’s systemic, then it is systemic, aka, it “by design,” it is intentional. Is it government – motivated? Perhaps, probably, more yes than no.

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