Facebook fires back at Surgeon General. Hear his response 1

Facebook fires back at Surgeon General. Hear his response


US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy says social media companies have taken positive steps against the sharing of health misinformation but that "it's not enough" and responds to a Facebook official's claim that the Biden administration is trying to scapegoat the company after failing to meet their July 4 vaccine goal.

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  1. There’s no vaccine against stupidity and even if there was one, those who really need it, wouldn’t take it.

    1. Ill ask this. Give me another vaccine that people get bribed to take? Every other vaccine on the market has taken over 10 years to be approved covid less then a year. They said it was safe for everyone after thousands of people took it they said ohh sorry this one causes blood clots don’t take it. Name another vaccine you can take and still actually get the virus that its supposed to stop? Can you tell me what the long term effects of covid vaccine are? No body knows because its just came out hence why normally it takes over 10 years to approve, yet no liberals think any of this is suspicious. I’ve taken every vaccine available but this one im staying away from.

  2. Carl Sagan once stated, …”this is the dumbing down of America…a kind of celebration of ignorance”

  3. misinformation is dangerous. And I’m amazed at how much of what people read on social media they completely believe whether it’s true or not. I’m not sure how it gets fixed, but FB has the capacity, I’m sure, to do better.

    1. Facebook’s goal is to make as much money as possible… They don’t give a damn what kind of information they spread…NEVER A FB USER..!

    2. @Roy Batty propaganda lol they had to pay nick sandaman 276 million lol and thats just one case…

  4. All antivax pages need to be shut down. It’s not a free speech issue, it’s a public health issue. If you don’t believe in getting your kids vaccinated etc

    1. You are 100% correct. Plain and simple.

      Furthermore, anyone who’d take any medical advice from any social media is a fool

    2. @Eduardo Oliveira The lockdowns happened. Are you saying there’s never been a lockdown?

    3. @Veganpotter Thevegan

      “The Delta variant may also be able to escape protection from vaccines and some COVID-19 treatments, though studies are still ongoing.”

      “It has a mutation that allows the virus to better attack lung cells and potentially escape vaccines.”

      What You Need to Know About the Delta Variant, WebMD.com, 07/12/2021

  5. Politicizing a public health crisis is a crime against humanity. You can thank Trump and his enablers for doing just that.

    1. Fauci denied authorising funding when questioned by Sen. Paul, and then within the next breath admitted it. When questioned later by Sen. Kennedy, he said the funding wasn’t used for gain-of-function research, then in the next breath admitted he didn’t know what the funding had been used for.

      And he was on the front cover of Time magazine, this preening, posturing popinjay, this lickspittle for the Establishment.

    2. Totally off subject. Do you watch “Beau of the Fifth Column’? Because you should do videos giving your political views and opening up a place for discussion. because that is what you are good at. You make a space where folks WANT to engage in discussion. i am a visual anthropologist. I have read you over the years. You have what they call ‘voice.’ You are able to bring the essential you across in printed words. That is hard, to always sound consistently like yourself……in 2 or 3 sentences. You convey complex thoughts and concepts in plain words very concisely…in 2 or 3 sentences. That is a strength. Just watched your video(that is why I am writing)…you should do videos like Beau. Short and on one point. I think that you are good for America.

  6. Facebook has ample resources to do better.

    But misinformation gets more shares & views. Of course, FB will never admit that. #Smh

    Fox News hosts are some of the *HIGHEST* paid “anchors”. So *OF COURSE* they’ll say ANYTHING. #Duh


    1. Doenst pay taxes again a mislead by you leftists.For him working 10000 thousends who pay a lot and he created jobs you fool.Can u say that about you incompetent worthless life.

  8. Until Facebook bans people like Ingram and Carlson just like they did trump Facebook is complicit to the degree that overwhelms any good they have done

  9. Facebook execs must be living in an alternative reality in thinking they are doing a good job. I can go on Facebook right now, and easily find COVID misinformation and anti-vaxx propaganda.

  10. I’m fully vaccinated and wish people take an advantage. However I have no problem if someone do not want to be vaccinated. It’s a free country. Start charging $ for vaccine after few months notice like Germany.

  11. The self-annoiinted faceless “sovereign republics” of Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

  12. Sad that we value free speech more than truthful information that keeps human beings from dying.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out why people use facebook.

    I’ve ignored it since the day it began existing.

  14. Spent past 3 days with non vaccinated retired nurse who’s adult son lost smell and recently tested positive for Covid.She was taking a cocktail of vitamins and had hydroxychloroquine. This Texas retired RN nurse said she will NEVER take vaccine. We are surrounded by the ignorant in Texas

  15. Biden admin is walking a fine line here. I’m against disinformation campaigns, but I’m also pro freedom of speech. Misinformation is a fancier way of saying “fake news,” even if it truly is fake news.

  16. Silence is complicity. FB allowed and still allows the lies to continue and be perpetuated. They are guilty.

  17. The COMPANIES, themselves, aren’t being blamed. It’s the CONTENT on them, that is.
    It’s all a play on words, combined with misinformation from malicious actors, and poorly educated geniuses.

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