1. I remember when public figures were held to a higher standard than everyday people because they were meant to be leading by example…. that was, like, back in 2015…

    1. Very true… though I remember even further back, when people who wanted to speak on politics had to do so behind their real names. I believe this anonymity, aside the loss of “The Fairness Doctrine” is what allows Russia to infuse US conversations

    2. And Donald J. Trump, unfortunely, did not live up to a higher standard. Donald J. Trump was making all that perverted statements when he went down the escalators of Trump Tower with his wife Melania to launch his run for the White House.

  2. People aren’t quitting Facebook because it’s addictive; it’s because they’re too connected with their social networks, especially if they’re across different states or countries. Too much of their lives are uploaded into galleries. Breaking up with Facebook is like getting a divorce from your spouse and you have 4 kids, aged 1 to 10. It’s too hard to do

    1. I did it………wasn’t bad….TIME TO CUT THE CORD, ……………………you have email, and a phone

    2. if people really care about me, they already know where to find me by phone or email and they use those options. I quit facebook and I love being without it.

    1. 45 used social media as a bully pulpit and a divisive tool,he never used it for anything positive, every social media outlets has terms of agreements and when you violate those terms, then they have every right to ban you from their site, but you have this dickhead whining and having a hissie fit(like he does about everything that doesn’t go his way)because he’s an ex president that deserves to be treated like anyone else who violates the terms of agreements

  3. Internet should be called a tool like a hammer if you abuse a hammer a bust someone head open u no longer have privilege I’ve it like Facebook use it don’t abuse it cuz words matter.

  4. I’m all for free speech on social media, but spreading false information is subject to expulsion, simply put.

  5. If you’re a political or opinion leader, you’ve got lots of followers. Lots of followers mean lots of clicks so Facebook gives you a pass because they want lots of clicks to keep people engaged, angry and on line. It’s amazing that Trump went so far that even with all those clicks he got banned.

  6. Reporters told what they knew to be true , & stated clearly , whenever what they didn’t know was fact .

  7. mybe we should all just realize what social media actually is. it’s a big illusionary bubble where you meet so called “friends” who will turn on you for the next “freind” who might have a different opinion than you. you have no real “freinds” on FB and whatever else you’re on, because real friends are just that…..REAL! every one who thinks they are somebody because they have so and so many “followers” or ” friends” are just poor souls seeking attention who don’t know the meaning of a freind. any one who choses to live in that imaginary bubble has my empathy, they are just poor people with no real friends.

  8. You are not necessarily stupid because you smoke, you are addicted, using Facebook does not make you stupid

  9. My question is how in the world is Ree Drummond in the top ten ? Maybe we all should start cooking and become rich and live on a ranch like yellowstone. Lol

  10. I’d suggest the fakebook oversight committee implement strict terms that ” Individual One ” must comply with before reinstating his account .
    1/ Mandatory Mental Health Counselling ( including Anger Management ) from a team of bipartisan appointed psychiatrists , for a minimum of 2 years .
    2/ Provide Mandatory Community Service , 5000 hours …. where he’ll get a better understanding of the everyday struggles of your average American .
    3/ Complete Mandatory Sensitivity Training , whereby making him aware of his harmful attitudes & behaviors towards others .
    If and when he can be rehabilitated and trusted again , then and only then , should he be welcomed back . Should he refuse these terms , he’s at liberty to start his own social media company or sign up with ” frank ” .

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