1. Alice’s Rabbit , i’m not confused, you never lied? That’s not a confusing question. CNN lies . We all lie. Nothing confusing. My point is since we all lie, pointing out to me some of his failed policies? You can’t because there is none. This is all not rocket science

    2. @Vince Diesel
      Yes, you are confused. It’s not rocket science. Trump didn’t like that wind turbines were affecting his properties in Europe. That’s all he cares about, he doesn’t give a hoot about the American people, including his base who benefit from clean energy. So what does he do? He makes up the dumbest lie, a lie that is so stupid, a child could start asking questions and easily expose the lie. Why does he do it? To disinform the public, the very Americans he took an oath to serve. That’s fraud, so, NO, I have not fraudulently claimed something to fool others for personal gain, NO, I don’t lie multiple times a day to disinform the public and stir up drama to shift the news coverage of myself. Your false equivalency and other logical fallacy BULLSHIT is noted and proves you are only here to play games like a troll.

    3. @Vince Diesel
      That’s cool, you just tried to hold an anonymous poster in a YouTube comment section to a high standard that you aren’t even willing to hold the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, to. LOL, sit back down.

    1. @Mike Smith go back and look at your comment. can you fucking learn English? Since that’s fair in your bubble.

    2. Pedophile democrats claiming that earth is flat, women have dcks and men can give birth is alarming

    1. @WineScrounger yes because if the queen does something horrible im sure the “honest” media will tell you about it.
      Like how nbc wanted to squash the weinstein story, and abc stopped the epstein story 3 years ago.

    1. He gives me the creeps.He is another John Wayne Gacey. Quick check his attic.Bet there are so many skeletons in that loft space.ugh !! Golden but FAT.

    2. you are the fakest news there is. you only entertain the the brain dead. thats why you ratings are in the gutter

    1. That’s easy, I can tell you when Trump speaks a truthful word. Whenever he speaks.
      When does CNN lie? Whenever they say anything.

    2. @felix u I actually agree with that statement. Given that Colonel Jessup is a fictional character in a make-believe story about made up “successful policies,” I’d say Trump is precisely, and exactly, like that. What a superb reference! Well done!

    1. Only someone disgusting like you would keep that image in your mind long enough that it you feel compelled to share in publicly

  1. At this stage, the media shouldn’t consider it news when he lies, they should consider it BREAKING news when he tells the truth!!!!!!!!

    1. @felix u what kind of bullshit propaganda have you been watching? Yoau need to lay of blaze tv and fox news. 😆

    1. @Vince Diesel
      Listen here VWeasel!!

      I do not wish to accept your apology.
      You’ve a dirty orangey lacquered hue over your eyes and heart. Which makes you passe, just like Your president.

      trump has made no accomplishments, because trump is a FAILURE! Anything he thinks he did well, he’s supposed to,,. because he’s suppose to accomplish by and for the people of this country, VWeasel.

      He gets paid to protect, serve for the benefit of this country’s people, bringing US together so WE can work together for our America!

      Therefore, he is a failure because he has NO policies in place, NO purpose for the people to rise up as one.
      Our Constitution has been dismantled by your president. There is no working together in accordance with our laws, within the boundries of our Constitution.

      Therefore, that so-called “winner” has torn our country apart, torn Americans away from each other, setting US up for our enemies to sneak passed our boarders, in our weakened state and take over our way of life, our democracy, our country, our people,, our freedom.

      trump is your first president against our way of life because he will not adhere to the policies of our laws in this part of the world,,
      making your president a traitor!!
      There, now you know!!!

      You and the other sheep are destroying the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, for money and what he believes is power for him.
      You keep that in mind when you
      attempt to insult other Americans for disagreeing with your partys agenda
      of gaining by lying, stealing greed, and hateful anger and rage,
      Remember what happened due to the first civil war.
      We lost one of the greatest presidents of his time to the kks assassins bullet.
      Confederate money became worthless. The south had to re-build, without the power of free labor.

      They’ve been pissed ever since.

    2. Kelly Green , Your twisted and sick. Now run along to the kitchen. I just ended this conversation . That means , shut up.

    1. @J Eustis Socialist ? You idiots just put the farmers on welfare genius. FYI – according to the bible our lord IS a socialist. NO DOUBT !!

    2. @Eric Axton AMEN ? Now go grab them by the pu$$y IN JESUS NAME !! LOL!! The LORD warned us about you fake Christians. EVILgelicals.

    3. @J Eustis – Do you mean Conservatives?! Conservatives want to control what people think and what they do. Conservatives want people to do what they say is moral or acceptable. Yeah, I’ve actually read Marx and don’t agree with him. Have you or do you just spout nonsense that others tell you to say? Please explain to the rest of us Marx’s ideas and how they apply to modern liberals. I can’t wait to hear this.

  2. With trump its easier to try to prove how many times he has told the truth since taking office, not how many lies he has told, they are all lies!

    1. Omg. He got a 1.3 million donation from Murray. Lol How many billions have Dems made through their Russian backed clean energy companies ? Gee, wonder why they campaign on that subject ? More R&D tax money they can launder, maybe ?

  3. He who lies a lot has a tongue of a serpent and #whiteevangelicals cant see that or do they idolize the devil now?

    1. The new tenet of the Evangelical sects is that you can be a holy man even if you commit all sorts of sins and crimes, as long as you get fraudulently elected and nominate tons of judges that they like. Oh, and also you don’t tax or mess with the money that they milk from the believers.

    2. Hark! the herald angels sing,
      “Glory to the new-born King!
      Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
      God and sinners reconciled.”
      Joyful, all ye nations, rise,
      Join the triumph of the skies;
      With th’ angelic host proclaim,
      “Christ is born in Bethlehem.”
      Hark! the herald angels sing,
      “Glory to the new-born King!

      Trump=Triumph=the act, fact, or condition of being victorious or triumphant; victory.

      Trumps name is in Triumph!!!!

    1. Difference between a lie and exaggeration.
      *Obama: You can keep your Dr. and hlthcare plan.*
      *Trump: This is the best economy in US history.*

    1. When you can convince a population that denying your own biology is totally normal you can convince them of pretty much anything.

    2. @sixstringman Hey Sixstingman — GREAT POINT — The Democrats have lost their minds…they are no longer NORMAL.

  4. “I’ll release my taxes” is my favorite Trump lie. Or, “better, cheaper healthcare for everyone” is a good one. Ofcourse, “I don’t know Stormy Daniels” was right up there.

    1. How about when he lied during his swearing in ceremony when he promised to preserve protect and defend the Constitution

  5. “Whopper” makes them sound amusing and harmless. Please don’t use that term. Just call them “lies”. Nothing else.

  6. I like the interviewer in the last one. “Mr President what are you talking about?” More media people have to call him out when he lies or when he rambles on with his word salads

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