Fahrenthold: Weisselberg Could Give Information About Trump's Intent 1

Fahrenthold: Weisselberg Could Give Information About Trump’s Intent

David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post joins Joy and her panel of experts to discuss his new bombshell reporting: “Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence, weigh potential charges.”
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  1. Intent ? well, if someone jacks up the worth of a property to acquire a loan …..and then decreases the worth of that same property to lower the tax assessment …..I would think the ” intent ” is pretty obvious …

    1. @Trent Timoy A democrat talking about someone else lying,classic.Everyone from Nader to adam shifty went around for 4 years saying they had evidence of Russian collusion. Biden couldn’t fill a Dairy Queen on the campaign trail, Trump had hundreds of thousands lined up for days. I guess you guys aren’t satisfied destroying every major city in this country ,you all deserve the Darwin Award , it would be funny if other people didn’t have to live here too. Not to mention all of the kids slaughtered everyday…..so pathetically sad.

    2. @John Carter I’m sorry johnny boo boo but no one LIES like Chump does…NO ONE…Fact! Mueller report confirmed that collusion occurred and it was up to congress to investigate that. I guess that meeting at tRump Towers with junior, Manafort and jared with the Russians to acquire opposition research on Hillary was just an anomaly honeybunch?? I guess the meeting was really about tips on interior decorating, right johnny? What kids are being slaughtered johnny? Where are you getting your information from?? OAN, Fox, Newsmax?? They’re ALL getting sued for LYING for Billions sweetie. Btw, those low-information magat voters that breached and attacked the DC Capitol on Jan 6th, 2021 are ALL on the No Fly List. That’s not a list you want to get on boo boo. Just because several hundred to several thousand people attended donnie’s magat rallies and only a few hundred attended Biden’s rallies doesn’t mean jack. I knew I was going to vote for Biden and I don’t NEED to go to some rally (even if it were 10 minutes from house). Millions of people already knew who they were going to vote for and they don’t Need to go to rallies to show support for their respective candidates. Are you ok??

  2. Yes t.rump is in trouble and it is a big relief to finally see consequences arrive in his doorstep. Watch out all those who support him in leadership roles the trouble will land on you too!! and the crimes you have been involved in will come out “BEWARE!! you won’t be able to hide your dirty laundry for much longer.

  3. Just think of all the mental gymnastics you have to go through to try and defend the Stable Genius as being innocent of fraud.
    Now assume he’s guilty and look back at the facts.
    A lot easier, right?

  4. The whole “Scamily” needs to be held accountable they all knew what was being done. There is so much sliminess going on Nickelodeon is experiencing a shortage.

  5. Weiselberg is gonna flip on Trump, like Simone Biles at the Olympics, and I can’t wait to see it!

    1. @Suzy Q. I’m with you . For all the ppl he has screwed over the years and although those ppl my not see any money. But they get the last laugh. YOU ARE FIRED!!! FOO. LMAO

    2. Looking at at a possible international contract on Weisselberg if he is that important to Trump & his children with others in the huge Trump organization & beyond that. Remember what happened to Jeffrey Epstein in USA jail because he knew to much for his own good that involved both political parties. I hope Weisselberg is surrounded with a lot of security at all times.

    1. In New York..? Guaranteed conviction, if he’s guilty. Most NY’ers hate Trump’s guts and for good reason.

  6. When I got trumps tax returns they found a gold mine of crimes and things they can indict him for that are not yet even known to the public

  7. Also the bar is set much higher in a criminal case. In a civil case it is only a preponderance of the evidence. So the prosecutors must feel they have much more proof

  8. Get Trump for tax evasion. That is how Al Capone was convicted and jailed, now that the returns are available employ forensic accountants.

    1. The same guy who had all the Russian collusion evidence ?……..lol I can’t wait till Bidens’s extortion racket starts showing it’s head… they will say or do anything to stop him from running again….It is fun to watch them pull all of you guy’s strings, sad but still fun….lol

    1. I’m waiting for Trump to say “Alan Weisselberg? I don’t really know him. Sure he worked for me a couple of times, but I’ve never been close to him.” Watch it happen.

    2. @Tami Wollander LOL HAH! YEP! SO did I Tami! I heard that droll… droning voice saying… “Alan… Mr. Weisselberg… never heard of him? I mean I know who he is but I don’t know him. I never did business with him… not even an acquaintance really? This is ALL just another Witch Hunt on me!


  9. Just lock trump up, he’s guilty as charged. If you dont want to go to the bing, spill the beans.

  10. If Ivanka is thinking on leaving the country..She better do it soon!!!..tic tock. tick tock!!!

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