Fall of Afghanistan | A 'horrific scene and it's only going to get worse,' warns expert 1

Fall of Afghanistan | A ‘horrific scene and it’s only going to get worse,’ warns expert

University of Denver's Nadir Hahemi says that the rapid advance of the Taliban is a 'colossal' defeat for the United States.

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    1. Bruh , I supported trump talking out the troops and I own this , you can’t say one thing and then not also take the consequences

    1. That’s right, Trump is the one who’s at fault here, not Biden, even though Biden is the one who ordered a troop withdrawal.

  1. Once upon a time, a Roman, a Brit, a Ruski and an American went into a bar… All looking smug and arrogant.
    Then they all got their “axxes” handed to them by an Afghan…. The End.

  2. They wanted the western world out so now let them all suffer the consequences leave them all there to defend themselves for once

  3. What does America have to show for 20 years and $1 trillion spent on Afghanistan? The answer is easy. A whole lot of mansions and nice investment portfolios for all the contractors who serviced the war.

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