Fallen Officer Sicknick’s Remains Depart Capitol | MSNBC


    1. @John Patriot I’ll entertain you with your notion but murderers must pay. Always. No matter if anyone else condoned the action which we don’t. You pay if you murder.

    2. As long as you agree Trump and the murderers involved who killed this officer must pay? Then we can agree on something about murderers at least.

    3. @John Patriot exactly. These same people screaming hunt this man down were real quite when blm/antifa thugs were being domestic terrorists, destroying everything, and killing cops all summer. Interesting

    1. They investigated it they figured it was an illegal immigrant Case Closed nothing can be done.

    2. @Joe Camel Trump can’t get his meal super size with a larger diet coke anymore inlet he still got those fool still donate to his legal fund the one he didn’t pardon.

    3. Trump only cares about Blue lives when they are taking Black lives…. Other than that.. Trump has NO use for them.. He refused to lower the flag for this dead maga cop too…

    1. @ForumLight Ok so…
      – George Floyd died from a Drug overdose
      – Sisknick died at the scene from fast acting covid
      – Trump is mother theresa blamed for everything
      You sound about white!!!

    2. @ForumLight 🙄🥴 So are you saying what happened January 06, 2021 at and inside the United States Capitol didn’t happen? Didn’t agent orange legally and morally lose the election?!?!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 You are apart of the problem…..

    3. @Kalina Phan sorry as an outsider I see he misused his power, knowing power once it goes it is hard to get back, sure he has control that is why they still fear his anger? I feel once your GO{ leaders get going again they will know that the party and America can only grow with truth from both sides, or you will never trust each other, , For Gods sake you were going to turn on Cheney, have you all forgotten her father? to me he was a class act! unite your President is waiting

  1. Such a tragic event. The killer of Officer Sickdick needs to be caught and sentenced. The unreality of this event is beyond comprehension.

    1. @Tron incited by blm/antifa provocateur’s while trump was still giving his speech 2 miles away from the capital building.

    2. @erin smith nothing you say us gonna stop us from saying. TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS KILLED A POLICE OFFICER AND ATTEMPTED TO MURDER Mike Pence.

    3. @erin smith even if you keep repeating your outrageous off topic lies that won’t change TRUMP TRYING TO OVERTURN AN ELECTION BY INCITING A MOB.


    5. @Ramona Cardona where have you been woman??? Another planet it’s not funny!!! They should to be shamed for them self

    1. @Luckyluc so the months of rioting wasn’t about Black Lives Matter ?
      That’s amazing because that’s what the media said it was. So they’re lying ?
      And they aren’t going to be to happy with you democrats honoring police.
      Well guess the democrats will lose half their base now. Since they will be considered boot licking hypocrites by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Hahahaha hahahaha

    2. @Luckyluc yeah ok.
      I really don’t think Trump supporters are Black Lives Matter supporters.
      Typical two faced fashion here you are making ridiculous claims.
      You people are truly ridiculous.

  2. Lord Help us! Senseless killing and for no reason. RIP. Officer Sicknick. Your watch has ended! I love my blues

    1. ​@erin smith I’m sorry that no one cares what you think, but try seeking attention somewhere besides the comments for a video of the funeral for a police officer.

    2. @ZechsMerquise73 i understand you want to control the narrative to push your agenda. but i dont care. you can leave if you dont like me being here. otherwise sit and spin.

    3. @erin smith Again, I’m sorry that no one cares what you think, but try seeking attention somewhere besides the comments for a video of the funeral for a police officer.

    4. @erin smith The truth that someone who said they support police officers and implied they always have is a defund the police advocate?

  3. Look…Mr.DJT… your lies put this young man in that box, why don’t you tell his wife and children why he had to die that day?! Because of your lies !!! might as well been YOU that hit him with a fire extinguisher!

  4. SALUTE to Officer Sicknick , you will not be forgotten sir . And salute to all Officers that are there each and every day to protect us all .

  5. Republicans should not be allowed to be here today. Some of them CRUZ HAWLEY. Caused the death of this police officer. If they came they liars about the respect for this man. They don’t give dam.

  6. Rest in peace your service have saved democracy this life shall never forget your sacrifice you made that democracy and the rule of law prevails

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