1. The next crazy with a gun . Won’t be scared to do it at all, now that they see how cowardly the police really are

  2. It was an Armed Good guy in Buffalo and that didn’t stop anything.That Retired cop had more courage than all those Texas police cowards

    1. @GREG M Um ya that’s the point these shooter are going to places where guns are not allowed are very rare.

  3. My heart aches so much for those parents that brought their children to school but didn’t get a chance to bring them home 😞

    1. @ajs11201 According to government laws on the subject, I would believe the distinction between automatic and semiautomatic is very important.

    2. @Farmer
      Fine. You go right ahead and salute. Meanwhile, while you’re acting the part of pedant, killers are buying deadly weapons and murdering dozens of people a day.

    3. @ajs11201 like I said.. I think a lot of people don’t realize that we have this gap between semi and fully automatic weapons. It Is absolutely relevant, because any conversation about gun reform needs to consider All possible guns. Otherwise we end up in the situation we are in Today. Where Federally, you must be 21 to buy a handgun. And it’s up to the states about when you can buy long guns. So you get places like TX with this loophole situation. Because at 18 you can buy rifles. BUT only the Fully Auto has huge process with the big background check and the fingerprints and months of waiting.. the Semi Auto you can walk right in on your birthday and get, Not some quaint antique heritage double barrel shotgun to pass down for generations… no no no no… you can buy the semi-automatic knock off of what the military is using. And do you need that to go Huntin’ ?? of course NOT!!!

      So Pardon Me, for being concerned about the Fact the the public is not educated in the Minutia of Guns, because they shouldn’t damn well have to be. But you had better believe that it is ALL Relevant when every single shooting incident we’ve had recently has been by a teenager with an AR-15. That tells me we have to wake up and pay attention to the details of what these Idiots we’ve hired to write legislation come up with.

      I’m going to sleep. This is giving me a migraine. Happy Memorial Day Weekend ladies.

    4. @Joy Binkley
      At the moment it’s minutia. You got that right. Naturally, if Congress ever decides to write some new laws, that distinction will be vital. Until then, it’s irrelevant noise. Maybe if you could see that difference and why the distinction isn’t critical right now, you would have fewer migraines. But you do you–keep right on tilting at windmills.

  4. That’s their JOB – to throw themselves in the line of fire to save innocent children’s lives. That’s what a hero is supposed to do.They’re supposed to be HEROES, right?

    1. Some were. Some not. Next time YOUR PD asks for a ron of money for training….. say yes. Or shut up.

  5. Living in a country where everything needs to be bulletproof and you’re scared to go into public without a gun? It doesn’t sound like being free, or safe to me. I don’t particularly want to have to be armed. I don’t think it should be necessary. It’s not necessary in other first world countries. I don’t want to shoot anyone, even in self defense. All these politicians talk about the rights of people to own and carry guns, but what about the rest of the population who would prefer to not have guns around? Do we get a voice here?

  6. GOP: Arm the good guys
    GOP: Don’t come to our speeches with guns because you are all bad guys

    1. @Faux Que Not the entire venue…
      According to the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting (NRA AM) website, the U.S. Secret Service would “take control” of the room where Trump would deliver his address. The website went on to say: “Per the U.S. SECRET SERVICE, firearms, firearm accessories, knives, and other items WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in the General Assembly Hall.”

    1. @Seamus McInnes the border guards who eventually killed the gunman were also ordered to stand down and they chose to disobey the order, rushed in and killed the gunman.

    2. @Seamus McInnes Except the police who DID enter DISOBEYED the orders of the local commander who was in charge.

  7. So creepy and inappropriate the way Raphael puts his hands on the reporter…. As for the “bad guy/good guy with a gun” silliness: wouldn’t it be simpler to just pass legislation so that the bad guy can’t get a gun? And that “harden the schools” idea: the shootings are happening in churches and malls and grocery stores and synagogues and hotel parking lots so…..is the plan to somehow find the funds to fortify everywhere? Do the gun folks seriously want to live in a country like that? Some of them are the same folks who felt required masks during a pandemic was an intrusion and an infringement of their freedom.

  8. When a politician vote according to who fills his wallet – it’s defined as corruption in *all* other societies…

    1. Influence peddling, conflicts of interest, quid pro quo, and bribes are democratic corruption by definition. Lobbying without strict regulations: documentation, financial disclosure, transparency, and limitation very easily and quickly descend from input to unethical and failure of governance.

  9. “All that’s needed is a good guy with a gun”
    There were several “good guys” with guns, also known as cops, at the Uvalde school but they stood by twiddling their thumbs for more than an hour before they actually went in and killed the “bad guy”. How many died as a result of their incompetence?

  10. “What stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Well there were lots of ‘good guys’ with guns and uniforms there. How did that work out for 19 innocent children and 2 teachers?

    1. @Krops23
      Okay–following your line of logic, that should mean that states that are currently enacting stricter and stricter anti-abortion legislation shouldn’t be able to tell women what they may or may not be able to do with their bodily autonomy. After all, as **you** said, “It should up to the individual..”–right?? “Either women”, **as individuals**, “have rights or they don’t..”
      And guess which state hypocritically decided that women, as individuals, didn’t have such rights?? Yep–Texas..

    2. @Wayne Wright it’s more common sense than that. Shall not be infringed means the government cannot do anything to impede my ownership of a firearm when I’ve done nothing wrong to cause such an action. Second but what I consider most important has nothing to do with guns at all. Find out what security measures are taken in states with little to no mass shootings. And implement them in other states. I do know what measures are taken in Alabama because I worked for the security company that won the contract and designed them. In that state the resource officers and their guns are the last line of defense inside the schools.

  11. “A good guy with a gun against a bad guy with a gun” is a three percent solution. According to the FBI, that is the success rate of a good guy with a gun vs a bad guy with a gun. That makes the failure rate 97%.

  12. Why does Cruz always say he spoke with the families in Santa Fe but did he even bother to talk to the families destroyed by the slaughter of their children in Uvalde. VOTE HIM OUT! Remember when he was running in the last election, his own daughters didn’t even want him to hug them.

  13. How about a good guy with a properly structured and sensibly implemented gun law?
    Won’t that prevent good guys needing to put their lives on the line because bad guy politicians will not supporting simple and proven effective gun law reforms?

  14. As an Australian I fear bullying when I send my children to school NOT guns. A bad man with a gun needs to NOT HAVE THE GUN in the first place. I actually feel sorry for America, I couldn’t imagine having to own guns just because I fear my neighbour, work colleagues or the person walking past you. What a truly sad way to live in fear. We do have firearms that are licensed, the owner is licensed and they stored away and can be checked at random.

    1. I respect that other countries have a different way of doing things. In the end our people like our guns and a lot of it has to do with our distrust for our government. So things like liscened or registration is a no go here. It ruins the whole point if the government has control on who can and can’t have guns. I wish we lived in a world where I could without a doubt trust our government with these responsibilities but it’s just not the case. Please just understand it gets even worse when they start saying “you can’t have this” or “you don’t need that”.

    2. @pdjhh My husband has an AR-15 it’s perfectly safe it is a very high powered weapon but who want’s a gun that isn’t? It’s designed for hunting and self defense it’s not made to be a toy they only become dangerous when in the wrong hands.

    3. @Leroy jenkins No. There has to be some of them that were not old enough to oppose their transition from Austrian citizens to Australian subjects. It does not really matter anyways. When China invades Australia we will all be on the same side.

  15. Amazing how swiftly they moved to prevent kids from “feeling shame” over the teaching of accurate history.

  16. “You can’t get rid of all the guns ”

    No , but definitely can stop putting millions of new ones in yearly .

    1. And you can start lowering the number- the US has been increasing the numbers of guns for decades; they can’t disappear overnight… but they can start going down, lowering access to them.

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