1. We are a farming family
    We are struggling to find parts for tractors, the price of fertilizer and fuel are high, and the cattle prices are low. We are considering selling out.
    Groceries don’t come from Walmart, people!

    1. @Wayne Baehler Thats all you got? 😂 You keep collecting them stimulus checks and eating that food I provide. Again you know nothing 🤡.

    2. @Noel Bartley Omg are you that unaware that Biden turned on inflation on his first day in office by ending our energy independence. Wake up people!!!! I knew right away what was coming. What will come after the open borders policy is another question

    3. @Chris Kane Thanks, we have another order of trees coming next month. There is a shortage of some varieties this year. Im rethinking a lot of things about tree management.

    4. Thats great fertilizers are climbing. My fertilizer stocks are doing great. The reason why…company say they see broad based inflation and demand for the foreseeable future.

  2. Funny thing is every failure happened during the previous administration mattered but not this time. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    1. @N8B8U it’s bidens fault conservatives refuse to take the vaccine he is recommending ?

      I’m surprised you aren’t crying how he’s being a “tyrant” for forcing gov workers and the military to get vax or get fired.

    2. @Big Vax meanie are you talking about the vaccine that doesn’t protect you from contracting covid and spreading it even if you are vaccinated? I don’t see how that’s a conservatives fault that the vaccine doesn’t work.

    3. @N8B8U but it protects you from dying from covid. Something you were just complaining about a second ago.

      How many of those people dead from covid had their vaccine ?

      Sounds to me like the vaccine is working if it’s increasing your odds of survival and preventing permanent damage to your lungs.

      And before you say “we don’t need the vaccine if we are healthy”

      Fun fact about 40% of the United States population is unhealthy.

    4. @Big Vax meanie fun fact I’ve had covid and am unvaccinated; oh and I’m not dead or have any residual side effects. It isn’t protecting people if there are more dead under Biden’s watch than trump. Masks don’t work and vaccines don’t work just like the current administration. Nothing is working.

    5. @Big Vax meanie My wife & I, our 6 kids, both hers and my parents, & our 13 siblings combined, have NEVER been jabbed and NEVER had covid!! My wife is a teacher in Las Vegas, I work with one of the biggest corporations in the world the MGM grand hotel and casino, all our kids go to school and/or have jobs, 3 of our siblings are also teachers, one is a nurse, the others do other odds and ins jobs relating to customer service. None of us had covid and none of us got the jab.

      So tell me more about this intergalactic force field shield you say the vaccine protects people with??? How does it protect you from dying?? Because from what I hear all day everyday is that it helps prevent the spread. It doesn’t STOP you from dying from covid or from contracting the virus.

      Next you will say how double masking including a face shield when you go out will protect you from dying by covid as well!?!?

      Let me tell you something, if you can smell a fart through two layers of clothing….. what makes you think a mask will prevent you from getting covid???

      The vaccine is suppose to protect you from dying right? Then why are vaccinated people still contracting the virus and dying from it even after being vaccinated????

      You’re a complete doofus and if I continue to talk to dumbed down idiots like you I too will become brainless zombie chewing all over Biden’s jock strap. I’m sure you’re already doing so as you speak so highly of your butt buddy. Have at it. Let’s go Brandon

    1. @SLAANESH actually he did by shutting down small businesses. He used covid as a political maneuver to kick out trump, but there are more deaths under Biden. Now he’s using covid as the root cause of inflation, but it’s do to him shutting down the country.

  3. We are struggling with groceries and FOOD STAMPS are not even offered to help a bit. 2 jobs and we only have $4 left at the end of the month.

    1. I agree with ##… Enjoy the ride you stinking Dems…in the “Build Back Broke Buick”….
      Potatohead is driving.

    2. I feel your pain .you should get some dirt. and plant a vegetable garden 🥪🦐🌭🍔🥩🐠🥓🦞🐌🍭🍼🍱🍟 these items grow quite easily. 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    3. Have More Kids? I Married A BLM Woman And We Are Going To Have 10 Kids So We Don’t Have To Ever Work Again, And Anything We Disagree With We Will Call “Racist” So It’s An Easy Plan!

  4. Price fixing is leading the inflation picture. Too many parts of the economy are cornered by a small number of kleptos. Food may be the first part to crash.

    1. @Altrusian WolfDog Right, it’s always been about the gov’t. They want to use inflation to pay off debt and we’re their means to do it with. They’re multimillionaires but have to use OUR money to pay off debt so they stay rich, and we get poorer.

    2. @sal venti
      And who is it again that nominates the Federal Reserve chair?… This is solely the fault of the left and their Progressive political ideologies

    1. @Seth Lamson Ask anyone that knows and isn’t blowing the 1%’s smoke up your trump – everything I said is fact as well as cause and effect. Google might not be your friend but it can sure getcha skoolt up on stuff like that

    2. @Tomas Pita So what you mean is ask anyone who agrees with you.
      Im on board with 2/3 of your original statement, the jobs thing though is where you lose it.

    3. @Seth Lamson
      Fortune states that border patrol used to regulate the border based on labor needs – we all knew that sort of

      SInce nobody bothered to study the impacts of Reagans immigration bill we need to reverse engineer it from another similar time

      1. “The Economic Benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform” by UCLA professor Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda, published by the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank

      Summary: Immigration reform would add $1.5 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) over 10 years.

      This report looks at three scenarios projected over a 10-year period: comprehensive reform, a guest worker program and mass deportation.

      – Comprehensive reform would include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who register, pay a fine and pass a criminal background check. That would add $1.5 trillion to the GDP over 10 years.

      – A temporary worker program with no path to citizenship would add $792 million to the GDP, about half as much as reform.

      – Mass deportation would result in $2.6 trillion in lost GDP over 10 years.

      Just appluy those coefficients to the market of Reagan and we see HOW he fixed the economy (imho)

      Regan raised taxes on the middle class 40 times and cut taxes for the rich. Bass ackwards
      Biden would raise taxes on those making over $400,000 – that’s the top 1.8% of earners.
      There’s a big swath of tax money to harvest between $400k and $500k
      You seem to be aware that the 1% is now anyone over $500k

      And since you agree materially with the first 2/3 you already know: news/tax-cuts-rich-50-years-no-trickle-down/

      Bush gave the 1% about $50k per year for 8 years

      Trump, of course benefitted the ultra-wealthy far more than the common man – wasn’t that about 5 years ago? So those middle class and poorer savings have been phased out I guess.


    1. No, as bad as you want to blame capitalism… It’s the central banking system… Inflation is just that high

    2. Thank you for pointing out the root of the inflation problem. Did you go to to same business school as AOC? Why aren’t companies raising the price even more to make more profits? Ever thought of too much money in circulation with higher gas prices and higher wages for the companies? I just filled my 2018 Camry and it cost me over $70.00 when it was about $40.00 a year ago.

  5. I like to see the news give wage statistics. The average wage for hourly workers. The average for professionals and managers. And finally executives. I see this as the other side of the coin. Why is the minimum wage so low? Why do failed executives get millions?

  6. Same thing in Jacksonville. I’ve watched standard grocery items I get go up $1 or more in the last few years. Thankfully I own a home and don’t have to worry about the huge increases in rent people are seeing. And yet another year with no increase in salary but our CEO got a 10% bump 🖕🏻

  7. Things are getting so bad George Kirby’s family was seen selling meth and fentynal. They tried passing off George’s bogus $20 bills but they got caught.
    LET’S GO BRANDON 👏👏👏👏👏

    1. Hey, at least he’s abstaining from drugs and alcohol and he hasn’t held any pregnant women at gunpoint for quite a while now- I think he FINALLY learned his lesson.

  8. My neighbors, who all lean left, went from blaming Trump for EVERYTHING to Blaming Brandon for NOTHING. It’s an amazing site to see brainwashed minds morph in real time.

  9. I feel like this is a narrow report on a vague status of inflation. It would help if CNN (or all media outlets) cited their references.

  10. This is sad. All businesses and retailers increased everything when the cost-of-living was also increased, but businesses and retailers doubled their increases beyond the cost-of-living increase of 6%. It’s nothing but “greed.” It doesn’t have to be like this….

    1. So what we going to do about it because they are getting rich off covid-19 they took advantage of it and want to blame it on employees and on President Joe Biden the he did not start infection the big company and a gas company too and also the GOP the CEO is making more money than we put in our pocket but our family is paying the cost of living it’s time to talk about everything what day is doing energy GOP did not do nothing for us for hurting us trying to put us down trying to put the president down cuz they don’t want to do nothing they don’t want to pass a bill

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