Families Flee As Taliban Claims Seventh Afghan Provincial Capital

Kelly Cobiella reports on the escalating situation in Afghanistan. 

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    1. @Jason Thompson no i hate the Democrat party slave plantation. 🖕🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    2. Red alert in Afghanistan under Taliban rule the penalty for a woman accused of adultery is death by stoning. Would you like to retract your statement ?

    3. thats because of the NSDP(National Socialist Democratic Party)(Nazi Party) – joe biden is responsible.

    4. We are all Americans we all need to wrok together sometime u need to know in a war there 1 winner 1 loser u can’t always win it’s a never ending war 20 years of blood sweat and tears trillion of dollars all for nothing all for our men to be lying in the ground 300k soldiers died it’s a lost cause u can’t always win even if u try

    1. Democracy? You literally almost failed few months ago and had a dictator and cannot even legislate gun laws because gop and nra have more power then your democratic votes of majority.

      Hence sandy hooks shooter buys a gun. And Kyle Rittenhouse.

      Gtfo with ur democracy. You dropped more bombs then Taliban will do in 10000 years

  1. Give us permission to wipe them. Simple as that instead you asked us to police and help train your people. We did both now it’s up to you. the Taliban aren’t a threat to us anymore they know what happens if they become one. I suggest you adopt a scorched earth policy don’t let the Taliban have military equipment when they take YOUR CITIES

  2. I thought it would take 2 weeks, let’s see if our new policy of support holds up. We provide air support? Let’s just see how that works out.🇺🇸😷

  3. Afghan children will only remember the day America abandoned them.
    That’s how you get a entire generation of future new enemies.

    1. @Dogegirl2003 They helped me???
      I’m a Canadian and we were dragged into that war by the u.s.
      We lost just under 200 soldiers because we know how to fight a battle.
      But most Americans don’t even know that other countries were there to fighting their battles.
      They don’t care.

  4. Thanks to Donald Trump’s fantastic 350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia the Taliban this time is well equipped with high tech US weaponry

  5. We helped Afghan People for 20 year. We FINALLY PULL OUT and everyone forgets the past 20 years. That is just sad. We should not have been there in the first place.

  6. The “Taliban army” seems huge, ubiquitous, apparently well-provisioned and well-coordinated. Anybody else notice that? Just another example of Afghans outlasting the invading country — Britain, Russia, and now USA.

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