Family Members Reaction to Rushane Barnett Prison Sentence | TVJ News – Oct 20 2022


  1. I always admire the calm and composed nature of the deceased mother, this lady’s heart is in a good place she is hurt yet kind…may your healing process be quick and complete 🙏

  2. Wicked boy, she helped him and this is what he does by killing the woman n her kids. He will have lots of time to think of his actions. A message to the other killers.

  3. Ok, he plead guilty in order to avoid the hang man.
    My point is, if Justice is served when 5 defenseless lives were snuffed out, then why could he not be given consecutive sentences ?
    61 years for each person’s life before parole would be justified.
    In other words, 305 before parole..

    1. Even if he didn’t plead guilty he wouldn’t got hang because there is no law in Jamaica that they can hang anyone

    2. Research that before we start the debate. That law was in effect up to the time of the commission of the crimes. They just weren’t carrying out any hangings.

  4. He deserves more but giving him death is like no justice, understand the law and the judiciary system but the law is the law and we have to accept the court’s decision good job my friend Paula Llewelyn, I know you would come tru

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