1. 😭😭😭😭😭😢😭 the pain of loosing your family and you can’t see them to pay your last respects 😢😢

    1. As an international student I couldn’t go home when I lost family members during and after Covid out break and the never ending lockdown because I wouldn’t be able to return to continue schooling 😢😭

    2. It happened in America as well, yet speaking out could cost you your lively hood. The severity in China is because it’s a communist country, its a perfect example of why the first and second amendments are important. These poor people are fighting against rocks with literall paper.

  2. china announces today a closer partnership with russia regarding energy yet another reason for us to stop buying products produced in china we all have a duty to put pressure on our governments to stop importing from china,

    1. then there is Apple, I cant help but think that if Apple had not blocked the use of the chinese people to communicate quickly to others, would those people that were burned alive been able to send out a quick message for help before a raging fire was upon them.

    1. On wonders if Apple had not blocked the chinese people from their primary source of communicating, airdrop, would those people that were burned alive have had an opportunity to be saved???

    1. @Sadaqah Green It’s not exploding in the US, cases have been dropping straight ever since January and they’re dropping even more now it’s winter…it’s the absolute opposite of exploding. And they don’t even take any action, there’s no masks, no lockdowns – nothing. They’ve been doing nothing all year having a laugh and cases have been dropping continuously. The vaccines and previous infections are enough.

    2. And all these people that are standing with the Chinese people will be ready to weld people in there homes. If it saves one life, they will shriek. My vaccinations won’t work if you don’t have yours and other fanatical rambling. Crawl under your bed. I will not consent

    3. A. Problem: Global oppression by the power elite (Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, etc.)
      The time is upon us when the wretched of the earth unite to scream in revolt! 2023 Live FREE or die trying!!
      B. Solution: Fight the Power – Global Declaration of Independence (YouTube video) offers a unique and viable global solution to global problems! Global Online Democracy Systems (GODS) can permanently restore power to the majority of the people!!!

    1. China’s people are suffering and the CCP is giving money to another authoritarian regime instead? Not surprising.

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr Your just as ignorant as your comment. Go troll somebody else with your stupid & foolishness. I am not the 1 for ignorant ppl

  3. “Women are in a position now to voice their opinion… women are getting empowered. The more power they get, the more voice they get to shift certain things around.

  4. The Chinese leaders love to talk about freedom and equality with Asia, Africa ,Arab and Mexican people but not with Chinese own people. Why?

    1. what’s your thought if you think he is doing so? An emperor has to control his house before he controls the world.

  5. Wait I thought the Uighurs are locked up in concentration camps how are they trap in a luxury apartment? Are the concentration camp luxury apartments?

  6. Sounds just like world war II we’re going to the same path that was taken by Hitler and it’s really sad I’m proud of the Chinese people lovet heir country and their people in their culture because it’s wonderful

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