1. @Nexus Six this is his direct quote.
      Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” 
      Donny didn’t pick you for your brains.

    1. Donald Trump is the biggest traitor that almost took down this country … Trump should be in Jail for his part in the looting and destruction of the capital

  1. Well done of the heroes and their families. The GOP deserve all the disgrace that can be heaped upon them.

    1. They don’t care all they care about is power disgrace means nothing to them they’re fine with that as long as they can keep trumps base happy.

  2. Omg, that moment of the family members taking to Nancy and Chuck and shaking their hands walking passing the MAGA Republicans without saying one word and not shaking their hands is priceless! I love it !!

    1. @See N Say To say one side is better than the other is poppycock. The democracy has not or is currently in jeopardy. A one-party rule on the other hand is not a democracy.

    2. @Blitz 2021 one side still believes in the constitution! And science. And facts lol. And actually calling out racism, sexism, inequality and hate speech Despite party affiliation.

    3. @Blitz 2021 It was an insurrection carried out by people beholden to the broken ego of a twice impeached ex president. Thankfully, MAGA is slowly becoming an irrelevant political community destined to the dustbin of history.

    4. @Bill Barr  Look at you trying to talking about the “CNN bubble”. Your like a dad that finds his son with a dirty magazine. You try to act righteous…. but keep it so you can flip through the pages yourself. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone you love CNN! LOL

    5. @Blitz 2021  lemme see. Trump fomented the “riot give wrong”. Refused to do anything to stop it. Told the rioters they were very special and he loved them. McCoward said Trump should be impeached in the aftermath….. then went to take smiley snaps with the “riot gone wrong” fomentor after losing his…..ring. Then wants to try and honor the people hurt, defending his life, while he was on the phone to Trump begging for his miserable life? I wouldn’t shake his slimy paw either.

  3. 21 gun salutes to the family members for their courage, boldness, and assertiveness. Actions speak louder than voice…👏

    1. @Lip Disks Matter Uh, duh? All cops are bad. Makes sense for an abusive institution with a monopoly on violence to vote for the guy that represents the conservative dream: dominion over other people.

    2. @Devvin Shumate If you truly believe leftists want guns banned, you’ll end up getting shot by one.
      There is nothing more ironic than underestimating your enemy.

    3. @Geoffrey Harbinson  many basement Kremlin trolls took out YouTube accounts 2yrs ago. Your YouTube account is 2yrs ago… 🤡🤣

    4. @Nick Naylor Anyone and I mean anyone who wants to force his will upon another individual is evil. Liberals want to force everyone to be like them in their fantasy of perversion. My agenda is to leave everyone to hell alone, let them choose who they like, what kind of car to drive, freedom to own arms of their choice and call out evil when they see it.

    5. @fire starter105 What you call “perversion” is quite literally people wishing to exist happily. And your kind doesn’t want that. If you legitimately wanted to leave everyone alone, you wouldn’t be engaged in politics wishing to bring us back to the age of slavery. Because *that* is where we would be if we “left everyone alone”. This country’s history is rife with abuse, people taking steps to change it and then conservatives saying, “nooo my rights!”

      Conservative debate is fiction; you don’t even know what a “liberal” is – nonetheless a leftist.

  4. That’s exactly what we all should be doing.
    Calling them out & showing them we are sick of them & we want to make sure they understand it.

    1. @Bill Barr Black Lives Matter, because my life matters. They are my fellow man.
      But you? Your life, the world could do without.

    2. @Bill Barr Elaborate how what you said has to do with what’s going on it the video. I’m genuinely interested.

    1. McConnell and McCarthy being snubbed by Officer Brian Sicknick’s family definitely sends a strong and powerful message because the family knows that both McConnell and McCarthy bear responsibility for not doing enough if anything to get rid of trump. The insurrection at the Capitol would not have happened without the enabling of McConnell and McCarthy. They most definitely along with trump have blood on their hands.

  5. I am so very sorry Officer Sicknick lost his life defending the Capital. My Deepest Sympathy to his family and friends💜

    1. @SMS2884 i’m sure you’re a fervent 2 amendement and stay your ground law defensor… if someone tried to enter your house you would defend yourself right? you don’t see the paradox? The real coward was the woman who thought she could storm the capitol mixed with a mob of violence. And as a veteran she was a traitor to the constitution she had sworn to uphold.

    2. @Dave St. Clare Jones speak 🗣️ !!! Great observation, hit 🎯 the nail on the head & not your thumb !!! Kudos

    3. @SMS2884 She was shot because she was a POS traitor lover, she deserves to be eating dirt. As a veteran, she swore an oath before god and country to defend the very thing she attempted to defile that day. She took an express ride into hell for her deeds, many more have it coming.

    4. @SMS2884 she was antifa fbi. No honorable maga would hunt congress members and their own VP.
      Then her fellow antifa fbi just ran away.
      Antifa fbi is sheep in wolves clothing

  6. Hard to believe they thought the family would want to shake their hands. McConnell and McCarthy should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. Powerful statement. Why shake the hands of people who say your family gave their lives for “political discourse”

  8. They did the right thing. We’re so sorry for your loss, and we can’t thank you enough for your strength <3

  9. When I saw the Police Officers, not shaking hands with Republicans, I was so proud of you & the other officers for defending democracy & lived through it & it made me cry. Michael Fanone thank you for your service & for your bravery & thanks for writing your book, “Hold the Line.” I will buy your book. I first saw you when you were interviewed with other officers a few days after the deadly riot & I could just feel your emotion of not being protected & finally you realizing that there would be no help coming because the then 45th President, Trump, was the one who wanted the Capitol torn down, looted & wanted to stop the Electoral Votes from being certified so he could keep himself in power by any means necessary. I can still feel your emotion on this interview to. If I still feel stressed out about how those Republicans acted that day, I can only imagine what you are going through on a daily basis. I pray that someday. you can truly start living a normal life again. God Bless You & Yours.

    1. It is sad when you see how many police officers all accros America support a party who defund and attack their collegues, I hope this event will wake up many of them to finally see what is really happening in America and that the party they supported is anti-American, pro-Russian and pro-Chinese party who stand for nothing

    2. It was actually fallen officer Brian Sicknick’s family… all but his mother even refused to look at McConnell & McCarthy. Michael Fanone is really an American Hero.. I appreciate so much his strength & bravery, right alongside his vulnerability & sincerity. A real man & a true Patriot. I don’t know how he has managed to not be eaten up by rage- not just from that day, but all the aftermath. I struggle with it, watching these tra!tors continue working to tear our country apart. I hope he manages to be happy & healthy again.
      Edit- oh I hadn’t watched the whole video yet! It was the officers as well who didn’t shake their hands. I appreciate they didn’t debase themselves doing so. How sad for our country though.

    3. I still don’t understand how something like that could happen and yet the Republicans act like it wasn’t a big deal. Just a protest that got out of hand by very patriotic citizens. Smfh. Ppl lost lives that day all because Trump was a sore loser and wanted to turn usa into a dictatorship. It just boggles my mind how Trump can do this insurrection where lives were lost and many more injured and threatened and nothing happens to him. Idgaf if Presidents have protections from certain prosecution but this was an act of treason and went against everything our country stands for. Trump should’ve been arrested immediately by us soldiers. And it’s more bullshit that most these insurrectionists thugs are getting slaps on the wrist. Why hasn’t any of them been charged with attempted murder and murder on police officers. Smh in the inner city minorities get arrested for attempting to kill a cop all because they drove passed a cop smh

  10. Thank you Michael Fanone. For your service. For your bravery. For speaking out no matter what pain that causes you and and your family. You’re a real American hero!

    1. @Alpha Nerd he voted for trump once and how is he a racist? You’re a racist. I don’t have any proof but I guess that doesn’t matter

    2. @Mark Hudson He voted for trump twice and only racists vote for trump. Voting for trump is the most racist thing you can do in America. You lost and now you are failing.

    3. @Alpha Nerd how do you know how he voted and whether it was once or twice or at all? so he was a narcotics officer? so what? did he deserve to be assaulted beaten, and tased while protecting the Capitol that day?

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