1. CNN, help this family get a French interpreter so these parents can talk with the host mother. I’m SURE CNN has a French speaking reporter. Don’t let this go ONE MORE DAY WITHOUT HELPING THEM! They NEED to talk with that host family mom! NOW!

    1. If the family thinks it would be useful they can hire an interpreter. Why do they need to rely on CNN? French-English interpreters are not hard to find.

  2. Appreciate the people who reported him missing in a timely manner, contact the embassy and what’s taking them so long to Google an interpreter.

  3. Students reported him missing, then they got a ping for his phone, then he was shown in a selfie at a sporting goods store, then boarded a train and was not heard of since??? So he kept disappearing and re-appearing. I wonder if he’s mentally confused because of an injury or not well from something he ate? Because it’s very odd that he popped up after being reported as missing…maybe he has lost his phone. So sorry for his parents’ anxieties. It’s hard. Somebody needs to get a translator there. Get a translator!

  4. Hopefully things will work out well for this young man. Sounds like he is not afraid of new adventures, and he was not afraid to travel to various places in EU. Maybe he has just found somewhere he has fallen in love with in EU and just wants to be off the grid for a little bit. I hope CNN will keep up on this story. The more it is covered, the better the chance someone will notice him.

    1. Little Poots has a very particular set of skills… skills they have acquired over a very long career….skills that make them a nightmare for the French.

  5. 100% appropriate for the family to sound the alarm. They know their son, and if it’s out of character for him to not respond for weeks (I am assuming they have tried to email him too)- then it is. Lets hope he is OK.

    1. ITS A CONVENIENT LIE that young people routinely go missing and its nothing to worry about.
      Its left over from the 70s and before when there was a lot of young people moving around America.
      But in 2022 young people DO NOT GO Missing.
      They are kidnapped, murdered or lost. The richer and smarter they are the less likely.
      So a smart rich (not poor) family orientated guy with multiple devices has either chosen to vanish or been vanished. Not having talked with the host family though is insane. Very odd. French is such an easy language and most French speak english in my experience.

    2. @Elden Ringer French isn’t easy….Spanish isn’t hard. I took both languages and will learn Italian next.

  6. Damn, I hope dude is ok. It’s real out here in this world. Everyone isn’t your “friend”. Unfortunately nowadays you have to keep your guard up especially in a foreign country.

    1. It’s not “these days,” and being and traveling in many other countries, especially France, is much safer than the U.S.

    2. As an American who has been living in Europe the past 13 years, the worst place in Europe is safer then small town America.

  7. French here : Last time we heard of him was December 3rd. His student mates declared his disappearance on Nov 29, 4 days before his last appearance in a sport market where he bought something south of Grenoble.

    I do hope that he is safe, but this sounds really worrying…

    1. if he made an appearance days after he was reported missing, that greatly increases the odds that he is missing voluntarily andnot victim of any crimes, because it almost certainly means that he originally went missing voluntarily.

  8. If you know French or you know anybody over in France spread the word it’s very important that France knows about this so again if you speak French get it all over social media that’s the only way we’re going to find anything out we have to pressure the French government and the USA it’s the only way

  9. Another family in distress I hope he’s found safe and sound. This may not be a good time to travel abroad. Of course, we can’t live in fear.

  10. 😢for the family I am so sorry. I am a French American translator if you need any help communicating with French authorities and the host family you can reach out to me I’ll help you.

  11. He was in contact with his parents on Nov 27th and reported missing on Nov 29th. But he was seen on video at a store on Dec 3rd looking totally ok. So, he could have told his parents that he’d be traveling but he didn’t? He didn’t let anyone else know? It sounds almost like he wanted to get away for awhile. If he’s not on the flight home on Dec 17th, yeah, something is not right. I hope he’s safe at any rate.

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