Family of N.S. man in hospital for 9 months say he can't get out 1

Family of N.S. man in hospital for 9 months say he can’t get out


A Nova Scotia man has been 'trapped' inside a N.S. hospital for nine months. Heidi Petracek reports.

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    1. @J R he’s stuck in a hospital waiting for a affordable home.

      If he was on the streets and died in the shadows after being pushed through the cracks of a broken system, he wouldn’t experience an afterlife.

      Try telling that to the politicians and the willfully ignorant though.

    2. @Coc Sucker it’s not always easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of refugees, how do you manage to do it?
      Violence never produces afterlives, homelessness never does either, even in war torn countries.

  1. yes rather than funding mental health, we dump the problem on to the Cops to deal with, here rather than investing in long term care and housing affordability, we dump the problem on to the hospitals to deal with. what a great system!!!

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