1. @Blood the quality of life in China is getting better every year. 800 million people have been lifted out of the poverty line and wages get higher by the day. America on the other hand is crumbling down like Rome

    2. @Dan Garcia these old white American politicians can’t stand the fact that a people from another “race” is beating them in their own capitalistic game and overtaking America economically within 40 years while it took America 400 plus years with all the slavery etc what a joke!

    3. @Harshit Jain Are Chinese allowed to say F the government publicly without some form of punishment? Do they have the freedom to protest without being punished or do 1.3 billion people just all have the same opinion of the government?

  1. the United States and the world have been watching and waiting for this to happen for 40 years as we all participated in buying there cheap products and neglecting to manufacture our own products

    1. @Dylan Wagemans America’s warmongering behavior caught up to them. Trillions of dollars in debt. Inequality is getting bigger. One of Americas biggest mistake is playing world police while their country is imploding behind their back. It’s a shameful display. China will be the biggest economic hegemony by 2024. Money=power

    2. @The CCP is a parasite Do you have a cell phone? Because there are no cell phones made in the US

    3. @The CCP is a parasite Sorry bud but I did 😉 good money for a rural community and we needed it. Why do people like you not believe the truth? OO yeah we just went through 4 years of a lying president and still have cultist out there. Well, you can either take my word for it, or not. However, I am giving my word on it.
      You have a good one, believe me or not.

    4. @Patty Kelly I don’t care if it’s foreign made, that’s not the issue. But, if it’s made in a neo-fascist police state that has a million of its own people in concentration camps for no reason, that’s where my issue arises. My phone was made and assembled in Seoul. Thank you for your concern. I might get an iPhone SE 2020 made in India specifically because it blocks a whole raft of Chinese apps. Have you tried it?

  2. If you always rise and rise and rise there will come the day where you can’t see the ground anymore and it will all grow over your head.

    1. Like America it’s at the beginning of its end, that’s obvious and it FEARS China, that’s what all this Propaganda is about, it’s sooo obvious if you can think and not blindly follow the CULTURAL HEGEMONY

  3. As long as Americans keep allowing their products to be made in China…they will definitely keep rising in power!!!

    1. @Grace Porter Trump loves China, he wanted more manufacturing to be done in China because he wanted to weaken the US

    2. Good ! Ask GE and GM withdraw their factories from China. Tell Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds to get out of China. I fully support you !

    1. That was just pathetic by Cena. It is also why I have far more respect for Matt Stone and Trey Parker for calling things as they are and for going as far as to send the mock apology to China to rub salt even deeper.

  4. Wait, when a whistleblower in the U.S realizes information about legitimate crimes they hunt them down and destroy them till they turn to powder.

    1. Gerardo…is that powder being marketed anywhere so that we can buy some? Or are you talking about your own brand of delusional pixie dust?

    2. This is the mental state of a bully, when he has nothing left but violence. You don’t know even know you are talking about the whole human race’s destruction.

    1. They just keep taking care of their people, and the people just love them back. Smearing and finger pointing mean nothing to CCP.

  5. Hey Fareed you got that wrong it is not Wolf Warrior the correct way to say it is “WOLF WANKER”.

  6. CNN allowing criticizem of China? Something big must be coming. Don’t confuse loathing with fear.

  7. No hes right!!!
    many remarks amongst theyre allies, remarks against Indias covid crisis etc …..

  8. With China right after the US’ Perseverance now landing on Mars, it has proven, that it’s not an emergent country any more and we the rest of the world should show definitely our respect and appreciation, but on the other hand make clear, that we do not accept aggressive and arrogant behaviour on its continuing rise.
    I think the only solution for that is called diplomacy.


  10. And the westerners including the Americans have never figured out why regardless of left or right.

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