Fareed: No practical reason for Israel to make deal with Palestinians 1

Fareed: No practical reason for Israel to make deal with Palestinians


CNN's Fareed Zakaria says now that Israel is now the economic and military superpower in the Middle East, Israeli leaders have no practical reason to make a deal with Palestinians … but do have a moral one.
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  1. If they’re so wealthy, why does the US give them billions every year when US citizens don’t even have healthcare?

    1. @Paul Strathern Israel is the only country to have paid back loans from the US. You’re confusing Israel and Egypt. I encourage you to do a bit more research

    2. @GoldenBoy And you know what i don’t know if we live that long to see it but these stone throwers will conquer their homeland back.

    3. @Eli Roberts
      Israel doesn’t pay back anything because all of their ‘loans’ get quietly converted into GRANTS at the end of each fiscal year.

  2. Very well then, let’s therefore stop sending them our money. They can take care of themselves.

    1. The US Pays Israel to police the middle east, when Biden and Hillary voted to send US troops to police the middle east in 2004 it cost taxpayers $4 trillion

    2. @Julia Waters ya it’s most of the big names, but most Jews here in America and in Europe support Israel nowadays

  3. If they are an economic and military superpower,why are u.s. taxpayers forced to subsidize their economy?

    1. @Ken Hiew It’s not in the interest of the American people as a whole-that’s for sure.

    2. Money laundering. They spend that money here and pay our manufactures. Israel is used to fatten a few pockets in our corporate and political sector.

    1. @ofir g There’s several videos showing the IDF intentionally shooting kids. Stop pretending that the IDF isn’t a terrorist organization too.

    2. @farley farley freedom doesn’t mean accepting democracy or being under democratic government. To feel no outsider is expelling or compelling you in life is also a big chunk of freedom

    3. @Python PogChamp Nope .watch that same as u and i follow yhis issue gor years. Bo kis shooting and innocent . Those either terrorists or just not listen to the guidance

    4. @ofir g The IDF are just as evil as Hamas. There’s videos of them shooting children. Stop lying.

    1. @luis chch … That question must be put to “everyone” or no one. If “both” sides aren’t willing to accept their part, then there is no hope of a resolution and they can just go back to killing each other and their innocent children.

      Statements like… “It’s not me, it’s you!” is what started the killing many years ago.

      They “BOTH” must be big enough to forgive each other, if they ever hope for peace for their kids.

      Hate is what got them there. Only love can bring them back.

    2. @vonsuthoff itis not an easy question to answer, and that requires trust. Trust that no longer exist among them. It is complete understandable that israeli’s Will not consider hamás a trustwothlly party to negotiate peace, unles it quit violence. You have to see that in 1994 gaza as well as the west bank was occupied by Israel, they leave the land all to be controlled by palestenian instead of having peace from that gaza, it got worse. I suspect the israeli’s treatment to the west bank is a correctiion of what they has done by abandoning gaza and avoid it to become another terrorist nest as gaza is now, that incluye the restricción on the movement the house building, etc… Anything that Will weaken any form of streng gathering, Even at the cost of violation of human right. It is sad if You see from israelis perspectives they cannot affort to have another gaza and have two battle front…

      As it was said it only take trust to negociante peace, as it was done with Egipto, as You should note after the war Israel hot all the sinaí and gaza, all was returned back after peace was negotiated, this territories double all the actual territory of Israel and the occupied land, and by the way land that was gained fairly in the battle field, and something similar has been done with Jordania…these are examples of what Israel is willing to give up in order to get peace, but actually not hamás nor the fatah are valid interlocutor to guarantee serious peace talking, both are opposing and warring parties that only control their territories and exert little to none influence over the others. Why talk with fatah since it can not guarantee that hamás Will stick to a peace Accord and viceversa… You see the point…

    3. @luis chch Israel’s IDF has been caught, on video, intentionally shooting children unprovoked multiple times.

    4. @Edwin M You said it Best !!!!!!!!!!! Tell the TERRORIST—-HAMAS—-CRIMINALs To STOP BOMBING ISRAEL ( Hamas STARTED the Bombings FIRST !!!!!!!!! ) ………

  4. Anyone teaching God’s love while they hit you with a stick, should be ignored on every subject.” -Frank, Motherless Brooklyn

    1. @buddy maynard 1 CORINTHIANS 3:18KJV, JOHN 1:1KJV, 1 JOHN 2:22KJV ASK YOUR FATHER JOHN 8:44KJV. LUKE 16:19-31KJV!


  5. Thank you Mr. Fareed
    peace is the only solution
    With a different government I truly hope that our politicians will do the right thing.

    1. @Fifi Kahlil He ‘s just Following the Foot-step of His Former—Partner : OBAMA.

  6. Why are the voices for justice never heard? Why are the voices/forces for destruction over-riding even international norms of justice? Here is a comprehensive list of the oppression of a state, but it still does not mean they have any right to deny others

  7. LoL I love how explicit and in the open it is that this conversation is being very neatly contained.

  8. I’m not going to lie, the thumbnails for all of Fareed’s videos look like he just found out his car has two flat tires.

  9. veronica, warden rahman, sergeant c.l. craig and vanessa (co’s informants) are holding seattle people hostage (alex, lamara, jimmy jaywood) in the leon county jail in tallahassee, fl. to see what is going on! call the police on them! get them arrested! or call the st. louis jail for information! they are on the run!

  10. “You are stealing my home” – “If I won’t, someone else would”. And I don’t have the money to build my own.

    1. Fake news. Israel is a country of law with independent courts . You can’t steal some one else home in Israel. Police and courts will not allow this happened.

  11. “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.–  Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

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