1. In order not to be disappointed, do not imagine that someone cannot do without you….🕊🕊🌹

  2. Sorry about your mother, Fareed. You join Anderson, Brianna, Pamela, and Wolf in the list of CNN anchors who lost their mothers. Don and Chris lost their dads, so I’m sure they can understand, too.

  3. If guns don’t kill us, plane/vehicle crashes, heart attacks, 2nd hand smoke, Coca-Cola and contaminated water..
    I say we are all just fine.
    *Truth Year: 1977*
    I ate paste in Kindergarten, I was 5 years old and I’m still alive to tell the tale.
    My mom remembers it like yesterday. She gets upset every single time.
    I tell her “Mom. it’s the glue that holds this country together.”
    She can’t dispute that. She stops yelling.
    Inside “Pure” Michigan, USA 🇺🇸
    God Bless! 😋

    1. @Paige B
      You’re reply made my day! ☺
      The Bible says “Laughter is the best medicine”.
      My husband disagrees with these archaic witch cauldron 5th grade chemistry sets gone awry as well.
      Have a blessed day, friend.

    2. @Susan Reed Ha! Didn’t chemistry sets come with mercury at one time? I think my husband had something (weakly) radioactive in his! Those were the days.
      Glad I made you smile, dear. Laughter IS the best medicine!
      I wish you and yours a blessed day, as well. 🙂

    3. @Paige B
      I have no idea.
      They made me take business class and Civics (government law) in Jr. High.
      My 5th grade science teacher smoked cigarettes in the little boys bathroom room with my English teacher. She made many loud noises in that room with him.
      The Principle of the school never gave a flying rat’s turd about that.
      My elementary school had after school activities too like Advanced Dungeon’s and Dragons (the board game, not a computer thing)
      Regardless, I *still* graduated in 1991.
      30 years ago this year!
      Myself? I’ve never been arrested once!
      I’m an Navy wife though. Go figure.
      😂 ROFL!
      Gotta *love* the public school education system.
      They failed miserably on Washing Laundry: 101 and I never got a crash course on how to vote either.
      Oh well. 😋
      Enjoy your day, friend.

    4. @Susan Reed Public school stories- always entertaining! I’m glad it was at least two teachers; today it would be teacher + student! I graduated in 1991 as well. 🙂
      We pulled our older son out of PS in 7th grade, and I home schooled him until graduation. Our youngest has always been home schooled. John Taylor Gatto really opened my eyes to the true purpose of the public school system, which is to mold obedient workers. You’re right; they don’t teach anything worthwhile, like how to grow food, or how to think for yourself. What they are doing to kids now is horrible. I heard the CIA came up with social distancing to break down enemies. I wouldn’t be surprised, as being treated like a leper in public is really getting to me. Poor kids!
      I came back here just to check for your reply, as I have reply notifications from CNN turned off. Life is too short to waste time reading replies from the brainwashed. But it’s been lovely to chat with you, Susan! All the best to you! 🙂

  4. Society is dead, the fact the social elite are grasping at straws to keep it from falling apart is the proof.

    1. @PrIsoner111 People have been complaining about the collapse of our society for hundreds of years. The fact that we’re still complaining means society hasn’t collapsed.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas You’re right. I guess it’s back to sleep for you .. shhhhhh back to sleep shhhhhh

    3. @PrIsoner111 There are three constants—death, taxes and change. Change is what’s inevitable, not the apocalyptic collapse of society you’re predicting.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas True but never has the social contracts that hold society together been so weighted to keep the elite rich and in power as the global society is currently. Typically once the masses figure out they are better off with a societal collapse, a societal collapse happens. We are currently in the beginning phase of the masses waking up to that fact. The last time this happened was in the 1920’s

    5. @Grey Fox I agree with you about the ever-widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us. I don’t however, share your optimism about the general public. We’ve sat back passively letting politicians groom us in a calculated fashion to expect absolutely nothing from the government we finance. Americans regard as “socialism” any and every program designed to actually benefit and support them and their families and they believe their leaders are working for them as long as they’re encouraging us to vilify people one step lower on the socio-economic ladder. We elect politicians for their facility to bullshit and grandstand. Ultimately, we genuinely have the government we deserve.

    1. Islands where government at all levels worked together and or suffering from to many stupid citizens.
      The US was self inflicted.

    2. Taiwan and New Zealand took this pandemic seriously, not just the governments but also the people

  5. I watch his show all the time. Very informative regarding world opinions and actions.
    To you Mr. Zakaria, my heartfelt sympathies for your loss. So much sadness these days. She is with you and in you. I believe in that.

  6. Makes me glad I’m from the Virgin Islands we barely have those covid-19 issues down here🤔

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  8. The problem in this country, we have a government refusing to act powerful to the people with most the people being stupid


  10. It doesn’t have to be either or, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. China did all of in 2003. However, while China learned and changed nothing, some other countries such as South Korea and New Zealand did learn and did prepare from being hit by SARS, so when this one came, they were better able to deal with it without having to be Orewellian.

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