1. “I’m out”
    “Wait, idiots still love Trump, and I won’t win re-election?”
    “Okay. I’m back in”
    – Lindsay Graham

    1. How in God’s name can any other country look to the USA for leadership when majority of its governance are rested on norm and not laws?

    2. @Four Monkeys Cafe see no evil, speak no evil, ear no evil & do all evil.
      Did I get it correctly?

    3. Who’s ready to pay $4-$5 dollars a gallon for fuel to our cars by 2024! We’re almost at the $3 a gallon mark already compared to less than $2 a gallon back in January! Great job Biden keep it up!

    1. John Dodge, some in the comments aren’t understanding your humor & the fact that your analogy is EXACTLY what the GOP have decided to do to save their party!!! I thought it was hilariously spot on!!

    2. @John Dodge
      I kinda did roughly the same thing.
      I sold my car in order have enough money to buy 4 new tires it needed.
      That’s actually easy to do in this state.
      Forever pothole country.
      Inside Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

    3. @Kevin Offutt: Might be more apt if he had said he sets the whole neighborhood on fire, rather than just his own house.

  2. This was so spot on.. Republicans keep telling their base the same thing over and over and NEVER actually doing anything at all.. How Republican voters keep falling for it over and over and over is pathetic..

    1. Guess they’re just happy that the country didn’t devolve into some sort of socialist utopia. The level of active self-delusion is truly astounding, religions should take notes.

      I’d love to hear what the supporters of the current Republican party and the former president think would be a short-term, medium-term, and long-term political platform for this type of “socialist utopia” country.

    2. @Chardonnay America will never be Socialist though so I don’t understand why they think anything that is to help us is bad and Socialism..

  3. this is a good run down. thanx. it DID start when the “new deal” went through. repubs have tried ever since to repeal that and return to a pre “new deal” feudalism.

  4. The “Culture Wars” issues also seized the party at the same time Gingrich era started in the mid 90’s and has amped up ever since.

    1. Republican policies have always been failed policies. The economy is always wrecked under a Republican president.

    2. @Phil Greco It may have started WITH I Obama. But, it was because some people just couldn’t handle a black President. The pendulum of politics, as a result of Obama, a bunch of triggered racists elected the complete opposite of Obama, swung so far to the right, that you all elected the complete opposite, in a racist dimwit, who is the epitome of tacky.

    3. @Chris Thomas Haha… that’s all you got?? Please… next time shine up your Obama knee pads before you put them on. Boy those beer summits were the thing of legend. He actually said he couldnt believe anyone could be so naive as to vote for Trump. It was his Hillary “deplorable” moment. Of course you conveniently forget that inconvenient truth.. nothing new here. Wanna try again??

    4. @Phil Greco You didn’t provide a single ounce of evidence for your claim. And you think you’re doing well?

      Lol. Go take a course in logic or argumentation.

  5. Fareed ended using the phrase “clanish loyalty.” I believe he meant “clownish loyalty.”

    1. Why does CNN employ Nazi Sympathizer Adeel Raja? This cannot be tolerated. No wonder their ratings are worthless… No leadership

    2. They should replace the Republican elephant symbol with a crying baby since it’s the trump party

  6. Life is a fatal dis-ease. We all must dance with the grim reaper, so we search for meaning and validation. Contrary beliefs engenders doubts and fears. In the moments before death politics won’t mean a thing. Being kind is what gives a smile to us at those moments.

  7. “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities, because it is the quality, which guarantees all the rest.”
    – Winston Churchill 🇬🇧

    1. “If you are young and socialist you are naive. If you are older and and a socialist, you are stupid.”
      Winston Churchill 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    2. Why does CNN employ Nazi Sympathizer Adeel Raja? This cannot be tolerated. No wonder their ratings are worthless… No leadership

  8. Led by Kevin “Squidward” McCarthy! he’s like a red headed step child…or his child. “Scotty’s on fire!” -Dr Evil

  9. “The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
    – Mahatma👳‍♂️ Gandhi

    1. Excellent… I’ll remember this the next time Antifa or BLM burns,lots and abuses..or Maxine Waters advocates violence against anyone who doesn’t tow the Democratic orthodoxy..

    1. Their own employee in the project veritas undercover video admitted they are fake news lies and propaganda. And you still watch this fake news communist bullshit?

  10. “When there is no Faith in Loyalty, or Virtue, or Chivalry, Loyalty is no more, Virtue is no more, and Chivalry is no more.”
    ~ The Bansenshukai

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