Fareed: Trump-style populism is down, but not out 1

Fareed: Trump-style populism is down, but not out


CNN's Fareed Zakaria warns Democrats in the US and liberals across the globe that Donald Trump-style populism may be down, but it is not out.
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  1. When you are so messed up that even hardcore right wingers are like “Yeah, no, that guys a bit much.”

    You KNOW it’s bad.

    1. @Shad Rox Be seriously now.. LOL… The only reason why Trump even had a chance at Presidency in 2016 was because…… Biden decided to take a 4 year vacation.
      That’s why yall keep saying Biden didn’t do much “how could he win”… Dude, he doesn’t need to do anything to win..He is the definition of “Win”… If Biden wants it so ; it is so… Thats why Trump is a 1 term Loser..

    2. Isn’t it incredible, Trump,Trump,Trump….. The haters show up in droves. We’ve got massive problems in this country and CNN is still bringing Trump, and desperately covering up for his incompetence.

  2. The Anti Netanyahu coalition only needs to last long enough for the indictments to be served.

    1. @Fritz Haselnuss Never said offering it for free, though that may help some. We need to revise a lot of how we approach education as a whole… but offhand, i’d say we need better reward systems in place for education.

      This doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of earning more money in careers, so much as smaller stepping stone rewards, to encourage both formal and self education. The goal ideally would be, as an adult they would then wish to continue educating themselves to some degree as well.

      Kid’s can’t relate to the idea of making 30k a year vs 70k a year, which, ends up resulting in lack of motivation, and bad habits being formed in regards to education. Give them like, 50 bucks or something if they do well on a grade.

      We don’t even need to give out money persay. Smaller things like ‘extended recess’ for younger grades, or even basic forms of positive reinforcement that much of our education system is currently lacking.

    2. Education and MEDIA reform. America really started rotting when the line was blurred on television between news, entertainment, and opinion/punditry.

    3. And the way they’re so susceptible to Russian disinformation online and how it leaks into the mainstream/right wing media bubble and how social media is designed to manipulate. America should have a law against fake news. Canada has one and they have a healthier information and media ecosystem.

    4. @Matthew Smith Well, I feel like education would fix the problem, without a need for media reform.

      More educated public = harder to trick with fake news.

      Also easier and more likely for the public to bother sourcing their own information to some degree.

    5. @tudeslildude Aye I know I said that even IF it was free people would willingly ignore education opportunities or remain ignorant not being interested in facts or the truth….as we can see happened with knowledge.

      Tie a reward to something and people will go for it but knowledge already rewards your life and earning and still….people ignore it so I dont really know.

      Might be that a whole lot of people intentionally remain in their fake bubble and are not interested to further themselves

  3. Pretty sure the coalition is because all the countries felt Iran terrorism was a big threat.

  4. The guilt they have is to great! Finally! Look what it took! They can’t stomach the spin anymore!

  5. If we fail to be vigilant we may find the same Miracles which Define our greatness as a species will one day spell our Doom

  6. *what is wrong with donald anyway?…* it’s like.. he just doesn’t look at facts or something…

  7. Well mostly due to poor people voting for right wing populists thinking they will change their situation … Nothing will change their social class

  8. Financial and social crises foster ideological confrontations and the search for scapegoats.

  9. All it takes is a financial downturn and social problems to have a demagogue back center stage.

    1. Yup. It’s not the choices you’ve made!! It’s those damn immigrants and the utterly poor stealing your jobs… um… right?

    2. @BatMadd It’s been going on since the ancient Egyptians. Even QAnon is nothing new. It’s man responding good or bad to his perceived situation

  10. “Cultural identity” that’s definitely one way to put it. It’s an identity alright but it isn’t cultural

    1. Define populism and from there back that statement cause all evidence it doesn’t back it.

  11. As government becomes more complex, it also becomes more opaque to the average voter. Politicians and senior bureaucrats don’t help much, either. They rarely fully explain the rationale for, or operational constraints of, any policies or initiatives they are attached to. That opacity is fertile ground for conspiracy theories and blame. As I’m fond of saying, when transparency gets up and leaves the table, fear, loathing, and paranoid conspiracy theories are more than happy to take its seat.

    None of that is to say that voters are stupid. Rather, when something is complicated, confusing and doesn’t make any sense, it becomes easy for those who wish to manipulate voters for their own ends to do so. It is hard to imagine any populist regime where the standard of living has gone up for everyone as a result of policies by a regime that wishes to remain in perpetuity. SOME people are advantaged, yes, but a national government should serve everyone, not just some.

    As for Netanyahu, I find it ironic that he pitches himself as some sort of Moses, when a long history of ill-sighted policies under his authority have associated “Israel” and Jews in general with values and acts they would rather not have done in their name. Israel should be a lesson to those who view proportional representation as the salvation of governance. Seventy-three years of having to form coalition governments with every nickel-and-dime extremist party. I remind people that Bibi’s Likud party currently holds 29 seats out of 120 and *that’s* what made him potentially PM…again. The Opposition, meanwhile, is comprised of 14 parties, for a parliament of 20 parties in all. Ever tried to order a pizza or Chinese food to suit the preferences of 20 people?

  12. How come nobody talks about the fact there is a Wikipedia page solely dedicated to the sexual misconduct accusations against Donald J Trump???

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