Fareed Zakaria: Biden's foreign policy plans are 'worrying' 1

Fareed Zakaria: Biden’s foreign policy plans are ‘worrying’


CNN's Fareed Zakaria says there are worrying signs the Biden administration seems willing to tailor its foreign policy agenda to placate GOP critics and ultimately, it will not work.

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    1. @Science & the gospel according to fake news why are there so many comments that have nothing to do with the video ???

  1. It could also be a media control effort. Having these things “under review” until the they are guaranteed to make the news again. Right now other stories are sucking up all the oxygen.

    1. JK – Well if you’d stop lolling, you just might make sound decisions down the road. Shoulda, Coulda don’t count. If you would stop lolling, you may understand that.

  2. Don’t cares what Republicans or democrats think people care about what’s right for the country it doesn’t matter if Republicans accused democrats of the apocrypha see no one cares there not in power

    1. @R G Same old GOP talking-point comment.
      If you “had 40 years” in the Stock Market, but I didn’t give you the last 6 month’s data; How effective would you be at choosing stocks? Until briefed and caught up..

    2. No matter WHAT people think, I LOVE Mr. Biden! He is the soul of the Country. Most of us the U.S Citizens are as him! He knows what we need. Stop blaming him for WHAT we Americans wish!!! Let go to the better future without any WARS inside and outside !!

    3. @Alvan been thinking the samething.. like did everyone seriously forget that the McDonald Administration was upholding CRITICAL information?!? Jesus do people forget waaaay too quickly!!

  3. Remember all the spending that the US pumps into the military budget is why regular citizens cannot have nice things.

    1. The only thing constant is change, no way around it, and sometimes like an earthquake it can come on – in a sudden jolt. You see, our ancestors thought best back in the day, that the extreme weight of the social problems they were facing, might be handle best in the future. Life will be better developed, more plentiful, people more homogeneous. I think they over look the equation of exponential growth, but it is what it is, and the sooner we figure it out, the better it will be for all, and a grand gift for the future. I don’t understand people not giving up on all this stupid bigoted hate, well if they got to keep it, keep it to themselves and stop teaching it to the kids, free them from those bonds, they serve no purpose, you are not protecting or persevering anything.

  4. At 1:02
    Macron: “Is it true? Is your pipi this tiny”
    trump: “Now, look here, Macron. Don’t believe everything prostitutes tell you.”

  5. They are still under review because they are trying to figure out how many points the “Big Guy” gets on the back end!

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