1. @Bill Rodriguez Of course, she never said that.
      You really need to stop swallowing all the lies they feed you as you suckle at the teats of Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, QANON and other Putin inspired propaganda mills!

    2. Can’t say I agree if Russia an China conduct more open business an we deal with China an China is not the fairest trade partner of us you can believe Russia will also only have those Problems or it will make China more honest as the Rock in the hard spot an it gives us either way more stability then Russia an the U.S. bracing four world War 3, …

  1. I am still very happy whit the way china relates to the situation at hand, hoop this could mean they partner up whit the rest of the nations who will seek dialog over conflict.

  2. A new Cold War beginning? Back to the nuclear attack drills of my 70s childhood. Putin is a toddler playing with matches.

    1. No, that would be Brandon playing politics.
      The CCP will continue to tell him to poke the bear.
      Besides, someone needs to take the blame for wester civilization going bankrupt.

  3. While it is a strategic goal to keep adversaries separated It’s a mistake to think that we can always keep competitors apart. Sometimes the forces acting upon nations are too strong to overcome and linkages occur. It seems as if Fareed is disputing this basic fact. As if it’s always under a third parties ability to disrupt any aliance from forming.

    1. Biden could stop this all, immediately, by reimposing the sanctions he lifted on Nord Stream 2 in his first week in office. Without that pipeline, Russia, who depends heavily on oil & gas exports, would have to continue to rely on the pipelines that run through Ukraine.

  4. Excellent analysis, Fareed. However we need to stick to promoting the fact you point up that China asserts the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.

    1. @Curtis Paranormal People ALL OVER the entire world LOVE Trump! They respect Him as the real and true leader of the US! He is a self made billionaire and the most powerful man in the world! He is the ultimate deal maker and a master of business with billions of dollars and thousands of high end properties, resorts, clubs, gold courses, hotels etc – all worth trillions of dollars, Trump unites honest people who love America, and triggers that filth swamp that hate america. Trump exposed the lies and racist fake news leftists, marxists, socialists. You cry at all the 200 year old statues you want, while the adults empower the real Americans.

    1. @Taskerofpuppets Is the TDS in the room with us right now? Show me on this doll where President Trump hurt you…better yet, show us the part where jow fibin’ forced ashley to take showers with him at 12 years old…. where is the crack addict hunter at? Trump has truly empowered children, while quid pro jow raised crack addicts that knock up strippers while cheating on their dead brother x wife, then molesting their own neice while on the board of a ukraine energy company besides having zero experience after getting fired from the navy for crack.

    2. @ScootMagoot46 China is now the new global leader along with the Russians meanwhile We(USA) are in clearly, Vulgar and fast decline now and communist were : C chaplin, J Lennon, J Stalin, Pancho Villa, R Kennedy, Bobby fischer, Sadam Hussein, Mao tse, Fidel Castro, El Che Guevara etc men with ideals, moral, honor and most of all with BALLSSSS!

    3. @bldomain these people are idiots, they have been manipulated big time, China is now the new global leader along with the Russians and the USA can’t take it, that’s all!

  5. You appreciated Bismarck, and admired de-instralization of US, and the US industrialization of China for cheap labor and oppressing the worker unions.Yeah, Reagan did a masterpiece! You should either read or reject the check or both?

    1. USA de-industrialization was inevitable during 80s and 90s because of rise of american wages. American companies could no longer afford to make their product any more cheaper because of expensive labor cost, So in order to remain profitable, American companies moved labor intensive factory jobs to 3rd world countries (where labor and local currency is cheap).
      American consumers benefited from lower prices of the goods they purchased and Chinese boasted their economy through exports.

  6. Very good analysis! Definitely Fareed Zakaria is on his turf in International Relations. One suggestion: next time Fareed wants to dwelve on economics… try to ask a real economist to explain basic concepts: like the difference between inflation and hyper-inflation.

  7. What is the grand design behind expanding NATO to include every constituent and allly of the erstwhile USSR? Is not a strategic design to degrade and threaten Russia evident in advancing the alliance to its borders?

    1. @ScootMagoot46 World is no longer unipolar as it was in the last thirty years. US has to realise it soon enough.

    2. Just imagine if the positions where reversed. The hysteria would be at another level never ever dreamed about. Some are natural warmongers and their drums will never beat for peace. Some are more Equal than others

  8. You can’t go anywhere Mr Fareed ur voice is calming in this time of acrimony and tense standoffs between our country and otherss

  9. Yes, it does seem that way! But, it is not! Russia needs to move on to 21st Century, economy and politics! No amount of “treatment “ from outside will make that possible!

  10. “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. MLK would never do what BLM has done to cities & many businesses that were torched to the ground ..it’s known now how all that money went into their pockets , that ignorant people sent to rebuild communities ..they did ZERO

  11. This Host seems to truly love our Country. In fact didn’t he author a book that some former President was reading that outlined a world without America? I guess I’m misinformed.

  12. The dilemma is that we have not learned anything from our mistakes. It seems we have very poor strategist in Washington DC. The only thing we are good at is impose sanctions, which do more harm to US economy on the long term than harm countries on which they are imposed. US infrastructure and Education are decaying at an alarming speed. Our media, instead of informing people and providing them with meaningful and honest news, keeps bombarding us with misleading information, untrust worthy news and often times garbage.. Time has come to invest in America and cut military budget by half… Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, Libya, what did we accomplish? nothing… wasted so much hard earned hundreds and hundred of billions that should have been invested in education.

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