1. @M Igorpan20 Our ancestors did not own slaves, you were too expensive. -Republicans to black guys accusing them of slavery.

    1. I’m from halfway across the globe and here we watched Trump lie and lose over and over and over again. Biden is the one to save you now from the mess Trump made

    2. REMEMBER JOHNSON got COVID! He learned after a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. TRUMP came out begging and became even more stupid.

    1. Disguise nothing but a propaganda’s who exploits the will for ignorance of his couch puppets

      Jesus Christ is your only hope to be set free from this serpent tongue

    1. I love the new gas , insulin , food , etc. Can’t wait to experience more of this nightmare . Don’t forget no borders , no country.

    2. Jonny… nancy said that too, just b4 her 3rd vodka at 8am thismorning. Did your teeth fall out like hers did too?

    3. Shocking isn’t i it’ Just how far They go to protect their party…. there’s nothing about right or wrong

    1. @astev52 Hi astev52, Yeah that would be a lie that Trump told. I think the Russian collusion story would be an example of a deceptive lie.

    2. @solarman tint
      Now what excuse are you trying to make? YOU should not be okay with wrongdoing because trump has done plenty of that!!!
      So let me state it AGAIN!
      Another example of trump LYING and RIPPING ORDINARY PEOPLE OFF! This is a well documented case, where trump had to pay 25 MILLION dollars in damages!
      “Trump University: It’s Worse Than You Think”
      ““Trump U is devastating because it’s metaphor for his whole campaign: promising hardworking Americans way to get ahead, but all based on lies.””


  1. Boris Johnson is a tool! He tells lie after lie after lie to ridiculous levels. Even to his allies. This behavior is just leading UK into deeper and deeper disaster. He’s seen as a bad joke here in Europe. Out of his depth in a paddling pool. Don’t look there for inspiration!

    1. Well said to Gary – and I am puzzled on to where Fareed gets his information from and I am very disappointed – Boris Johnson is a mini trump, not a compulsive liar like trump but still a liar who is not trusted by anyone – but as lazy if not more than trump – it is true that Boris Johnson has taken the pandemic more seriously although their plans and actions to get over the spread of COVID under control is a complete failure and a joke – get your facts straight Fareed! Truth and facts start in programs like yours

    2. @Martine I remember when George Bush Sr. said, No new taxes, but after he was elected there were new taxes. That one lie was a big deal, and it caused him the next election, now politicians lie 24/7.

  2. “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

    1. I was listening to NPR’s On the Media. They were saying that 90% of Faux revenue comes from charging Cable Companies $20 per year per cable subscriber. This means that as a cable subscriber you are paying $20 to Faux whether you watch them or not. Everyone, should call their Cable Provider and demand they not send your money to Faux.

    1. Ferod ignores the Looney behavior of BLM and antifa with their crazy Kool-Aid hair and lame chance.

      Anybody who takes this propaganda serious has lost their God-given mind.

      Fraud ignores all the Looney drugged out people throughout numerous leftist ruined cities.

      thank Jesus Christ to know better than this loony propaganda.

      Jesus Christ is your first last and only hope

    2. It’s weird how liberal women claim to be “strong, independent women” and yet they are massively, unhinged, emotional wrecks that cry over the littlest things. How many more times is Rashida going to get up to the podium and cry?

    3. Speaking of loony why are we even listening to CNN anymore thier disgusting lies like the blunt force trauma narrative in the passing of officer Sicknick that they had to retract. Stuff like this started the walk away campaign and further depletes what little credibility they have left.

  3. Comes to something when American’s look to Boris Johnson and think “He’s got it right!”.
    People of Britain = (The) No One Ever:

  4. 2% of people who are watching this comment I wish their parents still alive more than 100 years God bless you

  5. “It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain

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