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  1. I will strongly emphasize that those findings are inaccurate, as a farm work, a member of the SWAP team, I have only worked in Kelowna, British Columbia and I can confidently say this that the way how the liaison officer operates, even though it’s an assumption it would seem as if they are receiving a pay check from the farms outside of a professional atmosphere because they are not supportive and allow all form a unprofessionalism to slide where the farm owners are concerned. Over 70% of us have little to no education so we can only operate base on information gathered through third party agencies who try to grant assistance with our rights.

  2. I cannot believe this fact finding team. I saw apple farm in Ontario where the living housing in the middle of the farm was terrible. I visited a flowers farm in Ontario & the living accommodation was good. Someone/ liaison officer take you to the farms with the better living arrangements.

  3. Irrespective of your position on this, I think it’s very disingenuous to launch accusations at someone and not allow them to respond without being interrupted or the convenient need to “go to a break.” It robs everyone of getting an answer and just reduce this to a “show.”

  4. Yes! the conditions in are very bad. some people will not speak on it, simply because they’re afraid of losing their little livelihood:because they really want to work for a better life.
    It’s a shame when any human have to go through such cruelty just because they can’t do better.
    The work that they are doing they must be paid well and treated well.
    Do you think Canadians want those jobs? no!!!
    Why do people need these slave officers, that’s what they are:heart and cruel on the back of these hard working people in the year of 2023 to aline their pockets.
    Shame on you all.

  5. Funny enough I live in Nova Scotia and I was going for a hike with couple of my friends. We drove past several of these farms and honestly I was in tears. It looked like a scene you would see during Black History of slaves working on plantations.
    I saw blacks and Mexicans.
    Also we need to explore the nuisance of why first world countries out sources jobs to “3rd world countries”. Also these folks pay into EI (employment insurance) and they can’t access or benefit from them. Make it make sense

    1. The nuance is down to the cost of the input. It’s still cheaper to use Jamaicans after factoring in the auxiliary support infrastructure.

  6. I met a young lady while visiting Canada 🇨🇦 who told me of the deplorable conditions in which she worked and lives. Wake up Jamaica 🇯🇲 don’t let them treat us like this. These are modern times.

  7. Jamaica is paradise so most Jamaican won’t settle for just any working condition. We need our own farms …more farms …we need more producers

  8. It’s not only Canada worst happens in America. Especially if you get injured on the job dog eat them supper . I can attest to this bad treatment in America but farmers are afraid to speak out

    1. A true that but I can a sure you if you report it here they be in trouble because I know of a case where they did it and the owner are in prison for it under the law hunman trackfin so usa dont play they give each worker a book let it’s up to you for not calling if you are treated bad

  9. Dionne, we depend on you to get to the root of the issues happening on the farms in Canada. History has not lied yet year after year the workers are ignored.

    Beat Dem Dionne!! 🙌🏿

  10. We all know How Jamaicans are they will make their speech but when it comes on to their work they don’t want to lose their work so they will stand down and do not speak of the truth of what is happening on the farm work

  11. Did any of you go into the living spaces to seeeeeee what is going on? The 80% that said conditions are fair to good are probably trying to keep their job. At this point, the liaison officers are clearly not reporting accurately and they cannot be trusted.

  12. Why these people look so stressed at the beginning! Lively up yourselves people! Hold Allu head high and stop move like Allu not grateful for another day! Don’t make nothing stress Allu, smile man.

  13. Well send him there and let him work under these conditions. Y’all need to send a mutual person to investigate this. We need to be out brother’s keeper and speak the truth and hold these people accountable for not having proper systems and housings/ amenities etc. This is not slavery, they are working and need proper conditions.

  14. Yes but almost half said it was not fair of the officers! So this is cause for concern! It’s like saying half the population of Jamaica saying they are not harassed by the police and almost half saying they are brutalized – so would you just dismiss those saying they are being brutalized. Daddy be your brother’s keeper these are your people. Father is watching you and all
    Of you!

  15. Two sides to the story. Some people go back years upon years. Do they like punishment so much. It is hard work. Some people just can’t do it.

  16. As a former Labour Relations Officer in Ontario for one of the larges laour Union in Canada I believe that represenation of the workers from Jamaica should be represented by someone that have a Jamaican background and have the Canadian experience. I also believe that this would help to build a bridge that will help to resolve some of the issues that the workers are experiencing.

  17. I was on the programme from 2009-2015
    When I complained about it a laisen officer told me upfront, be thankful I have a job. Because many more Jamaican down there who want my kid. I don’t call his name. If you insist & complain. You can bet on it that’s your last season. Both the boss & Jamaican laisen officer cook up & you never come back. I have medical documents of my experience.

  18. I came here on the program and I would love to share my experience for 10 years let me tell you all this no body is here for the farm workers thank God am now a permanent resident here

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