'Fascists': Former DNC Chair Slams GOP For Fueling Trump's 'Big Lie' 1

‘Fascists’: Former DNC Chair Slams GOP For Fueling Trump’s ‘Big Lie’


As Republicans in Congress try to bury an investigation into the Capitol Hill riot, citizen Trump and the GOP continue to stoke real-world threats and misinformation. Experts believe states will follow Arizona's lead and adopt similar Republican-led election audits and, more broadly, 14 states have enacted voting restriction laws this year. MSNBC's Ari Melber is joined by former RNC Chair Michael Steele and former DNC Chair Howard Dean to discuss.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Russell M the ball is in your court, but you’re punting, thinking a rhetorical question suffices? Weak, very weak. I’d guess you found this word salad somewhere and they sounded like important and difficult words so you copy/pasted.

    2. @Steven R. Correct, the right have no identity in the affirmative, it’s all about negating and tearing down.

    3. fascism is the only way to fight communism. blame the democrats for getting on their knees and blowing communism every time they write up legislation.

    1. @Alfred Basurto No. Fascism might be around for awhile, but not for good. Fascism has no ethos. Eventually, it will collapse, most likely through uprising, and at great cost to everyone.

    2. @Rn Kn you’re wasting reason and reasonableness on a nutjob who has signaled to ever conceivable person who can read, beyond all doubt it has no such limitations.

    3. @Tail Gunner Jay Mas doesnt have an idea, period, it is just a wind-up attack bot for the right.

    1. You can and you will have to! Otherwise Stupid will enable Evil to take over the country and then, yes then there will be no way to fix it.

    1. Best thing we can do is secure our border again and try get out of war two things green goblin did good

    2. Stop saying arrest Trump and go arrest Criminals like George Floyd that are lifelong Criminal but now a hero u all got it mixed up Dems back Criminals more then anyone

    3. @Lord Master I think you underestimate who we are dealing with here. They are a bunch of corrupt bullies who will do almost anything to get their way. You saw how they operate on Janl 6. The only way to deal with people like this is to yell louder and be tougher than they are.

    4. It’s not only him who’s causing all the problems. The GOP are the biggest problems right now, and have been for a long time, but only got worse when trump came onboard. Trump only emboldened them. They want what he wants. They’re all in on this together. They are ruthless bullies and are dangerous.

    1. Unbelievable how country can give votings etc. need real change so every American is fairly

  1. “Republicans” not only don’t care about democracy, they don’t care about the American Republic either

    1. @Takkie Terror It really doesn’t matter what you do. We’re on the eve of a great day. Soon, America will be purged of those worshippers of Satan that have worked so hard to destroy this Republic. The people are only now realizing the extent to which people like you have lied to them. They now know that Covid was created by the Chinese and paid for by people like Fauci. They are going to want justice for those months YOU STOLE FROM THEM. THen when they realize that the election was STOLEN by people like YOU. WE WILL have the MORAL AUTHORITY to bring you scum to Justice. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    2. @Bill Johnson It’s true Bill! It’s all going to come out. The whole world is watching. Truth will prevail!

    3. @Bill Johnson cryptic much? Moral authority?!? Using morals and Republicans in the same sentence…. smh

  2. Among the bad options available to Trump, perpetuating the lies is the only one in which he can stay relevant to his followers and continue to raise money for his legal issues in the guise of pursuing his election defeat.

    1. @Jay Mas anybody who did anything would be better than Trump. Trump brought nothing but hate and destruction to America.

    2. @taz 9 Oh I know. But Loser Boy used US. Military to do his bible stunt. The whole right wing is Loser Boy’s militia.

    3. Unfortunately the quote is well-received but really, we’ve heard it enough. Blind belief is difficult to work against and we have corruption of faith and patriotism. The Italians embraced fascism but they didn’t abandon the Pope… perhaps a lesson there.

    4. @Francis Davis I’d venture to say that most Americans have no idea about Fascism.

    1. The violent rhetoric and imagery in particular They surround themselves with is ratcheting up there will be blood shed

    2. @Annie McMillen sadly true, I have to acknowledge we are on a war footing with these psychotic fascists.

  3. Dean nailed it on the head in historic terms

    The Republican Party is becoming a neofascist

    1. @NoChance WithoutPasta Actually Karl Rove and W pushed them over the edge. Trumpo just exposed the truth of it.

    2. This is why the republicants tried to blame Antifa for January 6, guess being Anti Facist is more then they can deal with. Antifa started to fight anti semitism in Europe after WW 2. So many Europeans cast blame on the Jews. Similar to the poor farmers in the south who blamed slavery for the wealth of the wealthy plantation owners.

    3. They completed that by 2012. I was a state level GOP delegate from 2008-2012. That’s when I got out.

    1. It shouldn’t, and the larger question should be, who’s dark money is paying for the other parts. Hint, it’s radical right wingers

    1. @Random Internet User I guess they don’t remember their orange turd furor drinking with both hands, needing help walking down a simple ramp, told his base to drink bleach and uv lighting, can’t keep his thoughts straight, ripping off Americans thru tax breaks for the top 1% and their donors instead of the American people, can’t form proper statements, can’t stay on topic, allowed 550,000 Americans with no compassion, cheats, lies,…..

    2. suspect events during the election being ignored is why you have no credibility here in reality demonrats.

  4. So nice to see the truth being told. They are fascists! And, Ari, these people haven’t “did” yet, they are on the path to doing. It is a process, Ari, a process that will lead to doing and that will be a horrible, horrible outcome.

  5. “They are not conservatives they are neo-fascists!” That segment with both former party chairs hit it on the head. Finally someone said it. These Republicans have given up on democracy and are now using democracy to destroy democracy.

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