1. I’m almost certain this situation didn’t need to end this way. We will see as the story develops.

    1. What 72 year old needs to be shot he could have been restrained this was murder oeriod as usual being cover up. Who gave you clowns guns

    1. @Jorge Mansilla He was seen wearing one and admitted to wear masks. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s 73 and ignores the dangers as he wants schools and businesses to re-open despite all that’s going on.

    2. @Frank Dobson i’ll slap you so hard it’ll actually increase your intelligence when you’re in a vegetative state

  2. Rip buddy, another victim of this BS CCP virus. I bet you any money he was attacked verbally by a crowd. When the police arrived at his home they were in fight mode.

  3. Police should go after those posting misinformation on masks to the internet. They contributed to his attitude and ultimately to his death.

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