1. @Steph O Not buying it. When you intern you don’t get paid. That’s why it’s an internship. She hadn’t graduated yet, she worked at a restaurant. I know it’s hard to fathom that women sometimes use men for things like money and cars.

    2. @ItsGarden Ok, but a paid internship that pays enough to enable you to buy a 50k+ vehicle as well as full coverage insurance and registration on a new vehicle??? I don’t think so……

  1. They say sharp edged weapon because it could be anything and not nec a knife. It could be an ice pick or a skate blade or any thing point and sharp which was used as a weapon but not nec a weapon. AND that matters as people might come across a bloody sharp object which isnt a knife and police dont want anyone to rule that off and dismiss it. Sharp edge weapon is a accurate description. I hope they find the person soon. So scary.

    1. @Just Me Laci Peterson’s family stood by their son in law Scott when Laci disappeared and then pictures of his affair and lies came out. I think families need to be realistic and everyone needs is guilty until proven otherwise. They always start with those closest to the victims and work their way out slowly. In the meantime, everyone is guilty untilproven innocent in my opinion.

    2. This 💯 this family hasn’t stopped talking. If they told them who they suspect is responsible, and it’s someone they are connected with irl, it would not end well lol.. it could risk the suspect fleeing, or the family hurting the person, or the person suiciding.. police aren’t going to tell them, or us anything more than what they have to in order to hold people at bay while they build a case against the person.

    3. @Olivia I totally agree – this family has given several interviews
      I’ve never seen anything like it especially so soon after such an incredibly tragic loss
      I get they want answers, but law enforcement can’t give them a play by play as they are trying to put the pieces together to solve this nightmare

    4. The killer knows everything they do, including why it was targeted.
      They dont need a confession in this case with all the likely dna evidence
      The lives of a campus full of students are more important than 1 investigation possibly compromised.

  2. This heart breaking for the family. Please keep in mind that they may have suspicions and evidence that they are going through. Vagueness is an investigation strategy to help distinguish the people who know some facts and just unsubstantiated rumors. Also a stat is just a that. More cases are solved in the first 10 days. There are other cases that go years before being solved or they are not yet solved. It does depend on the competence of the investigation but it is usually the evidence that ties to a suspect that makes it so hard to solve.

  3. I mean.. it is a investigation. It takes time. It’s a shitty situation but it doesn’t help by rattling people. But who knows what we would do in that situation.. 💯 just speaking from a logical point of view to get leads and move in silence if they have someone or leading to it

  4. It’s hard to fathom that the murderer will celebrate Thanksgiving with his family while these families suffer. Hopefully, it’s his last in the free world. I am praying for you guys and hoping for this investigation to be successful. Love from Texas. ❤️

    1. A lot of times these guys still live with mom and/or live in a small apartment and is a loner. I guess we will find out when the times is right.

    2. Serial killers don’t have families.
      That’s precisely why they have become serial killers.
      They are not ordinary Joe’s.
      They are extraordinary predators.

  5. May God give them strength and peace. I’m sure there’s a lot of folks praying for them and the other families involved.

  6. Everyone frustrated with the police needs to consider one thing: there is certain information that only the killer knows. If they tell every single detail on the news it’s impossible to identify the killer using that information. This is an important part of the investigative process. The family giving away exact details of the investigation like what time they got home then they are putting the investigation at risk. Police probably aren’t telling them anything because of interviews like this one where they have no filter and tell important details when asked about them.

    1. Most of us understand the issue with information, what we cannot understand is the police saying there was no threat to the community when they didn’t have a suspect and they didn’t have anyone in custody. It was not possible for them to make that claim unless the suspect was either dead or in custody, and as they didn’t have anyone in custody the only explanation is that they walked into that scene and decided it was a murder/suicide. This is a terrible start to an investigation and it likely led to a series of errors.
      We also cannot understand why it took them 5 days to notice tyre marks on the road outside.
      We also cannot understand what they used the parking lot behind the house – the most likely route the killer took – to park their vehicles, why they let locals and the media roam through there for 9 days, potentially destroying evidence, before they finally decided that this area might be important.
      All of this suggests that they followed their opinions for a week before following logic and common sense.
      It’s not unreasonable to criticize the police when they screw up like this. It’s a terrible crime and a terrible scene, I don’t envy their job, but people need to stop making excuses for failure and incompetence.

    2. It’s obvious the Spudsville Ripper is a serial killer. This case looks eerily similar to Gainesville Ripper case at the University of Florida and the Chi Omega murders at FSU in Tallahassee. Both of those cases were committed by serial killers, Danny Rolling and Ted Bundy, and it took a while to solve those cases because serial killers generally don’t choose victims that they are intimately tied to.

      The police are stumped because the killer was obviously a stranger to these people.

    3. @C T this is called perception bias. The arriving officers thought it a murder suicide… briefed the arriving detectives which created a nonchalant bias and destroyed the critical part. I’ve been raging on lack of SAR Canine from get-go

    1. JW’s? U folks are the ONLY religion that is able to offer some actual hope for people, instead of condemning everyone to burn in Hades. I thank yall for that! 🥰

  7. My heart goes out to this family. It takes a lot for them to get on this interview I’m sure. This has to be tearing them apart with Thanksgiving this week and not having their daughter with them. I will be saying STRONG prayers that God has this psychopath killer slip up and is taken off the streets soon.

    1. @Real Aiglon Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black! At least they gave prayers; not low IQ critique.

    2. One thing your heart can never do is go out.
      Your thoughts can go out.
      Your prayers can go out.
      But if your heart could go out then you would be in deep sh!t.
      Dumbazz expression.

    3. interesting that the father isnt sitting in between the two siblings. Looks like he may disagree with his daughter going public earlier. Tragedies like this can tear families apart.

  8. Kaylee’s sister is right about the timeline. The mother of one of Ethan’s friends was interviewed yesterday and said that Ethan texted her son at 2am on the night of the murder and he and Xana weren’t at Xana’s house yet, contrary to what the police have said (the police said they got home at 1:45am). That timeline can be very important when asking the public for leads, video, etc., as someone could very well think their information isn’t important because it doesn’t fit within the timeline the police are giving.

    1. @J.Z. J. I agree in theory, but if you haven’t read through many YouTube comment sections, you’ll be surprised to find that common sense isn’t as common as one would think, lol.

    2. It is idiotic that you should have to point out the obvious. That should have already been corrected. The police should already have had the phones and see the text.

  9. I honestly don’t know how parents can be so level headed now but like dad here said He’s got to shift gears to be present for her legacy for answers he’s a wonderful dad to his kids at his side seeing his determination 😢

  10. So Truly Sorry for there Devastating loss😢Sending Sincere Condolences, Healing Strength, & Prayers to this Beautiful Family🙏❤️🌹❤️🙏Praying Justice is served for All the Families & for All these Beautiful Young Adults✝️❤️✝️

  11. These poor people seem impossibly collected given the circumstances, that is until you realize it’s probably still the initial shock.

  12. My 33 yr old beautiful sister was brutally murdered in her home in NYS during Christmas twenty years ago. I understand the frustration of the families and most of all their tremendous AGONY. My heart aches for them all.I have been there and it is horrifying to wait for information from LE and it can seem like they aren’t doing a good enough job. I get it. However, I hope they can somehow stop bad mouthing law enforcement! They seem to be working very hard on this tragic case. The fact that several friends trampled all over the crime scene damaging evidence BEFORE the 911 call, plays a huge roll in things as well. May this insidious beast be caught.

    1. They are perfectly in their right to express how they feel with law enforcement. Finding the murderer is probably keeping them going.

    2. Trampled is a weird way to say it. They were walking around their own house. How does it make sense for them to call 911 first? Wale up in their beds and instinctively know they needed to call 911? No they would have to have walked around to notice what ever made them realize there was an emergency situation

  13. Profile estimate of the Idaho Student Killer: A lone white male, muscular, older than most students because he’s ex-military, say 25-30. He may have asked one of the girls who were murdered for a date and got rejected. Cops, you can find him by going through college records; maybe you’d run across him if you checked out gyms in Moscow where he may be a body builder. His major in college could be criminal justice or engineering. He may have been diagnosed with PTSD, cross reference Veteran’s Admin records and college records. If he has a criminal record, it might be for assault as in a bar fight, or maybe some sexual harassment, stalking charges. I’m a clinical forensic psychologist; Dr. Paul Dawson

    1. Maybe he tried to flirt with one of them at a bar they were at? And got rejected.

      Or on Instagram…or a classmate in the classroom?

  14. I completely understand the detectives trying to keep certain things hidden for now they are investigating still and finding out things but just keep this family’s updated ! They deserve that they need to know what’s going on . So sad

    1. With reporters like this asking insider questions, I have to side with the police in keeping their findings out of the public domain. Knowing who among the friends that was targeted serves no value but more speculation and social media rumors, causing the family more heart ache.

    2. *Wondering why police aren’t giving details while on national television* hmm I wonder why they don’t want to give the family details…

    1. But they seem very calm about this. If my daughter or sister was murdered like that I be going ballistic on this

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