1. That was nice of the cop to get the kid a treat so he wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable breaking the law…. Lol

    1. kid was probably scared and did as the “father” told him to. This is 100000% the alcoholics fault

  2. Really you can’t do that? Back roads & a sober adult…. my kids will be driving by 12…. but only on the back roads

    1. I started driving when I was 12 but that was back when country was country and not the suburbs. When I turned 16 I got my learner’s license and waited for three weeks before going for my driver’s test to get my actual license. When we returned to the office the tester walked up to my dad and rhetorically asked, “How long has your son been driving?”

  3. Nothing will beat the story of the 8 year old who drove himself and his 4 year old sister to a McDonalds because he was craving a cheese burger, and he managed to drive perfectly without any accidents or traffic violations. His parents were asleep so the kid stole the keys and car, put his sister in the babysit, and even brandished his piggy bank at the drive-thru when ordering for a burger. The kid started crying when a police officer showed up, realizing he did something wrong.

    1. @Marci B Yep. It happened a few years ago. Just look up ‘8 year old drove to McDonalds’ on Google and you’ll find the story.

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