Father charged with killing his wife and son. See his interview with investigators

Prosecutors in the murder trial of South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh release a video of Murdaugh's first interview with authorities after his wife and son were found killed. CNN correspondent Randi Kaye reports.

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  1. If he tried to take a pulse or turn them over, why didn’t he have any transfer blood on himself? I have doubts to what he is saying. I can’t touch anything in the kitchen without getting something on me. Particularly my hands.

    1. @Jocelyn D We do dried fruits every year and I’f I even touch my nose I”m washing my hands! The way he started out feeling sad and than crying, weeping, and than talking, answering questions in a normal tone? Anyone who has had a loved one die knows all to well that there is a prolonged uncontrollable weeping, flooding unstoppable tears!, and incoherent rambling. Another part of this is when he paid his cousin or friend to shoot him in the skull to cover up the fact that He killed his wife and son for the insurance money! I can’t describe the sadness I feel right now!

    2. @James Kenyon Different people respond differently to grief. Many go numb, and cannot accept what has happened. It often takes a long while, to get to the relief of crying. And your experience in the kitchen, cannot be extended to a crime scene.

  2. Dude wasn’t even really sad or crying..sounded like he was laughing..fake tears and all…he goes to fake crying to stopping and talking on a dime..someone who lost family members to a murder would not be able to talk so calm

    1. thats the dumbest thing to judge someone on…. you dont have to cry when people die,i didnt cry at my dads funeral….and went right into work right after it was over… i hate when people think then can judge others by emotions , the truth is a lot of people hide or don’t show emotions, just look at how many people you think are ok, then kill them self the next day out of nowere

    2. @brailrice
      The point is that people react differently. You don’t know he was faking. I thought he sounded fairly convincing, but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

    3. This won’t be used in the courtroom anyway as it’s not submittable evidence. It’s only an opinion whether or not he’s faking or not as that can never be proved.

    4. @Codeyard
      That’s how THAT guy reacted. You sound like the Sandy Hook deniers who claim it was fake because some of the parents did not act the way they thought they should.

  3. I simply cannot comprehend the premeditated planning to Kill your
    Family let alone your own child.
    These are the people your supposed to protect:(
    To lay your life down for if necessary!
    May God have mercy on his soul 🙏

    1. If a God existed why would you want it to give this guy’s soul mercy? The fact that there are people like him is proof that no God exists.

  4. Why are people so damn weird. If you fear you might kill someone when being in a relationship, DONT BE IN A RELATIONSHIP. So weird man, people are weirdos and totally incompetent

    1. I’ve got a really NEAT idea! How about you wait to see if they have any decent evidence of guilt before you leap to conclusions.

    2. Agreed.
      I know who, what and how I am, I’m fine with that, I’m at peace with myself.
      I’ve long decided not to have a family, my minds enough company.
      People are too much, I prefer silence.

    3. @Seksee Marcus Kidd
      That’s not how it works. He LIVES there! Whether he did it or not, he would eventually be at the scene unless he ran for the border or something.

      “I cain’t think a nobody else who woulda dun it, so’s it musta been him!” is a silly position. He should be a suspect, but just because you can’t find another one does not make him guilty. You have to show that he did it.

    1. @Ewiger Schüler You’re just yapping for attention, so here you are 🤲🏽 now go away! Not only you wouldn’t know if they’ve hurt a child but MURDERING your child in cold blood is on a whole different level than hurting. Your arguments are so weak and bizarre, that you sound like the FBI needs to keep an eye on you…

  5. Why every relationship must end with a murder how hard is to walk away and forget it i don’t understand some people..

    1. Maybe he caught her cheating and killed her out of temporary insanity. It doesn’t make it right but it happens. This doesn’t explain why he killed the kid though.

  6. i hope he doesnt get away with this, yes people have different responses to trauma but only genuine sociopaths would respond by immediately cleaning himself up and changing and disposing of his clothes which would corroborate the story he tells to police. whether or not he killed them there should have been blood on him! that’s the point! HE claims that he got down on the floor in their blood, flipped over the body of someone who was just shot in the head, and touched 2 bloody bodies looking for a pulse. at the absolute least there would be blood on his shoes and his knees, even if he washed his hands. if there is none, then his story MUST be a lie, which means he’s hiding something. there’s no innocent explanation that isn’t also highly suspicious.

    1. My brother murdered my father for money. It happens to the elderly and goes unnoticed because they are old.

    2. @Nancy Chandler Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear that. I hope you have found strength and peace dear. God bless.

    1. Always the rush to judgment with no good evidence of guilt. No wonder so many people in this country get wrongfully convicted. People like you keep the Innocence Project awfully busy getting innocent folks out of prison.

    2. @Pat Doyle And people like you make excuses for people who could do something like this to their own family. Instead of trying to dissect me, hold privedged people accountable for their henisous acts.

  7. It’s clear that he’s guilty. If he wasn’t guilty, then why wouldn’t he have stayed on the phone with 911 until the police came? Why would he have washed his clothes and changed before the police came?

    1. Science can easily disprove that theory as human emotions vary from person to person and you are not required by law to stay on the phone with 911.

    2. He might be guilty. But, what bothers you isn’t evidence. First, we don’t know he washed his clothes. It’s been suggested by the prosecution, as a way to explain away the lack of physical evidence on his clothes, but there’s no evidence he did so. And as to not staying on 911, why would he, after he knew police were on their way? It accomplishes nothing.

    3. @JSP By the way, congratulations on gaining four subscribers after only thirteen years. What’s it like being such a major influencer?

  8. “I think” I tried to turn him over? Who doesn’t remember such a traumatic experience in detail?Your mind would go into slow mo and every moment would be ingrained in your mind . I do not believe him. “I called 911 pretty much right away”?
    I am so tired of the “everyone grieves differently” line. The differences between human grief reactions are not so great that we cannot draw accurate inferences.

    1. The night my father unexpectedly died, every person remembers it differently. I swear I jumped over furniture. We each see something differently. My mother doesn’t remember any aspect of the whole week.

    2. Everyone’s response to stress & trauma is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Your slo-mo theory is not only wrong-some will have complete or partial amnesia of an event! BTW-I think he’s guilty as sin!

    3. @Street blawger You said “You don’t remember that night”-but you have flash backs YEARS LATER-They’re not the same! He’s wrong!

  9. Well said Mr Jackson, while at first glance it appears Father did it but as you pointed out, at this point there’s absolutely no evidence. We can’t prosecute someone just because we think they did it!!!!! As you pointed out, everyone is different & handles situations different….. Very, very sad!!!!!

    1. No evidence ? He called the wife over that night claiming his dad was having a medical emergency as a ruse to kill her.. clearly you haven’t been following the case

    2. He should of had blood from checking their pulse but he was freshly showered….and time to clean up himself? He has a timeline…interesting premeditated murder!

  10. People are so quick to condemn the accused. As of now there is no evidence that we are aware of that proves his guilt. He’ll have his day in court. Hopefully many of the folks in the comments never have to serve on a jury.

    1. He is having his day in court (right now!) and he will be presumed innocent IN COURT until proven guilty. The public doesn’t have to presume anything.

    1. Well I’ve seen people walking around without a spine so tears on demand is not a stretch. I don’t know he’s guilty I wasn’t there, but neither is any one else because they are dead. I’d have to look at who benefited the most in this situation. Not the dead people that’s indisputable. Preponderance of the evidence is not for sure so I don’t think they’ll get a death penalty, more likely they’ll get a lesser charge at the end of the day imo.

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