1. @Rock Landstone You made it very clear that “something happened” to the sane people too. Keep lying liar.

    2. ​@Rock Landstone No you are…. Stop excusing nonsense. Plenty of good fathers out there who have sons that would never do this. You sound weak, I bet your character lacks accountability. Do we know what type of father this man was in detail? I know great fathers and their sons would never do this. Most guys I know who play by the gun had no fathers or had fathers that weren’t worth a crap.

    1. @Matt Rogers This is an excellent follow up. Considering how much racism there is in these comments its important to see that for many black young men to get to uni is almost impossible and if they do they will have baggage. The shooter was horribly bullied by lesser people jealous of his ability and his lack of a father to defend him left him as the defender for himself and siblings. I believe that he was seriously hazed at uni (and it was being investigated) which likely caused ptsd to occur where he felt that nothing had changed. I suffer from ptsd so know how scary it can be.

      What ever the reason a young black man doesnt work all his life to get ahead only to kill 3 random class mates on a bus just as all his hard work is paying off. There is more to all this and more than 3 victims and too many people dropped the ball hard for this to be the outcome for all involved. And that includes the shooter. I hope that there isnt a MAGA connection..for once.

  1. Father did nothing wrong, I feel so bad for everyone in this situation…we send out kids off to college thinking they can avoid this type of stuff. So sad

    1. ​@the madafaka get REALISTIC. that will never happen in America. Period. Especially as long as fascism is on our doorstep. We will not disarm under any pretext.. and I’m a leftist. If you think guns is the reason for violence you live in a bubble.

    2. Haha, y’all black ies really need to work on your definition of a father

      Bc humans actually father their kids

      You blks dont father

  2. One of the people on the bus said the shooter said, “you’ll always messing with me.” Then he started shooting. So I guess it’s a case of bulling gone bad. One of the other news channels had a witness who was on the bus when it happened

  3. When I heard of this shooting I thought to myself there’s more to the story. A lot of times football players have a tendency to pick on others and get away with it. It happens a lot in sports and now days people just don’t run away from bullies like they use to. Not saying this is exactly what happens but a lot of bullying goes on and coaches an staff dismiss these actions as frivolous. Sorry for everyone affected by this.

    1. Well we have bullies in Europe as well. But nobody would be so stupid or deranged to resolve these things by shooting.

    2. He was involved in a hazing incident prior to this. Makes me wonder if he was on the receiving end and never got over it.

    3. @Peter Ruby well be glad you’re not in the USA. Too much freedom here for bullies. I wish all the bullies in America would live by you guys. You guys seem to like that sort of thing. Ya know, monarchs and stuff.

  4. So crazy 😔 this one has a different vibe young man on young men. So many questions. Rip 🙏. May the families and friends find closure on their they’re senseless lose.

  5. Nobody wins in these situations. I went to a high school where rifles hung in unlocked trucks back windows. Never did anyone shoot anyone. Any fights were dealt with the old fashioned way. Fist to fist. When did it become OK to settle a dispute with a gun?
    I’m pro gun, but anyone that uses one to settle a dispute is a coward. Guns are for war, sport, hunting and personal defense. NEVER retaliation.

  6. “He could’ve called me” really hit home. Men have a tendency to isolate themselves when they struggle. Men need wiser men to help them process the pain and move forward with wisdom.

    1. One reason I constantly do my best to talk to my kids about situations like these and why they need to first seek advice before doing the wrong thing sad 3 life lost again 4 family in turmoil 😢😢

  7. Man, why did he do these young men, their families, friends and his father. Just unbearable….This hurt is unbearable for any Dad who has tried to raise their son to be responsible, caring and citizen. This Hurts all Dads…

  8. I am currently a citizen of Charlottesville, Virginia and I live about 5-10 minutes away from the UVA Campus. When I came in for work this morning, those who were unaware of the situation (including myself) were immediately informed of the school shooting, as well as the ongoing search for the shooter who was considered armed and extremely dangerous. People didn’t know where he was or what he might do next. Everyone in Charlottesville was on edge. All of our schools were either put on lockdown or the children were already sent home with parents. At my job, we had a lot of calls from parents of my underage coworkers understandably refusing to bring them for their “after-school” shifts until the shooter was found. At one point, I pulled up my Maps app, and UVA had a bright red marker over it saying “UVA School Shooting” and the whole street both ways was closed.

  9. That poor father. Parents play a huge roll in a child’s upbringing, but at a certain point we all need to take responsibility for our own actions, even young adults. Young people need to have places to get help, without fear of losing their futures.

  10. One thing I always heard other people say “you can raise a child but you can’t predict what kind of adult they’ll become”🤔

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