1. It’s hard to see a child in distress and needing help to breathe. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Get vaccinated and take care of one another

    1. @Clayton Fraley I think you can simply be DISCARDED I PROVIDED YOU PROOF YOU FOOL. You have to go look for it instead of just taking what CNN ANCHORS SAY AS PROOF.

    2. @Konakai4097 I would hope that neither party would be the “party of god,” given the separation of church and state the US is supposed to have.

      So, which perspective is it that I am supposed to be proving?

    3. @Konakai4097 Has the Catholic news agency read the book of Numbers? In chapter 5, verses 11-31 describe how if a man suspected one of his wives (yes, plural) of being unfaithful, he could take her to the priest to have him give her a tainted mixture of water that included dirt from the floor and ink from a written curse. This would cause an abortion if the woman was pregnant, after which she would promptly be stoned to death for adultery.

      Not only does the Bible not explicitly prohibit abortion at any point, it explains how you would go about having one forcibly done if you thought your wife cheated on you.

    4. @Konakai4097 If you are talking about the Hyde potentially being scrapped in the future, that has no bearing on its past and current existence. It is not like removing the amendment is going to retroactively take all the tax money that would have gone to abortions since 1980 is going to go to them now. Get fucking real.

      We have had the Hyde for 40 years. If your claim has that taxpayer money is still funding abortions has any merit to it, you have 40 years of data with which to prove your claim.

    5. @Konakai4097 Florida is a disaster zone atm. California and NY doing much better. It isn’t Democrats causing the surge in Texas and Florida, it’s vaccine deniers who also wont mask. So take your conspiratorial dictator bs and shove it where the sun dont shine

  2. Lost my dad last year. Was not allowed to visit. I’m sending love to this dad. A baby not able to breath is just so horrible. Hope they all get checked.

    1. @Dustin Heath you alleged you lost your child and show no sympathy, were you vaccinated for the flu, did you allow unvaccinated around your child

    1. People die all the time… they just scaring u to vote for democraps in the election becuz of “you should’ve gotten vaxx!” Hell naw bruh u can still get covid with the shots lmfao

    2. @Särah it’s the truth… u may die yourself… or wait even me. Would u care? Would u spill 1 single tear? I bet not… get real sweety

    1. @Richard Reveles that’s the older sister, heck I know it may be serious but sometimes you have the urge to laugh in inappropriate times lol

  3. It’s the hardest thing having a sick child especially a toddler or infant.

    When my kids where tiny I had my daughter two at the time get Kawasaki disease and it took two weeks for her to recover then my 6 month old son got pneumonia!! We were at the hospital for a month. Ohh I cried !! I hope this little guy goes home soon where he belongs!! Take care of them babies 💪

    1. @Mercy Leal there was enlargement of the heart. We took her to get her heart checked for over a year. She fine now but with this virus I would imagine that they are higher risk.

      Yeah it was unbelievable that they both got sick one after the other. We were there a month. Two weeks for each of them. I don’t wish that on anybody lol

    2. @Upper 90 Why do you make that assumption that the media is somehow tricking people into believing cases are COVID when they are CRV? Do you have any evidence to back this up or are you just that cynical?

    3. @Tavat it’s called doing research, Google CRV and knowledge yourself on it . Also the CDC has the rating out on kids, and how they are over 90% of not getting the virus. So tell me who’s wrong the CDC or the media.

    4. @Herb Toker yes she had what they said three giant anurysms in the back of heart I have depression and anxiety I deal with especially since then I don’t care how old she is now I’m scared when she doesn’t answer me and I live with her and yes she had to take vaccine for covid-19 it’s a risk but we’re trying to be as safe as possible I hope your baby is good

  4. I hope that baby boy has a full recovery. I wish this family nothing but the best. I’m furious at those deliberately and knowingly spreading misinformation.

    1. @ColdHardTruthNews. — so says a known spreader of Deza. You are a part of the problem that led to this child being sick

    2. @Taken Took So from your POV, that counts for everyone who didn’t get vaccinated.

      These vaccines are experimental and not indicative of the final, perfected product. It takes at least 3 YEARS to make a vaccine and even though it works, what about the variants of the virus? Will the current one work against future variants? Of course not. The booster shots may help in the long run, but for the most part, US government is on borrowed time.

    3. @jdnb86 The current vaccines out there on the market may not be useful against unknown future variants other than Delta.

    4. @ColdHardTruthNews. — we all want our vaccines to be fully tested. This was an exception because of the seriousness of the death rate. And full approval is actually around the corner, in part because there was a lot of research done on coronaviruses in general, and vaccines for them, for decades before this specific vaccine family was created for Covid.

      Would you prefer the still experimental antiviral being pushed by Rand Paul, whose wife has stock in the manufacturer, instead?

      How about the monoclonal antibody being pushed by DeSantis? Still trying to figure out who in his circle is going to profit with that one.

      Those drugs are both also still under an EUA, and have far more serious side effects than the vaccines.

      People are choosing to see one of these things as experimental because they don’t like the (assumed, perceived) politics of the *medical* people recommending it, and they are cheerleading two other experimental things that are far more dangerous than any vaccine because people they like the *politicians* recommending those. That’s not science. That’s politics

    5. @Taken Took At this point, I don’t know what to trust anymore and I’m certainly not the type to take a leap of faith; regardless of the politics. It has more to do with money than saving lives. That to me seems to be the case behind the rationale of mass vaccination.

  5. I wonder what long term psychological effects this will have on Carter. I know it is rare for anyone to remember anything from the age of one, but still, this has to leave some sort of mark on his psyche. I know that the worse nightmares I had as a child involved being separated from my family and trying to get back to them, to no avail. To be alone and sick with masked strangers and no mom and dad – that picture and thought for this baby absolutely breaks my heart.

    1. Being hospitalized for COVID is associated with a drop in IQ score of about 2-7 points. For a young, just forming brain, I shudder to think what long term developmental consequences this could have.

    2. @Manu B. A year in the hospital?! So sad, poor kid! So glad under normal circumstances kids these days can have unlimited family visits !

    3. no more effect than any other child who gets sick with flu. he won’t remember a thing unless someone reminds him of it and gives the boy a complex.

    4. @Julie Munoz not true …covid is far different as it gets to more organs than flu including brain and other places …over a million cases now of long Covid in U.K.

  6. My grandson is now 18 ,he nearly died when he was one,I was allowed to be with him and my daughter,I simply cannot imagine not being able to see him ,talk to him or hold him ,it must be excruciating for this father and his daughter,may god be with this family at this awful time ,listen to this father get vaccinated,please get vaccinated.

    1. Literally zero kids under the age of 10 have died from covid. Bunch of fking fear mongering propagandists

    2. @Mark Mywords Oh how did you become so omniscient?
      Marge Greene’s district had a child die from Covid. She laughed about it, but at least she didn’t pretend it didn’t happen.

    3. @Mark Mywords I looked up the numbers last week, you obviously didn’t…obviously you have no heart at all. You are already dead inside.I feel sorry for you and anyone related to you. What abuse have you suffered?? You need help

  7. I feel for the daddy and his little daughter and the mother who at the hospital with the baby boy pray for the baby boy and his family 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  8. Utterly heartbreaking. Praying his baby pulls through. God bless Carter 🙏🏼💞. Sincerely wishing everyone all the best. 🙏🏼💞

    1. I can’t get thru to the unvaccinated unfortunately they say they are un certain about it. Get vaccinated save lives. What is it going to take? I also say this what would bother and haunt me is how would i feel if i didn’t get vaccinated and some one died because of me. No one is exempt from Getting this. We aren’t invincible folks. Maskup and think about the people around you. Protect each other.

    2. God 🙏 bless this family.. my prayers are going out to you. Carter hang in there buddy. At one time the baby is actually smiling

  9. My heart goes out to you. As a mother myself, I can’t imagine what you go through. May the Lord be with you.❤️🙏

  10. 🙏🙏🙏Dear God,
    Please send your Angels to watch over this little one and wrap your healing arms around him.

  11. This message needs to be given on FOX and the other right wing stations. Those are the people who need to hear it.

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