Fauci Cautiously Optimistic To Have A Safe Coronavirus Vaccine By Late Fall And Early Winter | MSNBC


    1. I feel so sorry for the Americans…. With such government, wasting time. And time now is so important cos America had already wasted months….. But still goes on about whose fault is it, China again? By blaming China, does it helps saves life’s in America? Its not the time!! You can do whatever you like later!! Omg

    2. indeed, upmost sincerity while earnestly imploring the urgency.its strainful- i get this way with gf telling her “when RED lites up, safely pull over, turn off engine.” thank God only a soft plug blew, but continued on anyway. overheated it stalled..whew.

  1. Thank you DR FAUCI for your honesty and integrity…Thank you for the work you have done to keep us safe all your life. The man in the white House stabs anyone in the back, because he is a failure.

    1. YOU are the failure in that you believe in all fake news SPOON FED to you.. There are NO bad vibes from TRUMP but there are plenty from the Satan worshipers that hate Trump. And for what. cuz TRUMP is cleaning out evil. TRUMP is favored by GOD cuz the whole world now lies in the power of the wicked one ( SATAN ) and TRUMP is getting it back for GOD as all prophecy is worked out by people , thru GOD. I JOHN 5 : 19 .

    2. Fauci deserves nothing but a jail-cell (along with Bill Gates and the rest of the medical gang of inhumane devils.. He has no “integrity” (more like dishonesty.) He is a huge player in the Covid-19 lie, for the push of this false “vaccination!” How foolish and ignoble of you.

  2. Wait a moment! Didn’t Trump try to character assassinate Dr Fauci?? The liar-in-chief couldn’t even pronounce 99% of the words and terms used by this medical Saint.

    1. What medical saint? You mean the undercover Chinese spy working on how to destroy America with the china-virus? You radical traitors are nothing more than a wumao 50 cent army paid for by the Chinese government to take down America. Real Americans will support trump and vote him in 2020

    2. @Tom B. you have proof of that…I doubt you have because once again you stick out like a sore thumb as a trump supporter and an extremely stupid one at that…real American will NOT vote for trump…again try and curb your stupidity…the only thing trump will win after Nov 3 is JAIL TIME!!

    3. @Sask Sun seekers only thing you lies succeed in doing is fooling yourself that you won’t be deported when trump wins in 2020

    4. I’ll bet there’s a correlation coefficient between people who take Seroquel and people who support trump that’s very close to 1.

    1. As the world caves in through prophecy man looks for some one to tickle their ears in prophecy also.

  3. Do you think the Man-child understood any of that? He didn’t even know why it’s called Covid-19. WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!! THANK YOU DR. FAUCI

    1. apauls Absolutely ! ! ! His sheep base just followed his lead of not wearing a mask. His followers are believing his lies and spreading them. For example, the video of “America’s Frontline Doctors” that he retweeted. That group says that extraterrestrial DNA is being used to make vaccines. 🤪😂🤣 OMG !!
      If someone made a video showing someone in a lab coat injecting what they say is disinfectant in people and curing Covid-19, he would probably retweet that saying “Look, look, see here, I thought so… we are all saved!!”

    2. Do you guys believe this s*** you nuts people get protest in the street in the thousands and there’s no Coronavirus and on another news channel it’s all about the Coronavirus enjoy your vaccine with the Coronavirus

  4. t’rump: By Easter, this will all be gone by some miracle.
    America: It’s July, still not gone.
    t’rump: I didn’t say which Easter.
    America: You’re not helping. 🤷🤦

    1. Now that’s what a piece of s*** liar sounds like that’s what somebody sounds like who sold the virus to China to make it bigger that’s what somebody sounds like when they have the coronavirus in the flu vaccinations

  5. The name sign said Honorable William Barr and Dr. Fauci. It should have been Disbarred Barr and Honorable Dr. Fauci….

  6. Wow. Science sounds so much better when it comes from a real doctor instead of a fake president.

  7. Dr. Fauci didn’t have to hide his grades or pay someone to take his tests so I trust his advice!

  8. I bet the fake pres is jealous of Dr. Fauci pronounciations and vast knowledge of this scientific presentation. Dr. Fauci knows what he is talking about.

  9. This man deserves a knighthood…or something,the complete B.S. that he puts up with from this government is unbelievable, and nauseating.

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