Fauci emails: What thousands of emails tell us about his character | Just the FAQs 1

Fauci emails: What thousands of emails tell us about his character | Just the FAQs


Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails revealed his thoughts from April 2020. Here's what they tell us about the nation’s top infectious disease expert. RELATED:

Emails sent by Dr. Anthony Fauci in the early days of the pandemic offer a glimpse into how the nation’s top infectious disease expert communicated with senior U.S. officials and his overseas counterparts as events unfolded at a rapid pace.

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  1. Follow the science, listen to the experts. The science was political and the expert was a liar. And now there’s no confidence in science, experts, and the media that pushed the lies.

    1. It’s almost as if nobody remembers Elizabeth Holmes who was able to dupe the media, scientists, doctors, The Clintons, George Shultz, 0bama (who made her his Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship), and Biden (who toured a fake lab of hers in 2015 and declared it “the lab of the future.”)

      But i’m sure she’s the only person who has ever lied on something so grand scale before.

  2. Well, absolutely no one is surprised. …the news is going to tell us what’s in the emails rather than read off actual emails.

    1. There is nothing wrong in the emails. If the conspiracy is true and Fauci is evil. Then we ALL know the master of these puppets is the master of China. There is no point in venting out your frustration on Dr. Fauci. Go imprison Xi Jinpin. No…is he too powerful?

    1. @Heather Weigandt You read over 800 emails released from the public inquiry a few days ago? I’m calling bullshit on that sorry

    2. @Penelope Q neither was fauci. And what facts did democrats have. We’re all racist. How did your daddy get elected two terms if we are all racist. And why didn’t he fix it SFB

    3. @Heather Weigandt No I did not. I didn’t even know about any emails til this video and I don’t plan to read rhem. The last emails I read were some of Podesta’s/H.Clinton’s. I have no desire to read what he wrote, for several reasons. I simply commented as I saw this video in passing, not even knowing the politics of record that this msm outlet subscribes to, that this is an OBVIOUS piece of propaganda and that they are not sophisticated enough to even make it look like a piece of journalism, which is rarer than White Lions anymore anywya.

    1. @Heip Jude excuse the miss if I have upset you. I will make 30% out of it cause it was all my fault and I am stupid

    1. they are regular people. Most are smart at one thing but have zero common sense. I work with many and respect few of them. They are mostly arrogant, selfish and untrustworthy.

    2. @Steve Smith ​ your last sentence kind of sounds like everyone, though. Public health officials are more politicians than they are scientists to me now. Most scientists are simply kept out of the conversation and threatened by universities or medical associations not to contradict the government. That isn’t brave, but most people aren’t brave. Officials love the limelight, telling everyone what to do, and playing hero- so they’re a little different from the average scientist.

      If you’re apolitical or not comfortable with politics you might keep quiet because you don’t think you can manage a confrontation & the risk. It takes a certain level of moral character and some wider wisdom to be open to actually challenging the narrative. Most people don’t have the strength for that whether they agree or not. Need that strength and the knowledge- which might not be a common thing.

      Many can still be apolitical, but it’s just a vocal minority running the show who clearly have big business, pharma, and self-enrichment on the mind. It’s not like it’s easy to share opinions in person because people are locked away from each other, so it’s hard to see what the real world is as opposed to the world being sold to us.

      conflict of interest: im a scientist who’s not really trying to defend all scientists. just describe something 🙂 had to repost i was accidentally under a friends account- oops.

  3. Wow … what a colossal waste of time that was! And USA Today tries to portray themselves as a “news” outlet?! This video clip told us zero about Fauci’s character, but spoke volumes to the chronically deceptive media.

    1. No – you don’t understand what News outlets are supposed to be: unbiased and un-opinionated and simply reporting the facts.
      YOU are supposed to form your own opinions.
      If the news said that Fauci was saying the same things publically as he was saying privately about HydroxyC. I will form my opinion that he has, at least on that issue, a good character.

  4. This video will tell you nothing about Fauci’s character, but will tell you boatloads about the democrat party apparatus that the MSM is.

  5. We see through your propaganda. You who try to cover for these evil people will be held accountable as well. Time for jail. We’re coming for you.

    1. Except I think they kinda admitted that Trump was correct about hydroxychloroquine and that MSM was wrong about Trump muzzling fauci.

    2. @jeren steffen HCQ was never proven to be effective and this video doesn’t validate that.
      (sic) “What Faucci was saying publicly and privately about HCQ was the same”.
      He said it didn’t work publically, so Trump was.. (Trump voice): WRONG

    3. @Moe Assaf Trump actually said the exact same thing as Fauci, that some studies have been showing promise and the drug has basically no risk since it’s so well understood so why not try (at least at that time frame when media decided to baseless rail against Trump).

  6. Ran Paul: did you fund the wuhan institute of virology?
    Dr fauci: define the word Did and you!!

    1. Let me be clear, Dr. Fauci is an employee of CDC, a department of DHHS which is controlled by cabinet.
      Now Ran Paul’s question: Did you swipe your credit card or withdraw cash from your personal bank account to fund Wuhan institute?
      Answer: Your dumb head already know the answer

    2. @Dark Knight ??? why would anyone ask it like that? No one funds research that way. I don’t see the point.

  7. Before this video started I already knew what it was because USA today put “just the FAQS” in the title.
    Left leaning Orwellian truth ministry propaganda.

  8. Oh dont even try and act like you weren’t *_defending_* the man for a year and a half. You’re just as complicit in creating a bioweapon against humanity as he was.

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