Fauci: If You’re Vaccinated, You’re Safe. If You’re Not, You’re At Risk 1

Fauci: If You’re Vaccinated, You’re Safe. If You’re Not, You’re At Risk


“It’s as simple as black and white. You’re vaccinated, you’re safe. You’re unvaccinated, you’re at risk. Simple as that,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci. 
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    1. @J Groovy covid is 97% survivable. No need to take an experimental vaccine. You have an immune system

    2. @edh from December 14, 2020, through May 3, 2021,” the VAERS system received reports of 4,178 deaths among people who received a vaccine. The numbers are certainly much higher considering

    3. @Immanuel Kahn It describes natural selection. So humans in an environment it is applicable as well.

  1. The people reeing the loudest about Fauci are the same anti-vax plague spreaders who helped measles make a comeback.

    1. @Sue Howie he sent money to communist China to research the same coronavirus we are dealing with today. The dude is guilty bro

    2. @Erica Chitwood Fauci literally funded the research for this same virus we are dealing with today. There are literally scientific publications detailing how they did it and the company Anthony fauci works for let you know they were working with China. It’s on the companies webpage

    3. @Donna Brockbank That is false. Look at Maryland.. 4K fully vaccinated people got Covid.

    4. @Erica Chitwood What delusion collusion are you talking about? If you want to get some experimental jab that is up to you.

  2. I care about other people, but at this point I’m at a loss as to how to help the ignorant and I feel less concerned about their fate (kids / folks with medical conditions not included)

    1. @randal gibbons yea u people taking that worthless vaccine are spreading the virus to people that are smart enough not to take it .

    2. @Tommy Anderson But Trump loves the poorly educated. I wouldn’t want to lose his love.

  3. Wow. I’ve been reading the comments on here and I’ve never ever seen so much hate and so much death wished on anyone.

    1. How can you not see how politicized it was. Polio and it’s vaccine is vastly different than this

    2. @Dyortos Just like every black person voted for Biden? If you don’t know if you are for me or trump you aint black.Biden’s words.

    3. @Jeffrey Flesner I remember when we had news, then commentary. And actual journalism and information. Now it is all one sided opinions from most media. We also have HR4310 to thanks as well.

    4. @Dyortos Fauci is part of the system. So isn’t fighting a corrupt Fauci fighting a corrupt system?

  4. Former CBP Chief Mark Morgan: Nearly All Illegal Aliens Caught at Southern Border Are Unvaccinated for Coronavirus.

    1. @Miss Kimberly HAHAHA Sent back my @ss they are being put on a bus and sent to various states. Maybe even next door to you. Did you miss the thousands housed in the cages?

  5. After summer, many of these unvaccinated youngsters will cross over the other side. It is game of Russian roulette for them.

    1. It’s the opposite. Go read his emails for yourself. Its Tucker and FOX who have lost all credibility. You just haven’t realized it yet.

    2. @Miss Kimberly It has been proven that via the emails that the lab leak theory was not crazy, and that they funded gain of function research, which when questioned by Rand Paul he lied about.

      When asked by Kennedy from LA whether the Chinese scientists would lie about where the funding goes, he said he didn’t know why they would lie and has no reason not to trust them. The CCP killing them or their families is a powerful motivator, as well as money, or social status.

      This guy is either incompetent , complicit, or both.

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