Fauci makes plea to Americans: ‘You have a societal responsibility’ in COVID-19 fight

Fauci makes plea to Americans: 'You have a societal responsibility' in COVID-19 fight 1


    1. Kids have been dropping dead in China because of the masks being worn during gym class. Pretty scary.

    2. @Random Boi Those under 50 are at almost zero risk from COVID. The data from multiple jurisdictions is absolutely clear on that.

      Medical professionals wear them because they are around sick persons all the time as a consequence of their job, meaning they are exposed to pathogens far more than the average person ever would be. Surgeons wear them because they are cutting into the human body, exposing its interior structure, which makes the patient extremely susceptible to any infection given that the skin — the human body’s first line of defence — has been breached.

  1. This guy seems like the person you would find on a late night infomercial selling health products

  2. What outbreak?! Wheres the proof this stupid thing even exists?! There is none because there is no pandemic, there is no health crisis.

  3. I’d imagine it frustrating for him, actual experts have about as much traction as the ignorant and overconfident. Dont believe me?, just look at this comment section.

    1. You mean the experts such as those at the IHME or Neil Ferguson at Imperial College who made hysterical predictions about the health impact of the virus outbreak which were wrong by orders of magnitude? You mean the experts such as those behind the Surgisphere study on HCQ which said that drug was dangerous, and the experts at _The Lancet_ who approved the study for publication — a study which turned out to be so completely fraudulent it was retracted less than two weeks after its publication? Those experts?

  4. So transparent it’s almost hilarious 🤣The vaccine is going to put the” nail in the coffin” alright!.

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