1. @Argus Tuft OK, well there are two sides to a mouth and Dr Fauci uses them both. How’s that, huh? C’mon, man.

    2. @Mike O I have a daughter. Furthermore, the mmr, smallpox, yellow fever, anthrax and other vaccinations I’ve taken didn’t make me sterile. Neither will this one. Enjoy intubation.

    1. Aren’t the vaccines free? Been reading the pharmaceuticals have made millions off the vaccines, that Aren’t working. Is the cost being added to the national debt along with all the PPP funds and relief money that’s been doled out?

    1. Fauci funded research in Wuhan lab to make animal viruses more transmissible to humans. He’s a menace. Fact!

  1. Nature has had enough of humans and our destruction. She sees herself dying because of our neglect and has decided to take us with her.

    1. The BIG BOYS have had enough of US…They have proven (via robots and AI) that the chosen ones don’t need US for a mf thing!!!

    2. Wrong. Fauci funded ” gain of function”. That fuses the animal corona virus with human proteins so humand can catch the virus. It was Fauci not Nature

  2. This lady is just trying to find something to criticize without going in depth. One minute she says the reaction is too slow and the next minute she says the CDC is jumping ahead of FDA.

    1. @Truth91 For what? Are you brainwashed by TV Propaganda? Let’s have a quick test…enlighten us on what Covfefe is?

  3. Anthony Fauci, 7 days ago: The Thurd Boosta shaut is onwy fo dee immunocompwomised, its naught fo reguwar peepoh
    Gee, how many times is this guy going to get away with moving the basket around?

    1. It’s clear that the people will follow The Science right off the cliff. And on their way down they will think, “at least I’m wearing my maaaaaasssskk… “

    2. @Truth91 these bots are getting smarter aren’t they? they’re even better than FACEBOOKS bots during 2016 right? LOL

  4. I think it’s clear that even though the vaccines do work, that the virus would be with us longer than we thought. With all the breakthrough infections even if everyone gets vaccinated a certain but small amount of the population of vaccinated people would still get the virus and die. I think all the initial excitement of getting rid of the virus and deaths stopping has been somewhat cooled by what we are seeing and our virologist and other health scientist seem to not know the exact way forward to completely rid us of this pandemic.

    1. It’s simpler, but more evil than that.. It’s about greet and influence of Big Pharma.. Fauci knows COVID wasn’t naturally created.. He intentionally created it thorugh gain of function funding in Wuhan (made in China virus).. The more vaccines they can give the more millions they make.

    2. @Techie Fan I would say greed of “Big Pharma” and paying off of Politicians so they can make big money at the expense of the American people is a big problem. I’m not sure though that Covid 19 was intentionally created. I might be but I haven’t seen proof of that. What you say makes sense and it something that “Big Pharma” might do to make money but there isn’t really any evidence of it.

    3. @PimpThe478 A couple of things. First off, as far as the vaccine goes. They were using mRNA technology for this application. This methodology would allow for a speedier production. Safety profiles were already done but they did not know how long the protection would last. So, they were watching that pretty closely.

      It is very unlikely that Covid-19 was intentionally created. It is not unusual for a Coronavirus to jump species and this particular virus shares similarities with a couple other coronaviruses that made the jump. Anything is certainly possible; however, the smart money isn’t going to this was a lab created virus.

      This is not to say that pharmaceutical companies are saints; they most certainly aren’t. But, it took a lot to move this forward at the speed that it moved.

  5. you cant groom our rights away.NAC is way more effective and safer than the vaccine. to the point you dont experience symptoms

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