Fauci On Maskless Safety If Vaccinated And Who Should Play Him Next 1

Fauci On Maskless Safety If Vaccinated And Who Should Play Him Next


Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why it is extremely safe to go maskless, if you are fully vaccinated. Dr. Fauci also reveals who he would like to see play him next, after Kate McKinnon and Brad Pitt have both played him, in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.

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  1. If you post a comment with all capitol letters people will almost always assume you are crazy….

    1. It’s also a way for the deaf to communicate across certain TDD airwaves. Don’t be judgmental…

    2. @littleangel4780 Only problem is most of them are not , There are many of them they call them selves hollering at you and in the same breath insulting you.

    3. @Lisa Prude exactly my point. You can’t tell…just be kind to all. It’s not hard…

  2. Friendly reminder that the Stable Genius issued an official statement that a horse was a junkie, and he spelled it “junky” when he issued it. The savior of the GQP, ladies and gentlemen. Give him a hand!

  3. I’m keeping mine on because I have terrible pollen allergies. Anyone who needs an excuse to keep theirs on… feel free to use mine. Sometimes, it’s easier just do do your thing than argue with others.

    1. Yep! I’ve been doing my thing the same way this entire pandemic. I started wearing masks in March BEFORE they said they could help, and I’m still wearing them now despite a full vaccination status and the new guidelines. When the WHO declares the pandemic OVER, I will go back to my life as normal. Not before.

    2. Good one. It’s sad we might get attacked for caring about ourselves and other’s health.

    3. As a food worker- in the beginning of the pandemic, I thought once people understood how much saliva and germs we spread while preparing food– that masks would become a permanent fixture in the US. In some places- food workers wear masks because it’s hygienic! But here we are… How silly I was!

  4. In the past if people being treated with chemotherapy would wear a mask they didn’t have to contend with being chastised. I’d probably would get less criticism for wearing my Bengal Tiger fur coat than wearing my mask.

  5. I am in two high risk categories. Iwho will continue to wear a mask. I dont know who i will encounter who think hey idont a mask. This is my health and the health of the seniors i serve

    1. I am fully vaccinated and know people who irrationally are anti-vaxers. I am also a pilot and would where a flight helmet if necessary. Unfortunately, the reason for masks has not been explained well. Most masks offers very little protection for the wearer, but really protect others from you.

    2. Mask doesn’t protect you from the virus because it is Microscopic and is only contagious when someone is really sick.

    3. @E. John Tompkins if you fully vaccinated why you scared of none vaccinated people??
      Honestly I’m scared of vaccinated people….you will be suoer spreaders. Your immune system will be weak. 4-5 years from now the government will tell you “We didn’t know what we know today”.

  6. Mar ops county they wanted a paper version then I had an opportunity to work with the licorice guy.

  7. See, the problem is we have to trust everyone to be honest, and we know that’s not going to happen

    1. No, WE are just no longer responsible for the health of others now that vaccines are available for all. There’s no risk for the vaccinated.

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers Wrong, if a new strain forms and a vaccinated person becomes ill, it can quickly spread

  8. For someone to speak so plainly and clearly, how tf do so many people twist and misinterpret his words???

  9. Where are the studies showing breakthrough infections do not result in transmission to others??? I haven’t found them and very concerned about this with a high risk 3yo at home

    1. The breakthrough infection rate is so fantastically low, that your real concern should be the non-vaccinated.

    2. @Easy Money Do you have any citations? I have only seen studies showing very small rate of hospitalization in vaccinated people. I would like to read the studies regarding breakthrough infections.

    1. Unfortunately the haters will be along soon. I’ve noticed whenever there is a pro-Fauci story the comments section turns toxic. The call goes out to the loonies and deniers that there is a positive Fauci story and they go nuts. Stand by for them in 3…2…1….

  10. Even after COVID is gone….It is smart to wear masks to have some protection against other viruses like the flu virus, at least during flu season. I would never go to crowded places without masks…And would always have sanitizers around. And I don’t figure to be the only one with such approach.

  11. CDC says you don’t have to wear a mask! Are we going to follow CDC guidelines or not? I never wore one anyway. It’s a bunch of bullcorn. And what’s the deal with injection sites being attracted to neodymium magnets? What does Dr flakey say about that?

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