Fauci on new Covid-19 strain found in UK: You have to assume it's here 1

Fauci on new Covid-19 strain found in UK: You have to assume it’s here


Pfizer and Moderna are testing their coronavirus vaccines to see if they work against the mutated version of the virus found in the United Kingdom and other countries, the companies said.

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    1. @CHING CHONG JOE well it will be a step up from the Russian troll leaving the White House. speaking of trolls, lol!

    1. Tim Cook should introduce it. After all, if he can screw up a company so badly might as well screw us over with an updated virus.

  1. Flying from the UK to Japan, I have to have a negative COVID test before boarding the plane, another on arrival, then escorted to a special bus to take me to a compulsory quarantine hotel for 14 days…….why is the USA so sloppy and careless?

    1. Because of freedom.
      Their freedom is based on “The pursuit of happiness” to the point of selfishness.
      That “all men are created equal” only if you’re white. And, “life and liberty” is only for them.

      True freedom comes with responsibleness. They want no responsibilities.
      Thus, since wearing a mask “impinges” on their rights the federal government can’t possibly do what Japan is doing. It might “hoit there wittle fweelings” and it would cost money to quarantine people for 10 days. Their ALMIGHTY DOLLARS comes first.

    2. @Lisa Ortiz sending love (RN in UK 22 years qualified.
      It’s awful isn’t it, the “it’s a little sneeze crew” are engineering so much deadly disinformation.
      The sound of that cough the complexity of the illness is huge and just sickening isn’t it.
      At least the PPE is slightly dehydrating as it’s tough in that get up and zero chance to use a bathroom ourselves…only positive I can find it’s terrifying.
      Take care x

      Stay well lovely xxx

    3. @Jamie Deen as a RN myself do not insult a nurse colleague.
      Just facts your ‘Flu’ (influenza) in the UK 11,000 deaths on average. Trust me this is different with influenza deaths on top.

    1. @Germangirl A big problem is that these people want to believe it. They feed off of this stuff. It solidifies their own insecurities.

    2. Y’all bout to get what you voted for so don’t b#$!& when Trump is out. Number one, you’ll be locked down, number two, the covid relief bill was not about the American people, number three you’re all pawns,

    3. To be safest you must quarantine first then test. But if I’m visiting family I’d quarantine, test, and go ABSOLUTELY no where aka continue quarantine till visiting family. I’d not fly Or if I did then I’d still quarantine at hotel on other side of it. Too late to do all that this holiday.

  2. UK knew of this back in September… how? They’re actually looking at the genome of 1,000 samples at a time.. Why weren’t we doing it? How did we miss this?

    1. Perhaps you are doing it and the reason it hasn’t been found could possibly be because it is not there. Let’s hope so. In the meantime, following Dr. Fauci’s advice on assuming that it is there is both prudent and wise.

    2. @Andrew Jones Productions Or.. we haven’t been focusing on catching mutations of the virus, considering how many people refuse to wear masks or take other precautions, or our government has known and allowed it to proliferate as our president advocated allowing the original to wash over the country in the first place? The UK health minister, I believe that was what he was called, was too busy praising Redfield and Trump and taking swipes at Governor Cuomo, for me to take him seriously that there isn’t evidence of this more virulent strain…

  3. These travelers from the UK and back and forth, aren’t necessarily negative for covid-19, but merely negative at that minute time frame.

    1. @STAR Sirius Indeed.. Although, given the chance, I wouldn’t mind being in the UK. Yet, I have more sense to climb aboard an aluminum tube flailing in the air or a death ship either.. I have yet to understand why my fellow Americans have set foot inside a flying tomb that everyone breathes everyone else’s breath… mask or not.

    2. @Arjuna Yes, I’m aware.. And as I said, it cannot pick up beginning infection until it’s above a certain percentage. It also cannot tell if someone has been exposed in the last 2-3 days… and then later, they show symptoms or asymptomatic and still spread it.

    3. @ursaltydog
      Yes well everything is relaxed since the summer, never hear of PPE coming out in 1000s and now shortages, or planes trains etc all getting the works when it was last rampant.

    4. @STAR Sirius That’s also something I hadn’t heard of since the first wave.. Are our means of mass transportation being cleaned… Hell, we had problems getting vomit cleaned up on planes much less subways..

    1. @Germangirl I believe very little of what I see on you tube and absolutely nothing of what comes out of your head.

    2. German girl and buck you are right. Don’t wear a mask and visit a COVID unit and give them free mouth to mouth resuscitation. Report back in a few days and prove to all these believers that it’s all a big hoax! Do it for freedom!

    3. @Joel Hummel To make it worse 90 % of my  videos come from your own med .experts and from your own Government officials from your own media outlets. . That’s okay since you don’t believe what Fauci is telling you and you believe your CDC right? I believe me and you had a discussion before that you have lost remember?

  4. So dumb to get on a plane right now.
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

    1. Let a new strain in America, keep the people in their home’s make America weaker.Thats 45 real gift to Russia,leave America ripe for the pickings.

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